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pictureFriday, May 15th 2009, by Brenda McCann

NEW 4D Spiritual Chakra System Explained

Just when we think we have our understanding of our 7 Chakra System down pat, humanity takes another giant leap in evolution in such a dramatic way that even our energetic chakra system had to shift, to adapt and multiply to handle the influx of high vibrational light we are taking into our physical bodies as we prepare for ascension and the final shift into 5th dimensional living.

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As a result of these vibrational shifts, our bodies, minds and spirits are morphing at a phenomenal rate. In recent times, new information has been received via various channels that introduced us to the concept of a NEW CHAKRA SYSTEM as I too have been guided and shown. With a bit of research you’ll find that the vast majority of sites with this new information have both varied ideas on the New Chakra System, as well as most of the information being spoken in a future time when this New 4th Dimensional Chakra System would be available to us and begin to activate and assimilate within us.


No more waiting months and years to access these Higher Spiritual Chakras!

No More planning for something in a perceived future!

Imagining, visualizing and intending are NO LONGER REQUIRED to activate these higher spiritual chakras!

You HAVE SUCCEEDED Beautiful One and it is time to access and activate your Higher 4th Dimensional Spiritual Chakras. The 3rd Dimensional 7 Chakra System that you are now familiar with is being transformed to make room for your New 4th Dimensional Chakra System and as these new chakras integrate, they make room for the 5th Dimensional chakras, also known as your Ascension Chakra. This transformation has already begun to occur in countless lightworkers. If left to their own devices, these new chakras can and will activate and open on their own as you continue to clear karma and raise your vibrations to take more light into your being. But it can take years for these chakras to completely open on their own.

The Masters have shown me that during these times of massive shifting and integrating new 5D energies while still experiencing life in the 3rd dimension is the reason why assisting our bodies to simulate this process is crucial now more than ever. By assisting in your own process of installing and activating your new chakra system while simultaneously anchoring them to each dimensions grid system, you “lock yourself in” so to speak in that dimensions consciousness making your experience of paralleling 2 or more dimensions at once a much more peaceful and joyful experience.

The current 3D Physical Chakra System relates to your first 7 chakras and is based on developing a connection with earth and your physical body. The 4D Chakra System relates to 8 higher spiritual chakras and are based on developing a deeper connection to your Higher Self, the Universe, the Divine Will of God, Ascended Masters and other Galactic Beings of Light. I have personally worked with the 8 new chakras for some time now within myself prior to receiving guidance to post this information. You may have also heard of a few of these higher spiritual chakras and been working with them yourself. In essence, they are not “new” to everyone as the written word implies, for many have received this information before me. Yet activating them and using them as part of your everyday life as you lead a parallel existence in the higher dimensions is NEW for most everyone. The positions of the new chakras seems to be controversial in some old school circles, but one thing is for sure, the old school chakra system of the 3rd Dimension has far evolved from that theory as well as most of the information you will find online. Our Chakra System has EVOLVED, just as we have evolved, and our bodies are morphing, our monetary and governmental agencies are evolving and morphing in ways no one could anticipate because every blessed one of us are creating this NEW each moment!!

So my beautiful friend, forget what you think you knew about your current chakra system, forget what you’ve seen, read or heard because I am here to tell you TIMES HAVE CHANGED. Leave it to me, the Golden Dragon Goddess to “Stir Up the Universal Pot” so to speak, but after all, that is what we Indigo Starseeds do best!

Below is a description of the 8 New 4D Chakra Centers:
The image below visually depicts how your 15 Chakra System will look (including original 7 chakras) with all 15 of your chakras activated, balanced and aligned.

8th Chakra - This new chakra is located at occipital juncture in the back of the head where the skull and neck are joined. This chakra is related to the Medulla Oblongata and the Cerebellum and is also known to be called the well of dreams.

9th Chakra - This tiny center is related to the Pineal gland in the center of the brain behind and just below the 3rd eye chakra and located directly behind the eyes.

10th Chakra - This center is the chakra of the Thymus, also known as the High Heart Chakra and center for love and compassion.

11th Chakra - This chakra is your Sacred Heart This center is the multidimensional gateway of the soul and is located just below your heart chakra.

12th Chakra - This is your Earth Star Chakra and is located 6inches below your feet. This chakra connects us to earth and the divine mother and is the grounding cord of your multidimensional light body.

