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 OSCE Security Days & Citizens Futures Sharing and Making (only)?
picture 24 Jun 2016 @ 10:22, by Heiner Benking

Times of Change --- Citizens in the Ministry and mayor International Players meet around the OSCE Security Days (2016): [link] and (2015): [link] in Berlin in times of Brexit.
Check German chairmanship and the 3 dimensions: [link] and the tweets: #secdays and this outline by the organizers: The OSCE region is facing a number of critical security challenges that are too complex for any one country or organization to tackle alone. European security is in crisis and there is a clear danger that new dividing lines are opening up in the OSCE area. The rapidly growing global insecurity adds additional risks and threats to regional security in the Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian region. States, regional organizations and civil society actors are all searching for ways to reduce risks, remedy the confrontational relations and return to co-operation in Europe.

The event is co-organized by the OSCE, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung FES: [link] and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. KAS: [link]

The OSCE title is very ambitious: "FROM CONFRONTATION TO CO-OPERATION" and the ytalk a lot about harmonization, shared policies, and common collaborative spaces...
I am very happy to have such events, as there the stakeholders from all "shores" are on the table. I am tired of all this "SIG" SPECIAL INTEREST GORUPS gatherings - and nobody dares to take on GIG - Global Interest Groups" perspectives.

One on the FES Podium spoke about an "Insecurity Day" and the hollow words and narratives.

The Level like with the CSCE long ago *** is on a high and open level, long periods for questions form the floor, which is already something - evn when the sessions are not taped and like in the old days the questions and responses - leading to discussions and clarifications - transcriped. So maybe we should look back for "conversation cultures" when we mention new social web and media.

I came out strong yesterday after the Citizens Dialogues in out Minitry of Education and Technology (BMBF) and a moment ago in the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. And received some positive response - very awarding !!

After getting over family affairs the last months I decided to be a little more clear even when my topics are wide and deep !

COME BACK LATER and check the OSCE website and maybe join LIFE: [link]

I only joined the OSCE "NIGHT OWL" session late [link] as I was drawn into some exchanges at a Peoples Hearing in the German Ministry of Education and Technology (BMBF) about sharing and making. See: ZukunftsForum II: Tauschen, Teilen, Selbermachen I could not resist to add from the flour my "pitch" on sharing and gifting, and had not only applause, but many questions, requests and exchanges !! Here the central links on the "article in progress" since long: [link], now due for July 2016 on the difference on traditional and modern times as triggered by my work on "Magic Roundtables". [link]

So I continued with the OSCE today, and will invest some more time into the issues of positions, perspectives, views, boundaries, verbiage, mindsets, assumptions,....
I share this site about the FWC - UNDEF project: [link]

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Security Days: From Confrontation to Co-operation - Restoring Co-operative Security in Europe. 23 June 2016, 18:00 - 24 June 2016, 18:00, Berlin. More info.

check include old ASCE - CSCE contribution:
Akademie für Sicherheit und Zusammenarbeit in Europa (ASZE)
Diskussionspapier zum Expertentreffen in Berlin, am 7.-10. Mai 1993

Wege zum ökologisch-ökonomischen Umbau:
Wie kann ein Informationssystem zur Realisierung und Kontrolle des ökonomisch-ökologischen Umbaus in Europa durchgesetzt werden ? [link]

and see:

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