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 Living and Being without Borders and Boundaries0 comments
picture11 May 2015 @ 23:39
Consider Life without limited Borders and Boundaries for Humanity One by Gerald Vest, LISW/LMT

How do I start a new relationship while still having feelings about my life partner? Change is where I LIVE as this is our Nature and our source for Nurture….am awakening my consciousness to the Natural Laws that we must observe and follow or we suffer. Big Laws like gravity, love, healthy touch, peace, compassion, understanding, whole health, self-preservation, essential relationships, parenting, mothering, fathering and just Being our True Selves and being human.

In other words, our Basic Human Need Requirements must be met and secured for us to fully experience and be Mindful of our interactions and relationships. Freedom from Fear, Pain and Suffering is my goal.

Montagu, A. (1981). Growing young. NY: McGraw-Hill. (My favorite resource for staying young & learning about our basic human need requirements for living a healthy and complete life)

Montagu, A. (1986). Touching - The human significance of the skin. NY: Harper & Row. (Touch is essential and most of our helping professionals are cowards and charlatans as they won't touch their clients and are fearful of liability.) See our guidelines for healthy and safe use of touch.)

Humanity is One body, mind, spirit and social creature, totally dependent and interdependent upon All that Is, especially the air we breathe, food we eat and water we drink and one another….everything on our planet and Earth herself are All Created…unique, with meaning and purpose for being and living together as ONE on our “Space Ship Earth” (B. Fuller).

Too bad we have guarded borders designed to separate, exclude and deny opportunities for everyone to share God’s and Nature’s needed and required resources for living healthy and complete lives.

Let’s live our lives together beyond borders and boundaries with our brothers and sisters from our country and all others. It is very obvious that undeveloped beings in leadership positions only care about themselves and interest in protecting their corporate sponsors and campaign funding-- greed, prejudice, fear, competition, ignorance and pride are some major inhabitants.

Where do we go from Here? Now? What is our purpose for being here? Is it enough to maintain an awareness of our “being” so we can continue moving through Space and Time with our curiosity, enthusiasm, interests, thoughts and imagination-creativity—let’s become open, honest, accepting and allowing of our limiting Borders and Boundaries?

Picture is our SNM Alliance Team introducing integrative and holistic health practices to support ourselves as we return from wars, injured to the Core-Corp.

Gerald W. Vest, ACSW/LISW/LMT

Injured Warrior, TRICARE Provider--Individual, Couple, Family & Group
Holistic & Integrative Health Practitioner & Professor Emeritus NMSU
Las Cruces, NM 88005

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 Learning to Give Safe, Skillful and Loving Touch13 comments
picture29 Mar 2006 @ 14:53
We are very pleased to update and report on our Global Touch Project using our 15-Minute StressOut Program to support the health and well being of our Elders. [link]

On Friday, March 17, 2006, our newly formed Las Cruces Health Promotion Team with Elders conducted a county-wide workshop for caregivers and professionals interested in learning how to give and receive “safe, skillful and loving” touch. We had over 50 participants attend our 3hr. workshop and established a core team of volunteers to become certified and to administer our ‘chair type’ massage program.

Following our workshop, our administrative team met to review our project and to plan for follow up workshops in nursing homes and other resources and to conduct regularly scheduled meeting with elders interested in reducing their stress, anxiety and depression. In our city, there are three sites established to give diabetes examinations weekly as this disease has reached epidemic proportions here in New Mexico and West Texas. In the US it is reported that there are over 21 million people who have diabetes.

Because of our successful 'Best Practice' research related to using touch to reduce blood sugar levels and to promote health and wellness of this population our new volunteers are preparing themselves to administer our stress management program weekly in these diabetic centers.[link]

I am hopeful that NCN members and other communities will join with us in developing and administering our healthy touch program for elders on a global scale.  More >