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 Sensory Isolation Tank for Injured Warriors and Vets5 comments
picture31 Mar 2014 @ 16:13
Sensory-deprivation-tanks for Vets

"Because we lack the resources to respond effectively to pain, our emotions can easily override our reason and back us into a dark corner of despair. When Life experiences become overwhelmingly painful, we may even choose to end our lives prematurely: the final gesture of avoiding realities we have never trained ourselves to confront."
(Tarthang Tulku, Knowledge of Freedom - Time to Change)

Our Southern New Mexico Alliance is exploring the use of the Dr. John Lilly "Emersion-Isolation Tank" for returning warriors and families. We would like to talk with you about your experience and/or interest in participating in this enlightening experience. Please respond if you share our interest.

Dr. John Lilly's floating deprivation tank research is available. I definitely believe that this experience will help our injured warriors returning from the wars. It's been my experience that it offers an opportunity to transcend all pain and suffering while in the tank; provides a learning lesson on allowing the mind to heal and restore with meditation practice; and, may well prevent suicides once the participant experiences this glorious and joyful experience of the void. [link]

Looking for organizations to bring this opportunity to the vast number of active and retired in our Southern Area of NM where we have WSMR, Holloman AB and one of the largest military bases in the World....FT BLISS. Just an hour in this Tank is like taking your next breath as we join with our Internal, very slow breath...much like "Being is Breathed and Breathing with All that Is." Offers such hope and encouragement knowing we can be free of our pain and suffering with a 'blink of the eye' as floating in Space beyond description.

"Organization Leader, Southern NM Injured Warrior Alliance; Injured Warrior Health Practitioner; TRICARE Provider--Individual, Couple, Family and Group--Served as Senior Social Worker, Ft. Bliss Restoration and Resilience Trauma Center (3 years) and Ft. Bliss Health Promotion Trainer, US Army Community Services (25 years)

Professor Emeritus, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM 88005
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 Death is Part of Life2 comments
picture27 Feb 2014 @ 14:53
Death is part of Life as we all realize, especially when one of our partners, big brother, brother-in-law and Mackey (known as our attack cat)...all passed into the Light during the past 4 months. Learning to maintain an honest-open, accepting, allowing approach or outlook is my lesson. I consciously bring light, loving and friendly thoughts to my mind. My meditations may begin with thoughts, feelings, sensations, and quietude. Colors become more present with my eyes closed and my image often appears sad and forlorn, when open. I have a conversation with all of my spiritual friends in a mirror image while serving as our team animals are deeply engaged with me and this experience as they often sit on my lap and rest on my feet.

My breath becomes very slow until 'it' (I) no longer exist...becomes very quiet, slow and calm...becoming united with this experience and while being is in relationship with 'all that is,' peace-love-appreciation manifests itself throughout. Toham Kum Rah-We Are One!!!

I thank all of my Master Teachers for assisting and guiding me through all of my life, health and relationships. I am so grateful and fortunate to have such beautiful life friends and family...'forever and ever.'

jerry  More >

 Understanding our Being3 comments
picture19 Dec 2013 @ 00:45
I love this comment by Tarthang Tulku, Knowledge of Freedom-Time to Change:

“The sensation we now call fear can be a gateway to inner awakening. Whenever we taste fear, we can suspect that we are close to knowledge we have hidden from ourselves. Whenever we approach the boundaries of our experience and begin to perceive something new, fear will arise like a shadow, concealing whatever we most need to know.

Like a good friend, fear will never leave us until we completely understand our own being.”

I have been experiencing some changes in my life, as my partner for the past 51yrs. passed into the light recently. I know that there is "No Time" in Nature so Lou(ise) is still close to me, extended family and our 3 dogs and 3 cats. I don't think any of us feel or experience fear, but rather a loss of our beautiful physical daily contact with my best friend and soul mate.

Talking with my friend in our meditation together allows me to join with her and support her while our family adapts and learns about Being without my loving wife, perfect human being, mother for our 2 children, life long teacher, grandmother and now angel-guide-teacher in the Beyond.

