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Our Wunderkammer action is put to test, yesterday and today. Media meets the People, Responsibility, Religion and Ethics. We are in Schwanewerder in a Protestant Academy and you find participants with such a variety and depth, you can only dream of. Thanks to the organisers and the theme. Marrying Media and Transformation with in a religious setting in a unique environment.

I am testing and presenting with the participants and through some questions, statements, and responses in the breaks. In a nutshell: It is possible to positions along scales, responsibilities with time and space horizon!, media strategies and global societal, indutrial, and cultural transformation in one ROOM. I am very happy to move all our events to Schwanewerder. A historic, scenic, spcecial and sensitive environment. Meeting invitees and participants is really rewarding. Check out the programme !!

I have lots of pictures, videos, notes, and no idea where to start? waiting for Manfred's summary?, preparing tomorrows ACTION highlight and harvesting !?

To only mention one revelation and gift I reveived trough one of the participants.
He also had his father create a TERRARIUM, and so I found a kindred spirit. He was also keen on the meaning and how words resonnate and communicate. Very important for story merchants in the internet media age ! Meeting with senior church activists and honoraries, politics, science, politics,.... is really rewarding and do the Exhibiton GLOBAL CHANGE Anniversary and the Discussion about STREIT, MethodenStreit, GelehrtenStreit,... are really deep and rewarding. In a nutshell I liked the event more and more, propoesed in the closing circle to continue another day, as the group was after 2 days on the same "level" to really dif into what people not only say, but mean ! and how we come to terms, find solutions with minimum compromising...
I can only add here our 21stCenturyAGORA [link] efforts and some of us will meet again tomorrow ! stay tuned !!

Much talk is about PLASTIC WORLDS like SPACES and SCALES, ORDER; MEDIA; , BOUNDARIES, SYSTEMS,..and I repeate about Maps and Models and check what is rising interest or questions. I often cited lots, not only:
Scale is more than size
it is size with proportions and consequences
when proportions are no longer in harmony,
or consequences are unanticipated,
we have a problem of scale.
A. Buzacott

[link] - [link] - [link] - [link]

My last exchange was about the Chinese policy objectives and activties, I tell my experience from 1991 in Beijing, receive some high level doubts and disagreement, and so tell how I expereince it - regarding an art of governance and reducing the infliction of suffering... But I realize I was that time already 40 years of age, so maybe not toooo young to understand what matters. I often cite: "Matters of Consequences", COP: [link]
I invited to check HAPPINESS Sukkha Increase & SUFFERING Dukkha Reduction and an Art of "governance". Maybe check PANETICS, Ralph Siu: [link] - Ralphs contributions here: [link]

More to come tomorrow, after WUNDERKAMMER harvesting .....


Stepping back
Medien und Religion
Transformation Society and Futures !


Column from Tuileries Palace, Paris, re-erected on Schwanenwerder

Raum Modell !

Freiräume - Denkräume ! Seinsräume !!

Viel ist bekannt - leider in verschiedenen Köpfen !

Info und Wissen als Gemeingut -
Charing versus Gifting Economy ***** Schenkede Wirtschaft

3. Ort ! Poppers 3 Welten Realräume, Phantasie, Kultur und KontextRäume - vorgestellt und gebaut als WUNDERKAMMEN

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