Introduction to Wrong Reality, the book5 comments
category picture4 Mar 2007 @ 13:04
This challenging book asks, and answers the question why?, when we are a species endowed with undoubtedly high itelligence, do we live our lives unintelligently?  More >

 Morality first3 comments
category picture14 Jan 2007 @ 13:33
 More >

 Determining the Future1 comment
category picture5 Dec 2006 @ 11:37
Determining the Future

At last we are recognising that our present form of civilisation shall soon reach a sticky end. Those who survive will face the job of starting over. We will not want to repeat the huge mistakes of the past. How shall we make sure of determining the right future?

Website containds two free books that identify past mistakes and propose an alternative, truly human way forward – Book 1 The Wrong Reality, and Book 2 The Silent Oracle. They set out to reveal the essential truth about the state of the human mind and world, as it is and as it truly ought to be.

John Bapty Oates  More >

 The root causes of crime4 comments
category picture3 Dec 2006 @ 12:28

Endless television programmes and newspaper articles, churned out day by day, are of no fundamental significance because they concern the Machine, our wrong reality. Our political and diplomatic actions and reactions refer to problems that they cannot solve on their own terms, because those problems lie at the root of human society and can be solved only by complete change, not by political tinkering with the Machine, for the Machine is itself a root cause of our problems.

[link]  More >

 Spreading the Word5 comments
category picture25 Oct 2006 @ 15:18
An extraordinary experience  More >

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The utmost truth is boring because it does not relate to vital though false reality, but that which relates to our present reality cannot be true.

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    Daniel Pech said of Bapty’s work:

    “With what little of your writing on your website that I have yet read, I was struck by how ‘general’ it is. I can understand most of it myself, but it is so general, and uses so few connections to specifics of any kind, that I think most people would find it completely uninteresting even if they ‘understood it. It’s like a vast featureless haze to most people, because they have to provide the specific connections themselves.”

    Bapty’s reply:

    I am making this into a Newslog because although members of New Civilisation Network also appear to find my work uninteresting it is essentially of the greatest interest to all.

    You may recall that central to my work is the claim that in effect we have two minds, the workaday conscious which is not capable of truth and the postconscious whose function is truth.

    The human race has its being in the conscious sphere, to whose thinking and action it relates and which (I take it) contains the variously interesting specifics that you refer to. They relate to these specifics but my writing doesn’t, which is why they find it uninteresting. My writing relates to the postconscious mind and its unvaryingly true conclusions that are fascinating to those in the minority who are open to their postconscious minds but that make little connection in the conscious.

    The troubles of the world derive from that very fact that we live in the conscious sphere and pursue the competitive drives of instinct, and I have gradually come to realise the same conclusion that you have reached – that my book will not have dramatic effect, yet, because the majority will not read it, not until their world situation becomes bad enough that they are desperate for the truth.

    John Bapty Oates