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pictureMonday, May 21st 2007, by Brenda McCann

Archangel Michael & Celia Fenn ~ A Dialogue

"Infinity" (image shown here) Is a representation thru. Janosh from the Arcturians - Link to the CODES also on bottom of EXCERPT. [link]

An Archangel Michael EXCERPT:

I am sure that most of you are familiar with the "Ascension symptoms". Well, most of these, including the exhaustion, the nausea, the dizziness and headaches etc, have little to do with "cleansing", and more to do with *the body adjusting to a new time frame*. It is a *process of recalibration* of the being to a higher frequency that manifests as a much "slower" reality frame. But, within that slower time frame, the process of manifestation is moving much faster, creating feelings of anxiety and disorientation in some.

The deep emotional and mental changes are *a result of this recalibration and re-alignment*. As you align more closely to the Divine Essence within you, your core center of light and love, you move into a clearer and purer sense of your own being, that which we call the Absolute Truth of Who You Are. With each small shift you become more of who you truly are, and more of the illusions and the dross falls away. You discover that you are a Being of Light in a Cosmos of Manifest Love. That is your true identity in the realms of light called "heaven", and it is your true identity as you bring heaven to earth to create the New Earth as a place of Love made Manifest.

These changes can cause intense anxiety and stress, as your body/mind complex registers that there is something not quite as it used to be, and that the fabric of "reality", as it has been for thousands of years, is now changing very rapidly. This can also cause deep inner depression, as the being feels out of control. For the process of linear time is a control mechanism. You always knew how and why things would happen, and within a given time frame. Now, you are moving into a seemingly random field where the laws of synchronicity and resonance are what create reality, and these operate outside of linear time.

We would now introduce a new term, localized time, to replace the idea of linear time. Localized time is where you are right now. It is that point of consciousness that you have chosen to focus into the Earth plane from the whole spectrum of who you are on many dimensions of light. So, you perceive your reality within a "local" setting that is where you are right now on Earth. But, at the same time, you exist in holographic or cosmic time, which is a much larger frame that contains the reality of who you are.

Celia: So is humanity moving into a perception of Non-localized or Cosmic time?

AAM: Yes indeed, this is the purpose of the great shift for humanity. It is not "business as usual", but an *enormous shift in the fabric of reality* and how that reality is perceived. From this perceptual shift will also come a new way of living and creating. But humanity is still only on the brink of this true shift that will awaken them to the possibilities within their creative matrix, and what can be achieved when they awaken to their true being as Masters of Light and Co-Creators with Spirit.

Celia: Can you give us an idea of what this will mean for us?

AAM; Well, yes, you as a Collective, Humanity, Human Angels, will begin to perceive yourselves as you are. As Infinite Beings on a Continuum of Light that expresses pure Love at all times.

What does this mean? It means that you have the power to see your reality for what it is, beyond the narrow confines of linear time and duality. You can see and understand how simple it is. For, when you created linear time, you created the paradigm for conflict. For linear time is, as I have already mentioned, a control system, and all control systems go against the Cosmic flow and cause friction. This is what you have come to call the "war of dark and light". In truth, it is merely the heavy nature of linear time that causes the sense of darkness, for indeed all is light. Once linear time has been removed and you are integrated once more into the cosmic pulse, you will have the freedom to create as you choose within the flow of Divine Creative Intelligence or Holographic time. The friction will be removed, and the frequencies of light will pour forth onto the planet in a symphony of Cosmic Creation that will be beautiful and wonderful to behold.

Celia: Well, the obvious question would seem to be, why did we create linear time?

AAM: It was a necessary part of the evolution of the Human Angel that you are. In order to experience the density of material existence to its fullest, you were allowed to create this dense control system that would direct and control your material existence and create the illusion that you were indeed separate from Light. But now, you have pierced the illusion, and you no longer need linear time to hold you in your material bodies. Now that you fully understand the nature of material density, and that you are Infinite Beings of Light, you are free to choose to be within a material body and experience yourself as a limitless being of light at the same time.

So, you are learning to replace linear time with a sense of possibility and infinity. All things are possible on the continuum of Infinity, which is your creative space now.

You are ready to fully release the concept of linear time and become fully conscious "holographic" beings. If course, there are implications here also for how you experience space as well, but we will speak of that at another time.

I will leave you now..

Celia: And so, that was our conversation. We surely are in another space and place and time frame - a magical, fluid, creative and awesome place. We are finally waking up to who we are..magnificent beings of Light experiencing material existence for the sheer pleasure and delight of being here in this superb and wonderful Dream of Existence!

So, to complete this article, here is another image from Janosh and the Arcturians. It is called "Time Shift."
If you wish, you can focus your eyes into the center of the image and meditate on the concept of time.

*The codes within this image will activate you into the Time Shift reality*. Then, work with the "Infinity" hologram in the same way and open yourself to the magic of the Infinity Codes that are coming to the planet at this time.

Click here: [link] and choose your language then when the page opens click on *THE CODES* tab on top of the frame you see introducing the whole Janosh & The Keys of Arcturians website. enjoy!!
© 2007-8 Text by Celia Fenn, Starchild Global
and Images by Janosh, Janosh Art This work is
licensed under a Creative Commons License.
posted here by Brenda & The Star Goddesses [link]

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you people are seriously fucked up, but you're about half(1/3)right.  

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