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 Language and being “Quiet” - and a late Eulogy for John Warfield
picture picture picture picture 21 Feb 2012 @ 19:46
UNESCO - strengthening languages in education


Today is a special day for me, we looked not only into terminology research and preserving languages, diversity of terms (see knowledge organisation) but also cultural and natural diversity.
But this was not enough today, it was being approached by young interviewers with a simple question: Are you “whatever”? I asked now?, in the morning? As I am in-between, and it always depends, not only on my and others times and contexts, but often also on who is asking and his/her assumptions and objectives. So I refused to answer: YES or NO – which they insisted upon.
I left by telling them: Meaning is a spectrum in shades or a spectrum of in-between word, lines, situations,…

Why this long introduction?
I feel we are pressed into nominalistic thinking into opposites and labels and their respective frames or boxes. And the work of Warfield has much to do with going beyond words and definitions we cherish but nobody has a clue.....

And I was “pulled” into this recently by the agony of the “Introverts” versus the “Extroverts”, or the creatives in the group by the creatives insisting on their space and solitude to be a “well” or “source”.

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