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pictureThursday, January 1st 2009, by Brenda McCann

Join Us For The 1-11-09 “Galactic Core Ascension Frequency Reconnection” Global Conference Call With The Ascended Masters PLUS receive a Special Divinity Code Economic Transformation DNA Recoding via YaMa’EL.

Master Kuthumi and Archangel Michael WILL BE PRESENT!!

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Message From The Masters:

Gateway To The Galactic Core via Jacqui Johnson

Dear ones, once again, in the alignment of who you are, THE HIGHEST REALMS OF TRUTH AND LIGHT are immediately present upon asking for the Light to come in. It takes one moment, one second, one thought of love and hope and peace, one prayer, one chant, one mantra and one opens up the portal, the doorway, the gateway to the Golden Age of Great Light. That Light that is beaming upon you, through you, within you and to you from the Galactic center, the Galactic Core of the Universe.

Things are moving quickly… RAPID SPEED AHEAD WE SAY, with one thought; YOU create and manifest, so be wise in that one thought for it leads to many of the same thought. So we say it is time to open as wide as you chose to open so that God may free you of the unnecessary burdens that you are carrying and so that you may be dowsed with GOLDEN LIGHT FILLING YOU UP UP UP UNTIL YOU OVERFLOW WITH AN OUTPOURING OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR ALL THAT IS… UNTIL YOU OVER FLOW WITH NO CONDITIONS TO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!

Releasing the outcomes, the expectations, the wants, the needs and desires. Allowing those things to be aligned with your Godself, and completely getting out of the way of the maybes and the doubts.

This activation will align you to the Galactic Core Frequencies of Ascension reconnecting and redistributing your energies from the Land of Atlantis. The deep buried treasure that lies within your sacred hearts and minds, that is gently beginning to ooze out of each of you in many forms. Whether it is through dreams, poetry, art, music, dance, storytelling and visions. The golden pyramids of TRUTH are radiating bright now and ready to accept anyone who chooses to stand in them.


Are you ready to proceed to officially close the doors on 2008 and lock them with a key? The key to opening new doors of knowing and goodness, the key to kindness and appreciation, the key to compassion and mercy and to the Glory of our One divine Creator?

We are ready to activate you… so get ready to feel the electricity of your new birth!



We love you endlessly through our Infinite Source of One Heart.

Master K and the Ascended Masters of True Devotion, The galactic Federation, the Archangels and Angels of Love; The Spiritual Hierachy of Divine Truth, The Ashtar Command always at your service in God’s Grace and the realms of Illuminating Light beckoning AND SUMMONING the beacons of Light to reunite and join together in one GREAT RAY OF GOD’S FORCE UPON THE PLANET.


When: Sunday January 11th 2009
Where: Global Tele-Conference Call via phone
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm EST (4pm - 6pm PST)
Subject: Economic Transformational Recoding
Hosts: YaMa’EL and Jacqui Johnson

* Everyone registered will receive a copy of the recorded event on audio so even if you can’t make it to the call at the scheduled time, you can still receive the activation as if you were there, as time and space do not exist in the etheric realm where the activation takes place.

How To Win a PERSONAL Q&A SESSION With Master Kuthumi

* Each month when you register for the Galactic Activation Conference Call via our Paypal link, you have a chance to win a personal Q&A session with Master Kuthumi by choosing a number between 1 and 700 and typing it in the place on the Paypal invoice at checkout where it says: “MY RAFFLE CHOICE”.

* If the number you choose is closest to the number that has been pre chosen that month by Master Kuthumi, you will win a chance to ask Master Kuthumi a question and receive his answer and any guidance he may have for you at that time, at the end of that nights activation before the call ends. There are 10 chances to win each month and 10 winners will be announced at the beginning of months conference.

* Winnings must be used at the time they are won and are not transferable to another months conference. Each month a new raffle number will be chosen by Master Kuthumi for that months call. If you know at the time of registration that you will be unable to be present for the call and intend to receive the activations via the audio recording, please do not enter a number choice for the raffle when you check out, as again, the win can only be used live on that nights call and your presence is required.

Click Here Now to Get Registered 1-11 Galactic Activation Conference Call

This Article Was Written and Posted by: YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

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1 comment

3 Jan 2009 @ 16:27 by freo7 : Self Empowerment
Ahh yes.. you are most correct... and most loved for speaking your truth!!

No one NEEDS or REQUIRES other like minded souls to gather together to intensify the light and magnify our experiences with the Heavenly Realms. It is all a part of community and sharing and giving of each other that makes group lightwork so incredibly delicious. There is no one person ourside our very own selves that we need anything from. Everyone has the same ability to connect with higher realms and beings of light, the same ability to heal themselves completely, and the same ability to ask for and receive guidance and walk a path of light that illuminates all of creation.

Self empowerment is in no way lessened by sharing with others in a group environment. And many people waking up to who and what they are do want, need and are grateful for assistance from those guided from within to be wayshowers. Espavo to you beloved one for recognizing that there is nothing outside of ourselves that is needed to be have and do all that we desire. The next step is living the mission you were created to do and be a wayshower yourself until each and every blessed soul remembers the truth of themselves, remembers to be still and KNOW THAT THEY ARE GOD! For that is the only truth.

In love and light I AM

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