13th Chakra - The following 3 chakras are your Galactic Chakras that connect us to the Higher Realms. This chakra is the Causal Chakra or Higher Crown Chakra and is located 6 inches above the crown and off to your left just a bit. This chakra connects you to the Spiritual Realm.

14th Chakra - This is the center of your Etheric Chakra and is located 12 inches above the crown. (arms length above head) This is the center for peace and harmony and the chakra used to connect with your Higher Self and the Etheric Realm as well as accessing a theta state of consciousness.

15th Chakra - The 15th chakra is your Gateway to the Universe. This is your Galactic Chakra Center, your personal portal to other dimensions and means of connection to Heavenly Beings such as the Ascended Masters, Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command and other Galactic Beings.

* I can only speak of and share with you my own guidance as I receive it from the Higher Realms and what I have been shown to be the New 4D 15 Chakra System.

* Anchoring and Activating these Higher Chakras does NOT open them fully which is a process of integration and restoration that occurs as one is ready. Some will open quicker than others as each being, including you are on a sacred and personal path. Which is why allowing and living from your Higher Self now at all times and not just during meditations or times of intended focus is imperative. Your Higher Self will work with you for your highest good in this now moment. Nothing more, and nothing less. Divinely perfect for you.

* I have been guided to share this information with you now at this time because you and countless others like you are ripe and ready to anchor and activate your 4th Dimensional Chakra System now which includes the introduction and activation of 8 NEW CHAKRAS to your current 3D 7 Chakra System resulting in a New 15 CHAKRA SYSTEM that will greatly enhance your gifts, your light and your truth as a Multidimensional Being.

* Many people have already begun to sense and work with their higher spiritual chakras that will eventually open on their open. Anchoring and activating them speeds the process along and you will never be given more than you can withstand for your highest good at any given time.

* Once you have activated your 8 Higher 4D Spiritual Chakras (8 - 15) you will no longer work from the old traditional 3D system of only 7 chakras.

* Once you have activated your 8 Higher 4D Spiritual Chakras (8 - 15) you will ONLY receive the opening of the new chakras at a rate that is for your highest good. In other words, just because your 12th chakra is activated does NOT mean that the full vibrational energies which are available once this 12th chakra is fully OPEN will be available immediately after this session. In this session we are clearing your current chakra system then anchoring and activating the opening of your 8 higher spiritual chakras which will result in a quicker, smoother and more harmonious ascension process.

* You will not ascend in the blink of an eye just because you have activated your 4D Chakras. You will ever and only ascend when it is your HIGHEST GOOD to ascend and your work here on earth is complete. You’ll be able to traverse the 4th and 5th dimensions from your physical body with ease after activation. But the moment of ascension, when all that you are along with your body, physically transforms into the full essence of your true and fully activated 12th Dimensional Lightbody (final ascension) will not occur until ALL of your higher chakras are FULLY OPEN. You have many more higher chakras than these 15 Dear One and activating these will greatly help make way for the 5D Ascension Chakras (16 on up) to be anchored and integrated next.

* This anchoring and activation session simply activates the opening of 8 new chakra centers, your own personal readiness and soul mission is what opens them completely, making room for more and releasing the full ascension energies needed for final ascension. So please do not email me complaining that you cannot fly yet after this session LOL, because it simply doesn’t work that way. Anchoring and Activating your eight 4th Dimensional Spiritual Chakras is a tool given to you by the higher realms to make your ascension process easier, more peaceful and more harmonious than it’s ever been done before and preparing your physical and spiritual bodies for the 5th Dimensional and beyond.

** Please read the last 3 paragraphs above again to be sure you understand what this process involves.

If you are experiencing anything less than Spiritual Peace, Unconditional Love of yourself and others, Abundant Prosperity and Joy from your present walk on the path of Ascension as a Spiritual Being then you will benefit greatly from assistance with Anchoring and Activating Your Higher 8 Spiritual Chakras in a very profound Healing and Activation Session. Your 8 Higher 4D Spiritual Chakras (8 - 15) will be cleared, anchored, activated, balanced and realigned to your highest good as guided strictly by your Higher Self.

Click the link below or paste it into your browser to find out how to activate your 15 Chakra Systemand activate 8 new 4D chakras. [link]

This Article Was Written and Posted by: YaMa'EL the Golden Dragon Goddess

YaMa'EL is a Master Activator, Channel and Intuitive Energy Healer and Creator/Facilitator of the Sacred Divinity Code Activations. You can find out about her mission and how to reactivate your own Divinity Codes at her Spiritual Energy Healingwebsite.

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