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 WORLD KNOWLEDGE - WELTWISSEN (1710 - 1810 - 1910 - 2010)
picture picture 23 Sep 2010 @ 21:37
Just returning from the "Show" / Schau „Weltwissen“
„Weltwissen“ in the Martin Gropius-Bau.
Unfortunatley it only a historic exhibition which puts Berlin as the center of the scientific world. Well done ! high quality, ... but what a hybris.... and sooo one-eyed.

Tired now ! but I think it is time to present more under such an heading !

I feel it is time to review the 100 - 200 - 300 years celebrations in Berlin. Maybe there is more than just looking back, and maintaining one viewpopint...

Die WUNDERKAMMER and thinking in boxes is a deep concern of mine - as some of my readers know. Questions? Maybe see: NEW RENNAISANCE below - or start with this publication: [link] (PDF) and this forthcomming publciation on COMPASSION and IGNORANCE: [link] (PDF)

PLEASE COME BACK ! as times are busy these days...