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 New Edition of Street Hebrew
12 Apr 2005 @ 15:37, by Judih Haggai

In case you need some relevant street talk, here's the latest edition of Street Slang. Street tongue - The Hebrew they never taught you

Street tongue - The Hebrew they never taught you

The Underground Academy for the Hebrew Tongue presents the new -- if partly retro -- fourth edition of its guide to the spoken street. The Hebrew that you don't learn, you just pick up.

AWANTA - אוונטה

Retro reference: Noun denoting pretentiousness

Interchangeable with DAAWEEN, below.

BRAHN'JAH - ברנז'ה

Retro entitlement reference. The Old Boy's Club, the gang, the elite.

DAAWEEN - דאווין

Retro synonym of AWANTA, above.

DAPAR - דפ''ר

Doofus, beyond inept.

Retro military reference. Contraction of Diroog Psychotechni Rishoni, or Primary Psychological-technical Ranking.

DAPAR EFESS - דפ'ר אפס

The person who has a Dapar for a superior.

FALTZANI - פלצני

Describes one who puts on airs, intellectually/culturally. Derived from verb L'hafleetz, describing breaking of wind.

HORESS - הורס

Devastatingly handsome.

Literally: destroyer, destructive.

KOO-SOHN - כוסון

Hot. As in sexually desirable. Male form of KOO-SEET.

Derivative of slang term for female genitalia.

KOO-NEI-FA - כונייפה

Ugly, disgustingly unattractive. Generally applied to females, although even more disparaging when applied to a male.

L'NA-KER - לנקר

To nod off, literally, with head striking nearest lower surface.

LIT'FOHSS TAHAT - לתפוס תחת

Lit. Catching butt.

Yet another version of thinking one is more special than they actually are. As in "Al Tit'fohs al'ai Tahat" or, Who do you think you ARE?

and it goes on
Street tongue - The Hebrew they never taught you

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