I love you my darling and will be joining you as is Nature's Way.....forever yours....Jerry  More >

 Goodbye for Now--Love you Beyond Words2 comments
picture20 Nov 2013 @ 13:48
Gerald W. Vest
5 hours ago ·
It is about 5:00am here in Las Cruces, NM and I am surrounded by Cody, Alley and Jack (our 3 dogs) and 3 cats.. Jack hasn't left Lou's side for the past 2 years and all of us are letting my best friend for the past 52 years know how we miss her and will love her forever and ever.

Lou completed this life's journey around 7:20, 11/17/2013, last night. She had no fear of dying; however, the pain from her pancreatic cancer was persistent until yesterday as she became very peaceful, quiet and calm. We talked about going into the Light and she reminded me that she was always aware that Death of our physical being is part of Life-Nature and was secure about her transition--that Spirit will be joining God safely and securely since she has never in our life together doubted this relationship.

Patrick, Christy and I will discuss next steps today. For those who know Lou, she is known as a very private person, loving and kind--a great teacher, partner, mother and loyal friend and wouldn't want me to go much further...and, the tears are running down my cheeks as I say Goodbye for now. Thank you all for your support, reiki, massage, friendship and love during this time and throughout our lives together...We are Truly One....[link]

Much love my darling, family, friends and all who have been with us on this great journey....


Gerald W. Vest, ACSW/LISW/LMT
Injured Warrior, TRICARE Provider--Individual, Couple, Family & Group
Holistic & Integrative Health Practitioner & Professor Emeritus NMSU
Las Cruces, NM 88005  More >

 Welcome Home Returning Warriors and Families with Health Services1 comment
picture5 Oct 2013 @ 13:39
"Genuine satisfaction is found only within our hearts, wherein lie peace and a subtle, ecstatic beauty. There, by integrating our body, mind and senses, we can establish an inner balance and harmony. This inner balance then stays with us in everything we do." (Tarthang Tulku, Tibetan Meditation, p. 112)

"Fear is one of the ego's mightiest weapons for self-preservation, because once feelings of fear, inadequacy, and weakness occur, we do not want to face the reality of ourselves or our own lives." (Tarthang Tulku, Tibetan Meditation, p.35)

Thank you for visiting my website....We must Welcome Home our Vets and their Families with meaningful work opportunities, integrative & holistic health services, support groups, and an environment of loving-kindness, respect and appreciation for all that they have done, putting their lives on the line for us as a Nation and Community. And, Psychiatry-Psychology-Social Work-Nursing-BigPharma, et al, provide or refer our Injured and Wounded Warriors for integrative and holistic health services, *Not* offering disorder labels and drug cocktails as a remedy for health. Becoming dependent upon antipsychotic drugs, therapists and incarcerating vets and children in the jails and mental hospitals is not the solution.

Rather, join us, form a "community coalition-alliance-collaborative" and identify our vets and their families returning home and offer them "Best Practice Integrative Health Services" INTENSIVELY and EXTENSIVELY for recovery, restoration and resilience. Design your Daily Health Program--NOW!!!

Contact us, we will be happy to help you get started on Recovery...and, with a personal commitment to transform your Stress-Anxiety-Depression and Injuries into strength, courage and balance, you will return to your True Self as a stronger, courageous professional and human being that attracted you into Military Service, in the first place.

Note: Picture of SGT Lance Bradford, returned to war fit-for-duty to Afghanistan following successful treatment with Integrative and Holistic Health Services, Ft. Bliss Restoration & Resilience Center.  More >

 Discover our Internal Breath3 comments
picture24 Sep 2013 @ 15:35
Do you recall your 1st Breath? Will you be aware of your Last Breath? Health Promotion Team Orientation, SNM Alliance with Injured Warriors and Families

The more we develop this awareness the more illuminating and alive it becomes for us. Thoughts no longer distract us; we can remain open, clear and balanced. This penetrative, open quality is like the sunlight that shines forth in all directions. When we do not take positions, the door to enlightenment is completely open, and we understand quite naturally what is called "universal" mind, infinity, or genuine understanding. (Tibetan Meditation by Tarthang Tulku, p. 77)

I have learned that we have Two Breaths--one is autonomic-the other is Nature's Breath uniting and interacting and relating with Nature and All that Is. I believe there is a Koan that suggests that we seek that which never gets Born or never Dies in meditation. Experience Internal and External Breaths while working with our health, restoration and resilience programs: Kum Nye, Psychocalisthenics, Kath State, massage, acupuncture, yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi, therapeutic arts, returning to Nature with new learning.

