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 Avant-Garde POLITICIAN - Leaders for a New Epoche without EarthLiteracy!?
picture picture 1 Jul 2014 @ 02:03, by Heiner Benking

Snailmail arrived after 6 weeks for getting from Jerusalem to Berlin - maybe swimming with some boat people !? - You see I am getting sarcastic today - as I remember our ANNA LINDH FOUNDATION Mediterranian Project Competition searching for crowd-seed funding: Mediterra

The new book from Yehezkel Dror !! what a great gift and great book ! and it is incredibly cheap ! I wonder why I waited for ships - planes - and snailmail

In this iconoclastic book, Dror argues that humanity cascades through a metamorphosis, driven mainly by science and technology. Radical human enhancement, synthesis of viruses, quasi-intelligent robots and molecular engineering illustrate the emerging quantum leap, as do value changes ranging between mass-killing fanaticisms to human “maturation.” Along with the windfall of opportunities for thriving that the emerging epoch offers, dangers of calamities, including the demise of humanity, require thinking in terms of raison d’humanité, a powerful Global Authority and new modes of human existence. Dror argues that a new approach to political leadership is the key to the future of humanity amidst these monumental changes. Our current political leaders are inadequate: new, avant-garde politicians are required to cope with the fateful challenges that lie ahead. Avant-Garde Politician offers a thorough overview of the changing human condition. The author proposes innovative human survival and thriving imperatives, a Global Humanity Constitutions establishing a decisive global regime, and some radical value changes – including the addition of duties to human rights. He also suggests novel approaches to composing humanity-craft, such as regulating science and technology. And specifies the qualities required from avant-garde politicians together with ways to acquire them. Based on multiple academic disciplines combined with extensive personal experience of the author in “hot corridors” of power worldwide, this book will be of interest to leaders, policy advisors, scholars, scientists, students, and all concerned about the future of humanity.

See the description by the publishers:
I received from Yehezkel as an appetizer which is close to my work and heart, Come back, but maybe check first check Chapter 9 to see some foundationals for me, I like best the story of HG WELLS obout the "COUNTRY OF THE BLIND"....

I wrote about this book and the issues around decision making, policy, governace in this blog below. Enjoy: An Avant-Garde Leader ? bridging Episodes&Epoches, Sectors&Scales, Mindsets ...

Some background (in my view):
We did get Dror to Berlin in 1995 and distributed this press release:

I write here about Literacy, Earth Literacy and Policy Making later:

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I also recommend this today HLPF UN ECOSOC HLPF Stakeholder Forum side event ON SCIENCE - POLICY - SOCIETY INTERFACES - well I am not around but maybe we meet in Cyberia in the Video Stream *************** description

rushing .... in need for breakfast...
and the OWG in general, naturally

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