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18 Sep 2005 @ 12:51, by Silvia M.S

Ok, you have joined NCN... and now what?

Well, first of all... Welcome!! We hope that you enjoy your stay here.
You can do many things here. There are two areas, public and member area, with a menu for each one located at the top of the page.

Here are some ideas to do in the Members area:

- You should go to the Profile option and update your information , because it's your presentation card. Add the info that you consider relevant, for example what your interests are, what you are looking for, upload a pic...
There is also an option to include your Myers-Briggs Personality Test. Probably you don't know what it is, here you can find more information and take the test: Link

- You can read a great variety of articles written by members going to Subjects, and member newslogs (or blogs) going to Communicate. Sometimes the author include a space for comments, where you can add yours if you feel so.

- In People you can see the members organized by country, look up another member, see others that have recently joined like you, access to your contact list and some other options.

- There are some Conversation rooms in the middle of the page of the Communicate section, where you can start or follow conversations. They are a sort of chat, but much slower.

- You can join a group like this one going to Groups. There is a description of every one and also a contact person. To join many of them you simply have to click the 'Join' button on the right, but sometimes there are no button and you have to write the contact person.

- You can set up your own newslog and post there your articles, thoughts, news... If you go to 'Communicate' there is an option to create your own newslog. Here in this newslog you can see some instructions to set it up.

If you have any question about how to use any of this tools, or any other thing that you want to do here, feel free to ask them in the Bulletin Board of our group.

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18 Sep 2005 @ 13:49 by silviamar : If I've missed something important
please post it here or pm me and I will add it.  

17 Jul 2006 @ 19:32 by armos : Thanks for qualitative introduction
There are some questions. How it is possible to present the common attention the project? Whether there is a way to inform members NCN a specific proposal through dispatch? At last, how faster to find those to whom there would be interestingly practical interaction in construction of the New Civilization?

Hi Armos. I think that not many people are here to construct a new civilization, but if you like to talk about it or about any other topic to the NCN members I suggest you to set up your own newslog, as it will be available in the "Communicate" section for anyone to be read. You have the option to make it available also to non-members, to have a bigger exposure. In this newslog you have the instructions to set up your own one.

You can also join any of the workgroups that may be interesting for you and try to talk about it with the rest of group members. Some groups are more active than others, as you will realise soon.

There are also some chat rooms at the bottom of the "Communicate" section (Member Conversation Rooms), though I don't visit them often.
When we have the forum, that would be also a good place to talk about anything without setting up a newslog.  

3 Aug 2006 @ 15:08 by armos : NCN-Forum
And why so the forum for a long time is not created? It really would be very useful to discussion of the essential problems connected, including, with the practical actions directed on creation of the New Civilization. Perhaps, there is a sense to create in the near future a temporary or affiliated forum? Suddenly it will be interesting to somebody?  

24 Sep 2007 @ 11:37 by cj1 : New here
I like the style of this webpage. I've been into healing etc. alot and I've found the 'light-worker' style communities annoying, dreamy and somewhat seperatist, while paradoxically, they are incredibly well meaning and full of creativity and drive. Having been one of them, I know. I'm looking to take things into greater and more real territory and I found this site to speak of such things.  

24 Sep 2007 @ 11:39 by cj1 : Myerr Briggs Personality test
I had trouble entering the test results properly. The dynamics of the page didn't allow the code I received upon the tests completion: ENJF

The closes I could get was ENFJ.

Are these different? Or are they the same codes re-arranged?  

13 Nov 2008 @ 23:32 by archcat : refresh
I joined yesterday. Finding the chatroom was not easy. When I finally found it, the content was static. I returned today and find the exaxt same posts (from yestrday) and there is no scroll function. Refresh does not work. What should I try next?  

14 Nov 2008 @ 00:09 by martha : chat rooms
are very quiet at NCN. Some of us leave comments but for the most part it is hard to catch someone in a room to chat with. So you really aren't doing anything wrong.
There are also other problems with the chat rooms but I won't say anything about that until it happens next time.  

1 Jul 2013 @ 09:42 by hal2001 : logging out
I can't work out how to do it!  

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