Maintaining a daily health program is an opportunity for us to totally relieve ourselves of pain, suffering, anger, fear, ignorance, prejudice, jealousy, and greed, etc. This is an opportunity for us to join with Nature--our True Nature as we learn to observe our Breathing throughout our day, evening, while maintaining an awareness while eating, interacting, loving, learning and experiencing. Seems our whole being is rejuvenated and happy when we become conscious and aware of ourselves-our being, our relationships, our thoughts, senses and feelings.

I find it helpful to develop Internal Breath-Awareness with Mindfulness throughout the day and in sleep. Expand the Lungs with "Integration Breaths" to maintain "High Levels of Consciousness." Strength, coordination, balance and flexibility of our body, mind, spirit, emotions--social interaction and healthy relationships are the result and outcome.

Breathing in the pain and suffering of humanity while breathing out loving-kindness, compassion and healing is one of our key health components to serve Humanity One. (See, The Pema Chodron Collection including several other scientists, professionals, scholars and all selected have guided me during this early, middle and later, this Life's Journey.)

Note: Special thanks and appreciation to Robin Woolley, LISW, Photographer, Health Practitioner, Co-Team Leader, SNM Alliance with Injured Warriors and their Families.


Gerald W. Vest, ACSW/LISW/LMT, SNM Injured Warrior Alliance, TRICARE Provider--Individual, Couple, Family & Group; Holistic & Integrative Health Practitioner; Organization Team Leader and Professor Emeritus, NMSU School of Social Work, Las Cruces, NM 88005, 575.524.2379  More >

 Breathing Charts the Life Rhythms, Calms and Balances our Mind1 comment
picture11 Sep 2013 @ 13:33
Breathing Promotes Awareness – Awareness Heals our Injured Warriors and Families

Breathing may be one of our most important guides readily accessible and available to us every moment of our life. Tarthang Tulku Rimpoche, author, teacher and Founder of the Nyingma Institute, describes breathing as our most effective means for healing, interacting and supporting our whole being:

“Once we know how to contact the energy of breath, breathing becomes an infinite source of vitalizing energies.” Furthermore, he states: “…breathing charts the life rhythms, the way we breathe signals the disposition of our energies.”

It is for these reasons and because meditation has been a daily part of my life experience that I encourage all of our warriors and families to learn about their breathing patterns. I love to sit or work with Qigong/Kath State Exercises and observe my breathing while enjoying Nature’s relationship with us. For example, every evening the Doves and other birds come for their early evening feeding, bath and their strut around our back yard. They are very brave as are our four dogs who love to chase them from their territory. Cody, for example, our Shepherd, will take them out of the picture when their instincts are not focused. I realize that animals and Nature are not in competition, but rather possess an instinctual self-preservation form of behavior or response that we all possess.

Wouldn’t it be great if our World Leaders would sit and observe their breathing prior to or during diplomacy and peace meetings? Opening our mind with our Breath offers us a real opportunity to engage and interact with others in order to find peaceful solutions to every problem as well as to discover the peaceful alternatives to war and conflict. It is often hard to accept that All is Known; however, as we enter our mind with questions, challenges and concerns, our Mind discloses Truth and responds accordingly when we are Open, Honest and Accepting with ourselves. An example of this knowing can be understood as we agree or disagree during our teaching-learning processes and experiences. As described in The Tarot, the Book of Life Experience, our knowledge, wisdom, love and truth are an unfolding process of ego and spiritual development of our whole being. The Minor cards show our ego development while the Major Arcana introduces us to our spiritual or essential qualities of maturation. It is for these reasons and for our understanding that it is important to maintain a “continuum of awareness” of our senses, breath, pain, blocking, and flow of energies so that we can experience the Gestalt or Holistic presentation of life, Nature and our relationships.

