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 Harnessing Wisdom & Concerting Shared Actions and Frames across Scales
picture 19 Sep 2011 @ 16:44
The new Europe'sWorld interview has hit "the streets & air". In this conversation we covered the terrain of Christakis's work over 40+ years and provide an outlook on what needs to be done to build commons and work on facilitation, moderation and reconcilliation.

Please see both interviews and come back as I want to tell stories I heard from him, stories which can tell much more than any science, system or formular.

But before, please check the inteviews/conversation I did with him recently: EUROPEsWORLD
The Predicament of the Individual, Communities, and Humankind in the 21st Century
Deliberations about Structured Dialogic Design, Systems Thinking, Policy-Making, Multi-track Diplomacy, Empowerment and the Wisdom of the People

and in 2009:
Learnings and Vistas based on revisiting 40 years "Global Problematique"