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 Why do we need a Geodemocracy?19 comments
picture4 May 2005 @ 01:31
Q: Why do we need a Geodemocracy?

A: Right now, people have almost no control over their world at all. The marketplace is the only place they have any say so, and even then, companies pay big money to advertisers because they can guarantee sales, because the advertisers have applied science to the act of simply stating what products someone has to sell. They are so good at making people subconsciously want what they are selling that 'free will' barely exists in most people anymore. (And most people would probably argue that point, even as they buy what they are told to buy. If it didn't work, how could the advertisers guarantee results?)

People are manipulated, controlled, intimated, and otherwise set to what the powers that be want them to do. They think what they are told to think by the media, they buy what the advertisers want them to buy, their attention is set into place like their minds have a coating of cement, and because of the illogic of all the existing systems, the planet is spiraling down into the karma, the results, of that control. This power of the 'rulers' comes from knowing and working on scales of mass control most people are not even aware of.

We cannot afford to let it continue.

If you knew that someday someone would set off a nuclear bomb in the neighborhood you live in, would you live there? If you thought that the water coming from your tap will someday become sewage slush, would you drink it? If you knew that the people who say they represent you would sell you out in a fast flash, would you let them represent you? Or do you just toss your hands in the air and say "So what? I can't do anything about it!"?

We tend to let the future take care of itself. This is suicidal. It far out reaches the damage of drugs and alcohol and all the other social ills we face everyday. And we accept them also. There is nothing we can do about it because there is no system which can leverage sane responses to those problems.

We don't need to accept anything. We can create a system which can something about it.

The existing political systems exist essentially no differently than any monarchy in the past. They are top down hierarchies which use force to carry out their plans. America, Germany, England, China, where ever you look, you find the same kind of hierarchy, just tagged with different jargon and nomenclature. President = King = CEO = Prime Minister = Chairman = whatever you want to call them... they all have some kind of illusion that the people somehow pick them and support them. But the world shows that their decision making is irrelevant to survival, and relevant only to their political agendas. usually those agendas either support someone rich or some ideology which could not work even if everyone held them sacred.

But what would happen if everyone actually had some ability to make the decisions which affect their lives and their children's lives?

You love your children. You work hard to feed them, to clothe them, to make sure they stay healthy... so why can't you see the need to create a world for them worth living in? A lot of people who see the way the world is slowly falling apart say "We can only hope our children will do better..." but why should the children do better? Their parents didn't.

The Geodemocracy is just an idea right now. It is just a way that people could connect together to make decisions together then carry them out with Projects they support. There is no requirement for consensus, no elections of representatives, no way someone can intimate anyone into doing things or not doing things, and religions, politics, and all the old systems are irrelevant to a Geodemocracy.

And most of all, it is uncorruptible by interior or exterior social forces. It's incorruptible because it side steps the forces which are used to control our lives. Trying to corrupt it would be like trying to nail a marshmallow into a stone brick. By it's very essence, a geodemocracy is something that nobody can get purchase on to change in any direction, bad or good. It's made of individuals, but no individual can change it or corrupt it. It exceeds the perimeter of all past ways of doing anything, so it is simply beyond the old grasp of the powerful or the political maniacs.

Yes, there is one real drawback, if you see it that way. It requires more of your attention than past organizational models. It takes two hours a day, five days a week for people to run their world, not fifteen minutes every four years like when you go to 'vote'. In a way, it's an attempt to grow a nervous system for the planet, to apply free will to scales most people never usually even think about. It is the only real expression of "Of the People, By the People, For the People" that can ever exist.

A Geodemocracy makes the decisions, generating Projects which do the work. The Geodemocracy is multi-generation, ever growing and becoming smarter, while Projects last only the time they need to do a task, then dissolve. That way no Project can become a hierarchy and therefore a problem.

It's worth doing, this idea. It's time, past time, for people to take control of their world. That which you ignore and don't care about has a tendency to reach into your personal live and shake you like a dog shaking a bone. Depressions, wars, poverty, crime... how many manage to escape these results of the past ways of doing things? Not many, and more and more all those will become evident in your life, like it or not.

We must break the cycles of stupidity and insanity, and get together to do something more about it than neighborhood watch meetings or mailing letters to our 'representatives' or joining news-grabbing disruptive social protest groups. We can do more than standing holding signs or signing petitions or cursing the decisions by 'elected' political officials and the bureaucracy.

Think about it.

Geodemocracy Site

Created on ... May 03, 2005  More >

 The Geodemocracy Website is now up and running.7 comments
picture1 May 2005 @ 23:39
The Geodemocracy Website contains the pages describing the Geodemocracy proposal, a skeliton of an organizational structure that now needs many minds to read and develop. It is at [link] Geodemocracy Website. Please read it and work on making it better. Something that will truly make the world better for everyone needs many minds to consider it and improve it. It's dry reading and it is new, so it seems complicated and difficult to wrap the mind around, but it is actually very simple. Most of what a new employee has to learn for a job is more difficult than the Geodemocracy. It is not a communism, nor any other ism. It is something really new and dynamic. It will change the world, if people choose to adopt it. I'm looking forward to your questions and comments. Remember, if it catches on, you too may be part of it someday. It would be soooo good to have something better than 'politics' and 'military' and all that clutter and crap of society to deal with. We can run our own world, despite what the elitists say. Power to the people!  More >

 A Survivable Path for the Planet Earth20 comments
picture29 Apr 2005 @ 16:34
People either think the Universe is just existing in their whimsical little egos or they are in a Universe that far exceeds their little minds and bodies.

Either way, this is a challange to all of you...  More >

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The world shudders and dies under an unslaught of irrational thinking and enforced systems of control. Do we try to fix it or let it die?

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    Roan Carratu is an ex-Green Beret who turned hippy during the Viet Nam War. Having lived on the Farm Spiritual Community for many years in the 70s and learned everything he could from then on, his opinions are possibly the most radical and practical in the world. Having found the solution to the world's social insanity, he is now working full time to manifest that solution. Geodemocracy.