We know that Nature or Mind has no judgment, as in the beliefs and rules established by our family and our society. Nature operates in a lawful and absolute Way—No Contradictions, only “collisions of energy” as described in particle science—All is in Total Interaction whether we are aware or not. It is only our Egos who are in conflict with Nature—the Self Preservation, Relations, and Adaptation Instincts (Ichazo) respond to any dangers or insecurities as protective and supportive mechanisms. I suspect the greater the number of beliefs we hold, take us further away from the opportunity to experience and be united with our True Nature or respond effectively or skillfully to symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Thus, observing our breathing and becoming aware and mindful of our breathing and our breath allows us to restore our health and wellbeing and become closer to who we are while offering us Hope without Despair. And, we now have an opportunity to fulfill our aspirations and destiny to be complete loving, responsible, compassionate and respectful Human Beings using God’s gift of being alive and unique, experiencing our Breathing—one Breath following another with Love and Health.

Note: Visit our Website introducing our Integrative and holistic health services with Injured Warriors and Families. [link]

Butterfly Collection Picture by Robin Woolley, LISW, NM Injured Warrior Alliance, Health Promotion Team
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 Learn to Breathe for Recovery, Restoration and Resilience--Mindful and Aware0 comments
picture1 Sep 2013 @ 17:53
Mindfulness is not forceful control, but an attentive awareness of what is occurring. When we remain quiet and observe the flow of the breath, the body and mind naturally release the energy stored in tension from its dense and solid forms. Liberated, this energy increases vitality and clarity, and strengthens our ability to defuse pressures. Instead of being caught up in a cycle of escalating pressure, we can develop an abiding peace and clarity that grow from within.” (Tarthang Tulku, Knowledge of Freedom-Time to Change, p.223)

Learning to observe our Breath consciously is one of our basic skill’s requirements for maintaining high levels of consciousness, restoration and resilience of our whole being. Our Breath (H2-O) is more than just oxygen and hydrogen fueling lives. Learning to expand the lungs with meditation and breathing exercises introduced from Kum Nye Meditation and Psychocalisthenics-Master Level Exercise teaches us how to disperse energies with vitality throughout our network of systems, producing healing and primary prevention of our “3 Killers” (Ichazo)—Stress, Anxiety and Depression. Learning to move consciously and mindfully with our breath, offers us the strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and awareness to experience and maintain healthy, balanced and enjoyable lives.

These vitalized energies nourish and transform War Trauma—painful memories stored throughout our body-mind, triggering fear, stress, anger, anxiety, depression, suicide ideation and suicides. The Behavioral “Health” or sick care protocols treat these natural consequences of War Trauma and Deployment(s) with psychotropic drugs for pain, sleep deprivation and other symptoms identified in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual 5 as a DISORDER-NOT!!! As introduced on our Injured Warrior Website, when our human systems are stressed to the max and facing death and injury 24-7 for many months, the result or consequences are extreme affecting the whole being and relationships, much more than our human organism can endure without serious injuries to the whole being—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially. In fact, the Warriors are injured to the ‘core’—the cellular level, effecting/affecting every system, especially the nerves, brain, expression, senses, muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular, digestive systems, all seeking a new balance—restoration, recovery and resilience.

It is for this reason that we learn to become aware of our breath and its various patterns throughout the day and evening, as we prepare for sleep and awaken ourselves for another day, mindfully breathing in and out--love, life, health and relationships.

