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 German Chancellery – Boxes and Models for the Public – 24 years ago and today
picture picture picture picture picture 31 Aug 2014 @ 17:41, by Heiner Benking

Happy Birthday? - Exactly 24 years and 4 month today - we presented a Cube - or call it box - at the exibition in the German Chancellery “Global Change – Challenges to Science and Politics” – today and yesterday there is a déjà-vu for me as today INBAK exhibits 2 "boxes" (BooksboXXes =BücherboXX) in the new Federal Chancellery in Berlin – we call it in Berlin “Washing Maschine”. Another "magic" box or cube...

How to address the public ? – How to include the public ? But not on the shallow sense of entertainment and politainment, but including and engaging the public, but also sciences, media, politics. In both cases we try with something tangible, something concrete, something to share and negotiate….

Today with the Federal Minister and Head of the Chancellery [link] and in charge of special affairs, Peter Altmaier, we have the opening of the Public Day, ...

this is close to the tradition 24 years ago to involve all stakeholders, multi-track, as we call it today. 24 years ago it was Rudolf Seiters, now president of the Red Cross. The Chancellors both in 1990 and today, were not at the opening – but this is the end of the similarity. Now lets talk about RISKS, CHANCES, POTENTIALS, PROPORTIONS ... and not just CHALLENGES:

I will dig deeper later or elsewhere, as for me this similarity and “a-synchron” synchronicity is appealing. Today it the public visiting day of the German ministries and public "nuggets" and our booth is like last year close to the stage and in prime location. My concern also 24 years ago was to negotiate, commons, frames, overlaps, differences, synergies and potential to change research agendas and focus on critical developments, adress the broadest theme I can imagin: Challenges for Science and Politics. Today I would add, and maybe next year !! also "Challenges to Culture(s), Media, the People and Policy-Making.

But how to communicate such complex issues in a tangible format ? How to bring it to a stage to immerse and make it real or solid; negotiate, deliberate in depth - not resort to shallow public events and shows, I dare to call it circus...

Comming back to early efforts: Next year we can celebrate the 25th anniversary of the GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition – so maybe we can revisit, remember and translate to modern times and needs. I need to check here with people in "charge". But I feel there were little questions which were not addressed those days, the question is how we communicate, represent and display, find solutions and answer including relevant scales, frames and positions and perspectives. This is another old question for me: See this blog: Titanic Syndrom: Technological, imaging, imagination, & communication challenges

We might have been to early to consider new media, new approaches, new “thinking” – and I wonder if we have excluded the “old thinking” – but this I have covered before...
Some might question what I mean re visualization and infographics, and the term blackbox and whitebox - and as this is important to what I mean, I feel you might want to check: [link] and our concerns about reality and virtuality - documents and realities... The Series was called: Artificial Paradises and Virtual Realities and how we can come to new "architectures" (shared mental models).
Maybe – for Newbies to this blog – check this view from someone else: Anthony Judge called it Pointers to possibilities: I feel this link to what this "space" means in a bigger context is presented in this entry of a Systems Encyclopaedia: Cognitive Panorama where you also find under "Cognitive Spaces" also the Blackbox/Whitebox "Cube" we are adressing here.

Today we present two telephone boxes to communicate what recycling and sustainability, books and modern media – can mean to the people, but I feel we should link the WunderKammer from 200 years ago, look into Knowledge Organisation, and not getting flooded by Big Data and Big Noise... or another b> "Second Flood"... or we look anew into models and education ! See "Missing Context in Modern Times" or Ignorance or Compassion ? in a nutshell all this has to do with the question: Can we create "COMMON FRAMES OF REFERENCES"? and go from SHOW TO SCHAU?

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