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pictureMonday, February 16th 2009, by Brenda McCann

Join Ascended Master Jesus and Mother Mary for the Re-Activation of your Original Sacred Codes of Christed Compassion and Forgiveness which includes the New DNA Coding for Opening your Multidimensional Heart!

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Ascended Master Jesus and our Beloved Mother Mary have expressed the importance of this time for us to go back to the core of our beings and reconnect the sacred codes of compassion that were once a part of every being in existence. There was a time when everyone knew, felt and freely expressed from the deepest compassion of love and forgiveness that Jesus exemplified during his time on Earth.

“For far too long, the children of Gaia have been taught through layers of fear, anger and intimidation. Have you not wondered yourself why you can’t seem to muster up the compassion and forgiveness you would like to express? That you have longed to express from the deepest recesses of your being? or why more of the people around you or this planet cannot seem to fathom such levels of surrender and letting go? For that is what true compassion and forgiveness is … complete surrender and a letting go so complete only love remains.

Beloved Ones, up until now that has been exactly as it should be, for we are here to tell you that behind the veil and within the confines of duality, exhibiting the the compassion and forgiveness of Christ is an insurmountable task that many have spent lifetimes trying to achieve without the recoding of their current blueprint structure to enable the re-activation of their Original Sacred Codes of Compassion and Forgiveness.

Many of you have expressed deep anguish and longing to experience the deep compassion for another that you know you are capable of, or the ability to truly forgive yourself and others in order to move forward on your path to remembering the Divine ONE that you are. The time has come when the veil has thinned enough for Lightworkers who are being called, to begin receiving the recoding of their current DNA structure that will allow them to experience the true heart of Christed Compassion and Forgiveness that is a part of them… a part of YOU… the Christed Sons and Daughters of the Golden Sun that you are!

Those of you that are ready will be guided from within to partake of this very Sacred DNA Recoding and Activation. You will know as you read these words that it is time for you to release all that has been holding you back from expressing the deep compassion you desire, from forgiving yourself with true understanding that as you completely love YOU, forgive YOU and feel compassion for the Love of God that you are, you release it and love it and forgive it in everyone who comes before you in the mirror of your life.

Don’t you see Beloved One, true compassion, true forgiveness and the ability to love another as God the ONE loves you… ever, and ONLY begins with YOU!”

What Are The Benefits of Activating Your Compassion and Forgiveness Codes?

* Experience New & Deeper Levels of Compassion
* Renewed Desire to Forgive Completely
* Seeing Christ In The Eyes Of Others!
* Includes a Experience Deeper Levels of Self Love
* Experience Deeper Levels of Loving Others
* Become More In-Touch With Your Emotional Body
* Experience More Emotional Balance
* Experience More Joy and Love
* Feel Lighter and More Radiant

This Very Personal & Sacred Activation with Master Jesus and Mother Mary includes NEW Coding that restores your current DNA Blueprint Structure allowing the re-activation of your Original Sacred Codes of Compassion and Forgiveness. This Energy Healing Session with YaMa’EL is VERY POWERFUL and WILL have an effect on you! Get ready to EXPERIENCE Your TRUE CHRISTED HEART of COMPASSION & FORGIVENESS!

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