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 Equinox Earth Day - 40 years Minutes of Peace
picture picture picture 21 Mar 2011 @ 15:08
Today we had a Minute for Peace in Geneva at the Japanese Shinagawa Peace Bell in the Ariana Park to pay homage to the Japanese People in colaboration with the Geneva Friendship Association and the Earth Focus Foundation on the occasion of the 1st day of Spring, known as Equinox Earth Day.

It is a tradition and ceremony with the first Peace Bell ringing at the UN in New York in 1978.

But the tradition dates back much earlier. Equinox Earth Day is celebrated exactly the same minute around the globe. We unfortunately had to add 12 hours to the bell ringing ceremony, even when we observed the midnight time individually, as such a gesture to be observed well, subsuming and resonating in the present moment can not be done with the media and dignities in the middle of the night in a park.

Exactly 40 years ago the UN Secretary General U-Thant, with his Under-Secretary General Robert Muller, and World renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead, International Chairman of Earth Day were celebrating the 2nd Equinox Earth Day, which was started in September 1969, when the City of San Francisco endorsed the proposal a first mentioning of a Day of People of the Earth was proclaimed by "WE". Who is "WE" ? the Earth trustees starting with TrusteeOne, John McConnell who with Margarte Mead and many others from these days were looking early in resuming and resonating in Harmony with Nature.
Minutes of Peace are celebrated since 1963 and even earlier the "Star of Hope" was "launched" in 1957.
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