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 Turning Copenhagen into Copen(World)vegan
picture 8 Dec 2009 @ 19:48
We just learend that access at UNFCCC is a mess - so business as usual, the typical Murphy's law and exclusion as it is easier than to bother about others, or the Worlds...
So we could not enter to the Press center, a calmity given teh preparation of months since UN-CBD and UNESCO-DESD in the last year and all the efforts to make a difference. But wait a minute, you have read Asterix, we are brave, share, care and dare and event smart enough to do something outside of the walled communities, I think you calle it in the US gated communities. Luckly we planned to do something out the UN maze ! - as in Rio 30 kilometers apart, but here we are close, even F2F sometimes, even without a badge for the "inner city" and "holy gral".

Most important on my to-do list is Copenvegan. See links, come back,... I will report more duriong the days to come as it perfectly links with the FOOD and POPULATION ROUNDTABLE last week in Canada, [link]
AND ! the Interview with Aleco about him meeting at a Pub in New York and wondering if Club would be a good name for such union of concerfned scientists and humanists, and what should be in the first 2 reports of the Club of Rome, [more] [link] (more later] and the Nobel Peace Laureats gathering last week in Berlin. I have reported below..... see here [more].

So what is up !? Turning Copenhagen not TopsyTurvy but into a CopenVegane urbane cultured and civilized place, maybe much wider, deeper, and culturally appealing than my old "Christinia" [link]

More about our event you can learn at the Survival Academy and bring sharing, caring, daring friends. Most welcome Sunday 13th 1-9 PM - tell your neighbour !!

Sorry - extremly busy these days - will keep you briefed vai twitter or my blogs, or just write if you care and dare something to share....
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