Note: Firefly picture by Robin Woolley, LISW, Injured Warrior Alliance, Northern NM Team Coordinator and Co-team Leader, NMSU Health Promotion Team.  More >

 Learn to Join our Unique Being with Nature2 comments
picture18 Jul 2013 @ 13:26
Thank you for visiting my website. Welcome Home our Vets and their Families with meaningful work opportunities, integrative & holistic health services, support groups, and an environment of loving-kindness, respect and appreciation for all that they have done, putting their lives on the line for us as a Nation and Community. And, Psychiatry-Psychology, BigPharma, et al, stop pretending you are helping Vets & families with your dangerous Labels & Drug Cocktails. Incarcerating them and their children in the jails and mental hospitals is not the solution. Rather, identify our vets returning home and offer them "Best Practice Health Services." [link]

Joining our unique human being with Nature produces a Healing-Restoration-Resilience response to war trauma injuries--Stress, Anxiety and Depression. This war Injury, identified as PTSd, is a natural human response and reaction to the war experience of extensive deployments and separation from family, extensive and intensive threats to the Self Preservation, Relations & Adaptation Instincts--24/7 (Ichazo)--injuring every system of the body-mind-spirit-emotions, family and social relationships. Warriors, you are *NOT* the DSM Label-Disorder (for life) that psychiatry & psychology give you. Our mind has no openness for healthy improvement, restoration & resilience, once fixed with these harmful labels and treated with multiple psychotropics.

Everything, including our thoughts, emotions, feelings and sensations serve as our spirit guides as they interact together in our Body-Mind to engage and move us toward awareness--realization and freedom. Strategic Breathing, Mindfulness and Awareness accompany and forge a relationship with “All that Is”. Our human and social interactions form a web and produce relationships and learning so that we can become fully human--while offering us an opportunity to experience Nature as our true source of nourishment-- life, health and relationships—an inseparable partner. Joining Nature is a program mission that our Health Promotion Team has adopted to recover from the catastrophic injuries our returning Warriors and their families have experienced. Having been physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially separated from one another, often for several long term war deployments, everyone is affected and injured as well. Family systems are not unlike our whole body-mind-spirit-emotion network. What affects one system, organ, nerve, muscle, cell, etc. affects the whole.

Every system, including our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and sensations are catastrophic injuries and experienced as disorientation, anger, guilt, avoidance, self blame, isolation and hopelessness. Our Program is designed to bring together our whole being to engage and move us toward advancing our goals, aspirations and freedom. Mindfulness and awareness exercises, like meditation & body work, establish a relationship uniting our natural and social environments. Our program provides teaching-learning opportunities so that we can become fully experienced and aware human beings matching Nature & Mind--honest, open, accepting, allowing beings without judgment—an inseparable partnership with love and kindness.


Photo by Robin Woolley, LISW, New Mexico Integrative & Holistic Health Team

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 Healthy Values & Role Models Missing in our Society2 comments
picture29 May 2013 @ 12:44
The fact is you have to be taught to be human. The potentialities for being human may be there, but, if they are not humanly stimulated, conditioned, and organized, they do not develop human form. The stimulator, the conditioner, and the organizer of human potentialities is culture. Education and Human Relations by Ashley Montagu, p. 32)

I hope we can learn from these sad stories? I know Star City, outside of Morgantown, a wonderful community with a great University (WVU). I think that teenagers are only beginning to understand who they are, form an identity that gives them meaning and purpose in life and these teens, like others, lost their way. No one is born evil as many religions claim, all are perfect at birth and how we are parented & schooled--loved, encouraged and treated with kindness and respect, determines our future.

Healthy human values do provide a foundation for us; however, our society is now known to be cruel, unjust, indifferent, socially, politically and economically bankrupt. Frankly, the Supreme Court is an unjust system giving corporations people power & control over our society without any oversight, including a divided Congress that doesn't recognize the value of cooperation-- all responsible for pain and suffering of next generations. Not many examples of healthy life with positive & loving relationships, leadership by example--a continuation of wars, WMD's, with no end in sight is the path youth are following today. Many of our next generations have never experienced a society that respects the dignity of all and with few healthy models, only abuse, cruelty, punishment, superficial rewards and romantisized relationships. And, with never ending fears, ignorance and prejudice so unconsciously introduced by the adults, parents, friends and leadership in every community, we are bound to see these never ending murders every day with a Culture of Violence, Ignorance and Fear.

