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 Diversity of Mindsets and "Beyond Boxes"
picture picture picture 19 Dec 2011 @ 02:07
I am thinking much about the posters we have in Germany in the streets. In the UN year of AntiDiscrimiation linking deep-rooted Monocultures and Fundamentalism.

The posters show that no human can be fitted into one single box and labeled, and then shelved away, with boxes closed and never inspected again. The important message for me is that not only living things and objects, but also concepts and ideas can not be easily labeled as even the words have different meaning depending on their context and the space between them !

I came last week from the Denkerei, a new, interesting, and "deep" place in Berlin which is focussing much on the same idea of going beyond "schools of thought" and their linear and dualistic approaches. More about this later! as I looked into the hirarchy of subjects in knowledge organisation how we word with trees and root conceptualizations, also quite the same mindset putting items into boxes or into lines. My thinking is conceptaulizing issues and thoughts in the fields or rizomes whcih can overlap and interact. more later - maybe start with "oversimplifications" and enjoy the picture, which show us humans being discriminated into boxes with labeling us by our sex, gender, age, belief, colour, ....