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 Santa's thought:: Parting & Splittering or re-Sharing Intangible Commons?
picture picture 25 Dec 2013 @ 09:49, by Heiner Benking

I was Santa Claus last night. My job was to bring presents, not share equal or just pieces for the kids and elders. To give is to empower unconditionally, no deals-mongering, promising returns on "vaporware" futures, which are announced and promised, but have not been delivered (yet) or never will ....

My last blog entry was not about Nuts or Pease, and counting and distributing them fairly! It was about giving Voice, Trust, Encouragement, not just Qualitative Harvesting, but planting Seeds and create a short TimesSpace Incubator, for the unexpected. That is why we call it Magic Roundtables...

The right theme for Christmas, what do you think?

Anyway it was a great present to be called back on deck, to finally finnish the little booklet "The SPOONS PRINCIPLE". It is about more than "sharing", it is about giving a gift unconditionally without expecting or "computing" a return. Maybe we better use it in the context of endowmwent and donation in an altruistic setting. On the surface it is about "giving" and sharing, but fruits or seeds are not to be expected, or going elsewhere without any control. I think here about "SEEDS OF CHANGE" which kept me busy for years, and even this website is about sharing such "seeds": see "SEEDS OF CHANGE": [link] in the Viewsletter: and
and interview I did with Manfred Kannenberg in 2009 about "SCHENKENDE WIRTSCHAFT" [link] see also the PDF
and "Fellchen schenken" by the "People from Swabedoo" We use such Furs or Sponges as something soft and tender quite often, see "units" or "tokens" in the Spoons Sharing blog from lst week.
I am searching for translations of this fairy tale, maybe you can help !? [link]

As you can see: SANTA CLAUS is sharing presents without expecting a return, he is on "mission" . In a community - like world community you feel as "one" so give for free without expectations. You consider a wider family and returns one day to others. Maybe read carefully above SCHENKENDE WIRTSCHAFT and check ELINOR OSTROM about Commons in a wider, but not infinite community of "peers". [link]

I better use this as a quarry for to collect some elements and ideas for the SPOON PRINCIPLE....

I also think about the BOHM DIALOGUE and Story-Telling and Story-Spaces [link] I will need to expand this here later.... [link]

I will collect here some bits and pieces for the booklet, comments and advise/corrections most welcome. Meanwhile check the blog from the weekend below. (needs to be structured and "pressed" into a booklet, as mentioned....
The PEANUTS-; STRAWS, CANDELS and SPOONS- PRINCIPLE - Sharing and Sharing 2.0

Spoons in plural
Next generation deal
Aware hove give and take

Tangible and intangible elements and artefacts
Across scales with proportions, responsibilities across scales inmind snd deliberated and negotiated together.

See Wisdom of the People (Christakis) and Linkthink instead of Clanthink (Warfield)

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