Skylar Neese Murder: Rachel Shoaf's Plot To Kill Classmate Shocks Town
STAR CITY, W.Va. -- For nearly nine months, the people of this small West Virginia town saw the face of missing 16-year-old honors student Skylar Neese everywhere beaming at them from fliers on utility poles, in gas stations....
[link]  More >

 Drugging our Elders to Death1 comment
picture12 May 2013 @ 18:02
To grow young means to grow in our youthful traits, not to grow out of or to abandon them. (Growing Young, Ashley Montague, p. 196)

Medicare Drug Program Putting Seniors, People With Disabilities At Risk
Commented May 12, 2013 at 10:04:20 in Politics

“This is a very excellent article describing how our elders are being over-medicated with antipsychotics and, as current research clearly demonstrates, these drugs reduce the frontal lobe of the brain, just as the lobotomies did earlier. It is no wonder that our elders just sit in their wheel chairs for several years, unable to interact, reason, read, exercise-walk-move, or even enjoy or appreciate their life. These drug cocktails are given so the private & corporate nursing homes don't have to employ nursing, rehab, social work and other staff to support health and wellbeing. Where are the advocates and omsbudsmen/women? They apparently support these disgusting psychiatric protocols and drugging practices as nothing changes during the past 20-30 years.” [link]

One resident in a Veteran's Home that I introduced our StressOut Program regularly with our Injured Warriors told our group that she was "so grateful God Visited us today." She announced that they were only 'touched' daily from wheel chair to bed and back again at the end of the day. Very sad and disappointing that our vets are treated with suck lack of care, drugged and given little to no safe, skillful and nourishing touch that we have been introducing for years. [link]

jerry  More >

 Who is this "I"?5 comments
picture3 Apr 2013 @ 13:22
Why can’t we let go of frustration and pain? We would not willingly live with another person who tormented us this way. Perhaps we need to ask ourselves what is causing this pain, and whether it need be endured. Are we harboring an unnecessary and undesirable visitor? Tarthang Tulku, Knowledge of Freedom – Time to Change, p.324

Master Tulku is such a Trip or Journey for us as we learn about “ourselves” the “I” and begin to see how we make ourselves miserable. What will be our next Trip? ”I” turned 78 clock years on the first day of Spring and am still questioning; however, when “I” asks Why? Why This? Why That? Perhaps we are looking for a single cause or solution to our problems or narrowing down the many possibilities. Our “I” is such a skillful performer that “it” (I or me) will spend much of our life looking for a pill or quick fix of instant gratification and an outlet to compensate for the pain and suffering that comes with unanswered questions and incomplete answers about this “I”.

A personal example of this questioning “I”-

Recently, “I” had a bike spill while speeding through a parking lot and not seeing the cement barricade, my bike and “I” stopped cold while gravity took over as the physical-mental-emotional-spiritual “I” is thrust over the bars on to the cement walk way—thank you God for the soft landing. “ I” also had some help, much like my love of pole vaulting as a kid and young adult traveling through space, always seeking higher Heights—falling becomes instinctual. As a vaulter “I” learned to fall so this injury served as a wake-up call, Brushed “I” Off, healed my bruises and muscles with massage, reiki & acupuncture—speeds up the healing processes. Some body-mind-spirit pain remained of course to remind “I” to be conscious and aware, manage his stress with loving-Kindness and know that our whole life is for learning and Living. And, all of our “I’s” are playing out their lives the best they know how. The I-Ching reminds us in the commentaries about our evolution as human beings—NO JUDGMENT & NO BLAME, Brings Success!

During my young adult life and now, “I” has been a Seeker after Truth (SAT) and loving this Life Journey & experience beyond words. Professor Tulku initiated several of our SAT members into the Nyingma Lineage following several retreats while learning about how to Free ourselves, this “I” from power & control, judge & Jury, Fearful & Insecure, and, undeveloped & unfulfilled human beings. However, all of Tarthang’s practical health Resources, meditations and Instructions offer us continued guidance and challenges. See my Selected Bibliography and the resources “I” has been studying, exploring, embodying and sustaining.

Thank you my Friend and Teacher for your beautiful inspirational guidance and Support for me and for my Students, Colleagues and currently with Injured Warriors & their Families. [link]

Therefore, we may want to question ourselves, get to know and love this “I”— Who is this “masked man-woman” who controls our lives, our health and our Relationships?

