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 Leibniz Society - Transdisciplinary Decentral Coordination? Presidents & Agendas
picture picture picture 26 Jun 2014 @ 10:34, by Heiner Benking

One of the nuggets of Academic and Research World and its Pragmatic Implementation on all scales and in all sectors, this LEIBNIZ SOCIETY is celebrating today the outgoing and incoming presidents.

but before: lets note: Leibniz Society is a Gemeinschaft, not a Gesellschaft or Genossenschaft ! - Gesellschaft = Society
So there is a subtle but critical difference: a Gemeinschaft can be a collective, a community, alliance, association, communion, companionship, even co-habitations, .... see - we - the COMMONS ... there we are ELINOR OSTROM !! in this blog:

So as another column in science management beside NATIONAL, Frauenhofer, May-Planck Society, ... Germany tries something perticipatory, bottom-up? An open experiment !! I was happy with a set of unique participants, and so maybe we continue an experiment with such ivory towers and a new tower !? - or really open up !
Ihis is what I feel / proposed we might update for the 25th of GLOBAL CHANGE Challnges with all this "partners": CHALLENGES TO SCIENCE AND POLITICS 1990 [link]

This are the speeches of the presidents: (highly recommended) Karl Ulrich Mayer: [link] and Rede Matthias Kleiner: [link] - (CV): [link]

As we heard yesterday so much about setting examples, leading and extraordinary life, I feel it is time to check how this can be done on societal level, serving community and humankind.

Outstanding scopes and achievements here in the ACADEMY OF ARTS ! [link] in Berlin !! not in the ACADEMY of SCIENCES ! All this has some deeper meaning – this relatively only recently coming to life, getting real and successful brings some promises, and so I hope we can look into real and serving transdisciplinarity which is working not again in limited VERBÜNDEN ! but looking at bigger pictures and frames. The speaches above are very promising so we should really follow such star-high goals…

pls note: we are at the ACADEMY of ARTS - I mean exact and fine arts !!
so we are gathering here not in the Academy of Sciences ! which is BBAW locally founded by Leibniz - or the National Leopoldina Academy, Halle, but we are in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate !! Pariser Platz !!

We are still having a reception, but maybe check meanwhile a series around Leibniz some years ago. My session was on the Problems of Philosophy: Anschauung und Ausdehnung [link]
I also think about the early work by IIASA on transdisciplinarity, I cite “Sectarianism of Science” in my article: Ignorance or Compassion? [link] You might enjoy the book on
Ecological Awareness: Exploring Religion, Ethics and Aesthetics [link]

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