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 Hurricane Katrina. It was no Accident0 comments
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Everybody is in the blame business according to what caused these massive hurricanes such as Katrina. The experts blame it on global warming, the rising of the ocean temperature, structural faults in the earth, and finally according to some the catastrophe in New Orleans was an act of God because it is a wicked city.
When we have over four billion individual minds through which the energy flow, if channeled predominantly good, predominantly neutral or predominantly evil, this is what determines if we live or die. When materiality predominates in men’s consciousness there is an emission of “subtle” negative rays with accumulative power that disturbs the balance in nature. That is when earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, and all other disasters happen. We have to look to ourselves; and, what does that mean? Hurricane Katrina was no accident or act of God; the earthquake in Pakistan was no accident brought on by itself. The more spiritually civilized we become, the more we will be able to control nature. Lets study the difference between fate and destiny. Karma is not fate; fate is when you are not making any spiritual effort; you are totally manipulated by mass karma. Not only do you have your own karma, you have the city karma in which you live and the county in which you live, the state in which you live, the planet, the solar system, and the galaxy. I can name another fifty of them of the various types of karma which affect our lives.

All people are subject to mass karma as well as individual karma. Any earthquakes, wars or natural cataclysms are the result of mass karma that may affect many whose individual karma may not warrant it except that they were in that environment and you can not avoid mass karma unless you make a deep spiritual effort. Then you may be spared. For example if you live in California you can be certain that you will be affected by an earthquake, small or large depending on the cycle and other factors. Do you want to be stuck in the middle of a large earthquake, or some other type of natural disaster? Of course you don't, so now you must make that effort to avoid being caught up in one.
That’s why the great spiritual masters say, “seclusion is the price of greatness” because you begin to remove yourself from the mass karma which can explode at anytime, or anywhere. How do you avoid this mass karma? By disconnecting yourself from what other people are doing, that’s all. Many tourists from different nationalities were visiting the scene where the recent Tsunami struck. Some were untouched and many got killed. What were they doing there? They were magnetically drawn by specific karma. Everything in the universe is integrated with magnetic laws which work with mathematical exactitude.

As long as you are in ego consciousness anything can happen to you at any time. Anything you cognize outwardly leaves its vibration within yourself. Whatever calamity arrives into your life, you have drawn yourself there. Here we are told of weapons which control our destiny. This world can be blown up and we could be destroyed or not. The accumulated evil actions of all people which are stored in the ether as hidden vibratory bombs to explode in the form of natural and national calamities are weapons a million times, a billion times more powerful than all the atomic weapons of the Russians and the Americans. Until people correct their own thoughts and behavior, wars and natural calamities will continue. Wars are brought not by fateful divine actions, but by widespread material selfishness. When we stop this individual, industrial, political, and national selfishness, we will have no more wars and calamities.

This article is an excerpt from my new upcoming book titled “Transcendental Selling; Laws of Success.” Contributed by: Gary Zalben- Author: “How to Sell a Dead Horse.” [link] - Copyright 2004

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  • Hurricane Katrina. It was no Accident

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