When one realizes just how “empty” the ego is, one ceases identifying with it, defending it, worrying about it, and this in turn releases one from the chronic suffering and unhappiness that comes from defending something that isn’t there.

As “Wei Wu Wei” put it.

Why are you Unhappy?

Because 99.9% of everything you think,
And everything you do,
Is for your self,
And there isn’t one.

The Essential Ken Wilber – An Introductory Reader, Shambhala, p. 124,  More >

 Our Uncivilized Society and Gun Culture36 comments
picture28 Dec 2012 @ 15:18
May I become at all times, both now and forever--A protector for those without protection--A guide for those who have lost their way--A ship for those with oceans to cross--A bridge for those with rivers to cross--A sanctuary for those in danger--A lamp for those without light--A place of refuge for those who lack shelter--A servant to all in need. Ethics For The New Millennium His Holiness The Dalai Lama (1999)

We are living in an uncivilized culture of guns, violence, insecurity, fear and political malaise. Hundreds of children, youth and families are murdered or killed every week in the USA and no one is discussing the root cause of the indifference that gun merchants, owners, politicians, teachers and others support as a killing sport and hobby. Teachers can't or won't even organize themselves to refuse to walk into their classrooms while their schools are being prepared and promoted to use guns to defend themselves and their students. Parents are often unaware that they may be part of the problem for having guns in their cars and in their homes. Many others are even proudly packing them when they go to work as introduced in our old Western movies with John Wayne, Audey Murphey, Ronald Reagon and other hollywood heroes portrayed as manly or tough.

Learning is a dynamic and interactive experience that incorporates all of our body-mind-spirit-emotions and social relationship systems. Children learn values by observing, trusting and following parents, other adults and peers who we believe know what they are doing and how to behave or function in this Wild West society.

Frankly, we have not learned how to behave in our society without weapons of mass destruction of all kinds to assert our will, power and control. I believe human values taught by most religions are undermined with gun ownership mentality. Additionally, having weapons in the arsenal, glove compartment, classroom or back pack only encourages challenges by immature,disturbed and undeveloped beings.

Why do hunters get off on killing our beautiful wildlife before they can complete their lives naturally? It's not ok to kill these fantastic and beautiful creatures and justifying the sport by thinning out their population. Why, because these creatures are created as unique, purposely and necessary as all of us. We are all one or united with Nature....she is us and we are her. What affects one affects all.

Killing one of our creatures for sport and for making you and others feel good is not respectful nor does it dignify us as human beings. Killing like this is "gang like" behavior experienced almost everywhere in our society. Our children and youth must be just as confused about life as their parents about learning to interact, support and relate with Nature. As humans we are reportedly the top of the evolutionary Chain that defines us as caring, compassionate, loving and kind social human beings. Killing our Wild Animals and shooting other creatures for sport, is not a responsible and respectful appreciation of Nature.

Today, I feel like a very small minority with this message of concern about our gun culture; however, our children grew up without them and their values and service to humanity are manifested with compassion, love, dignity, self respect and understanding. They understand their place and relationship with Nature and this is what we intended as responsible parents. We have one of the largest and extensive police and security forces in the World so let's not add more guns to it. Let's begin reducing and eliminating aggression and weapons so we can become fully human, responsible and social creatures who care about our place in Nature.  More >

 LISW Supervision Plan with Gerald Vest0 comments
picture9 Nov 2012 @ 13:31
LISW Supervision Plan & Agreement with Gerald W. Vest, ACSW, LISW, LMT, Holistic-Integrative Practitioner & Emeritus Professor, TRICARE & ArmyOne Provider
"If we stop for a moment, step out of our roles, and reexmine our purposes and achievements, what have we really accomplished." Tarthang Tulku, Knowledge of Freedom - Time to Change, p.12

Supervision Program Outline-

1. Meet twice monthly as group for 2 hrs. – individual & group sessions available to meet interests and licensing requirements.

