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 Allergy Cure to be unveiled - LA, Feb. 12th 033 comments
category picture29 Jan 2003 @ 06:40
at Los Angeles Learning Annex  More >

 EU Human rights after the september 11th2 comments
category picture13 Dec 2002 @ 02:38
Today Copenhagen is the focal point of the EU-summit. Accidently I stumbled accross a realplayer audio from TV-stop.dk It´s
an interview in english with Tony Bunyan from Statewatch.org  More >

 Reclaim your mail address after spam2 comments
category picture9 Dec 2002 @ 07:57
I found a way that got me off spammers mailinglists. Actually it found quite by coincidence, but it seems to work quite fine. At the height of my spam storm, I got some 45 spam mails a day !  More >

 Well I wonder...9 comments
category picture28 Nov 2002 @ 00:12
Last night my monitor broke down and it got me thinking.

Over the past 2 years I have been so unfortunate to buy a new compaq with a faulty motherboard. To buy a headset for online play that was broken on delivery and buying a Microsoft intellimouse explorer 3 that after 4 months turned out to be among a faulty production series.  More >

 Anyone know what this is?10 comments
picture18 Nov 2002 @ 11:12
I think about 4 years ago I got this image into my mind. I have tried to find some sort of message or name that explains it. So far no luck. So give me some ideas.  More >

 FEAR5 comments
category picture18 Nov 2002 @ 01:24
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
Fear is something that I despise  More >

 War is fun II / Onlline Gaming3 comments
category picture28 Oct 2002 @ 07:54
I was working on an article about online gaming but Funch´s article "War is Fun" got me writing quite a long comment.

So I choose to post it here instead.


Gotta admit it. I´m sort of addicted to playing online computer games, especially my favorite game Counter Strike. Research indicate that playing a "violent" computer games generate more of the dopamin than heroin!  More >

 Combat spam mails3 comments
category picture20 Oct 2002 @ 08:57
1/3 of the total mails sent out each day is spam (Stats made by Brightmail.). Mailwasher does the tedious job of deleting those boring mails and also filter out virus attached programs and it is free (Windows 9x/etc etc).  More >

 Spiritual Endavours Into Light5 comments
category picture4 Feb 2002 @ 02:32
About the authors of the book Odyssey of the Soul book One - Apocastasis. This interview features the concept of light, regression therapy and using Light in meditation  More >

 Cultural divide in Denmark0 comments
category picture3 Feb 2002 @ 10:47
Today the conservative newspaper Berlingske Tidende puts spotlight on a issue with Muslim schools under a free school system using authorative pedagogics and hard line discipline to educate muslim school children.  More >

 That nasty spyware2 comments
category picture2 Feb 2002 @ 07:19
I found some 80 different spyware files on my computer and I am usually very restrictive in installing files on my computer!  More >

 Cost getting you down?1 comment
category picture25 Nov 2001 @ 18:01
Cost of living getting you down? Maybe you just need to use some imagination. Beatrice Muller, 82, figured out that she could live a life of romantic luxury sailing around the world as a full-time resident of the famous QE2 - for no more than the cost of a mundane nursing home.
Retired Widow Makes Permanent Home On Cruise Ship
Found at PositivePress.com
 More >

 Parliament election Denmark november 20th0 comments
category picture25 Nov 2001 @ 17:48
Just last week Dansk Folkeparti (Danish Peoplesparty) was voted the 3rd largest party in Denmark  More >

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