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 Stripped of Bullshit
picture11 Apr 2005 @ 03:02

peeled diatribe, stripped of bullshit

one lone human windswept along

small steps going in short directions

mind held intention

curves of a wayward thought

so quick the light flashes, the tears flow, the laughter rings

then one small lifetime

merges back to earth

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 Friday April 8
category picture8 Apr 2005 @ 08:17
Weather: A sharav, or heat wave, will develop everywhere today except the mountains. (mountains? nowhere nearby)

Politics: They're predicting that after Passover, early May, the upheaval will begin. The settlers are going to start the evacuation from Gaza June 1st or so, but before that, roads are going to be blockaded, IDs are going to be issued, and our school will be surrounded by huge concrete barricades in case, kassam rockets are fired on us.
Interesting times.

People are getting tense. Peace loving kibbutzniks and moshavniks are wondering how we are going to get around from this immediate area (just west of Gaza) to Tel Aviv and Be'er Sheva.
Will an hour trip take 4 hours?

Home: Boys are working today in the Chicken House as their one-day a week contribution to the community on their day off from school. One daughter in school. Another daughter in the U.S. working and enjoying a more quiet life before returning back home hopefully in September.

Mind: Planning to organize a spring chapbook of my poetry, and to update my Music Biographies website to a point where I can offer it to students to learn about my current choice of musical personalities (Music Bios

Life: Friday is the best day. Afternoon approaches for total relaxation with G - extending into Saturday afternoon.

newslog number one completed.

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