2. Design Professional Health Care Plan to maintain high levels of consciousness, support whole being, apply health practices with clients, prevent compassion fatigue and learn skills for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing.

3. Learn to engage and interact with client’s strengths, interests and abilities.

4. Learn to “make the equal” by being aware of self & client’s basic need requirements, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

5. Learn the conscious use of self and outlets or “Doors of Compensation” and degrees of safety and dangers.

6. Become aware of self while introducing clients to the following:

· o Whole body-mind-emotions-spirit using Body Scan & Continuum of Awareness

· o Support client’s emotional system with breathing awareness—“Integration Breath” & other balancing exercises

· o Progressive Relaxation Exercises – experience 12 Step Analysis

· o Maintain daily health journal, dream notebook and use of therapeutic arts and other resources to support clients and self

· o Working with “Disabilities” and the 3 Killers…stress, anxiety and depression

7. Introduce approaches to join Nature by becoming honest-open, accepting, allowing and appreciating the Social Work Experience of being non-judgmental, compassionate, kind, loving and respectful of “Self-Determination.

8. Identify individual interests, goals, needs and aspirations for self and with client’s at heart.

9. Learn to engage clients with safe, skillful and healthy touch understanding the guidelines for touch in our “15 Minute StressOut Program” and our Code of Ethics & Standards of Best Practices for Social Workers.

10. Visit my Website & Forums to review self-care plan; Social Action & Justice; best practices; bibliography; links to resources; and other pages of interest.

11. Consider designing and developing your personal WEBPAGE demonstrating your professional knowledge, skills, values and practices.

12. Concerns, questions, and other recommendations to become the best we can be: recording, labeling, community service & social action/justice, teamwork, publishing, etc.

13. Preparing a professional self-care plan so that you can “walk the talk” with your clients.

14. Additional plans: invitation to health practitioners for engaging DD population; Injured Warrior Team presentation on Engaging Warriors & Families with Health Services; and, more.

15. After all is said and done, it is important that we maintain high levels of consciousness; engage everyone with dignity, respect & loving kindness; be mindful of ourselves and the moment; while relating with All that Is with honesty, openness, acceptance and without judgment.

16. Know that we represent our Profession of Social Work with the highest standards of care, service, prevention, education, health, social action & justice, consultation, supervision and practice. Recognize that what affects one system and one being affects all systems. We are in a living relationship and experience--a web of relationships. Let’s awaken our consciousness, serve humanity with compassion, appreciation and without judgment. Develop and learn the knowledge, wisdom, love and truth of our lives to support our professional practice values, skills and standards.

17. Now tell us what you wish to accomplish, understand, learn and develop in our Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) team experience?

See Bibliography: [link]

See Meditation Research: [link]

See Professional Self-Care Plan: [link]

See Mission Statement and accept our Values, Standards and Commitment to be the best professional we can be. [link]  More >

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In these articles, I introduce the basic need for human touch. While there is strong evidence that our society and human family are becoming an endangered species, many governments, such as the USA, pay little, if any attention, to global warming, nuclear stock piles, environment, natural and economic disasters, poverty, abuse, neglect, pandemic health diseases, and growing military-industrial monopolies.

While many of us are aware of these pending and current disasters, organizations such as New Civilization, are hoping to awaken humanity through mindfulness, virtual interaction on the Internet, and forming healthy, respectful alliances to make a difference and change the direction we are heading.

Our health promotion team is a small effort, but hopefully an expanding opportunity, to awaken individuals, couples, families, groups, organizations and commuities to an awareness that touch, respect and love are basic human needs for survival and wellbeing.

Obviously, there are serious considerations for being circumspect and skillful in offering touch as a conscious intervention in the workplace or in a family environment. Guidelines for the safe use of touch include:

- providing the option for participants to self-administer our program;

- receiving permission to touch and reminding participants that contact is always in safe areas;

- having witnesses or partners present;

- teaching the activity to others so that they can be the givers of the stressout program;

- encouraging participants to use the teaching video and study guide (Vest,1995)if the worker chooses not to make physical contact.

Join with us in advancing the use of healthy, respectful and loving touch throughout the world. We are One.

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