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 IFA & kizuna
picture picture picture picture 8 Sep 2011 @ 19:33
hectic times, again IFA this year with breakthroughs around 3D and New Media, but the concepts of being connected, or bonded caught my attention. The keynote of Masaaki Osumi was about smart communities, energy efficiency and building infrastructures, and what connects them, maybe call it "bonding" = kizuna.
Kizuna is not just a Manga character but used now to present the needs to connect across scales. So his talk was about smart houses and smart settlements/environments. As you you know "my field"...

The idea of "intelligent" smart designs of "intelligent, ecoefficient buildings, active/passive/0-energy houses / ... we have not only shown in the Global Change exhibition 20+ years ago, we also tried in state-planning 30+years ago, looking into smart infrastructures including transport/sewer/ .... grey/blue water and connection to the underground water cycles... A deja vue.... Please see "cradle to cradle" in this blog [link] and the watercycle and soil preesenations at the GLOBAL YOUTH conferences: [link] and [link] but also: [link]

What caught my attention was the need to establish bonds across scales in emergency, like Fukushima worst case in Japan. But also the structured thinking I adore so much and have looked into in my papers on Gestalt and "ba".

This "kizuna" as a bond also between actors and scales fit perfectly what I called "Zusammenhang kein Zusammenhalt" long ago, and was blamed for a this was an address to the State" in the Rede to the German Nation by Fichte:
maybe see my little contribution in SAYING NO: [link] in German a "Culture of Refusal".

The IFA was about APPLE and SAMSUNG - and copyrights on Communication devices and formats, tablets,....
but also about the MEDIA WEEK - so check later entries about CTT11 and and cothinktank [link] activities around the IFA...
more hopefully soon !