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1 Mar 2002 @ 18:50, by Max Tobin

I have been looking for inspiration to help with what appears to be a 'stumbling blockage' for some of us in terms of our urge to build the new civilization. This should not be taken out of context nor as being directed at any one in particular. I resonate with this message and therefore feel the need to share it with those who read on in this space. Blessings to all for what is known as the "Magnum Opus" (the real work/play/ dance of re-membering our divined birthrights)

Shattering Glass

written by Sara Lyara Estes
Posted Sat, 15-Sep-2001 23:48:35 GMT
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September 14, 2001

All right, now. The first "bomb" has been dropped and the cloud of the aftermath is billowing forth across the entire planet. How does this fit in with the overall plan? How is one to be with the scenes of horror and pain? How can one bear the load of believing in truth, kindness, and love in the face of such an act and the pain it inflicts?

Dear ones, we know your hearts are heavy and saddened by such scenes on your perceptual screens. We know you are sympathetic with those impulses toward goodness, beauty and mercy. We know you deeply care for this planet and all upon it, as we do. Therefore, we would offer the following as our contribution toward your process of coming to grips with that which is now unfolding upon your planet, and to further the deepening of your awareness of just what that is and what it will require of you.

You have incarnated here at this time to perform a very special and difficult task, in service to the planet (and secondarily to all upon her). Your focus is the planet, and the assistance you can give to the planet as she begins rising toward her new form and being as Terra. You are assistants in the birthing of this new world, and once this "launch phase" is complete, you will withdraw from her for a time until the trajectory is complete and she has arrived and manifested in her new state. At that time, all that were taken off the planet for this particular purpose will become the architects of the new society, the gardners of the new garden, Terra. Please note that there are many other destinations and we are addressing our remarks to those who have this special task. They do not apply to anyone else at this time.

As we have said before, you are human lightning rods, grounding the higher light into the core of the planet. This light is a cleansing light, and is aiding the planet in shedding all those thoughtforms that she has absorbed over the course of her history as the host for all of the lifeforms that have come forth upon her surface. As the planet rises through the frequency bands, all of those thoughtforms that she contains will be cast off, largely through the force of the light being beamed down into the planet from the higher realms -- through your sun, through the galactic core, and through each of you. You are each supporting the cleansing of the planet, and the scenes you witness (such as what just occurred) are the outpicturing of those thoughforms that are being flushed to the surface -- pictures of hatred for others to such a degree it seeks to annihilate them and cause them every conceivable harm -- personal, economic, humiliation, and so forth.

You have a saying, "What goes around, comes around." Some of you are also aware of the concept of karma -- that whatever action proceeds from a place of imbalance must be balanced by an equal and opposite action of some kind. What you may NOT be aware of is that there is an invisible wall -- a threshold that separates your present Creation from the Creation that is about to be birthed, on the other side of the "blink."

Your planet is moving upward in frequency and forward in time, as viewed from within linear time. It is approaching this barrier, this threshold, and all actions that source from imbalance will receive their answering action, like an echo bouncing off that barrier and returning to the source of the imbalanced energies, as a correction and offset to those actions. The Earth is ascending now, and can no longer absorb these things, as she has throughout her history. What this means is that two things will be going on simultaneously, and will tend to amplify one another as things proceed.

First, there is the shedding of the thoughtforms of previous actions, from other times in the Earth's history. All of those thoughtforms that are not in keeping with the higher frequency bands will surface and be re-enacted in a present time context, so they can be experienced and balanced by those who are ready to receive them as that kind of opportunity -- who are ready to shift their own historical response to another kind of response, one based on mercy, love, kindness, compassion, and unifying with those whom they previously opposed. The second thing that will be going on will be the echoes of present-time actions, the answering actions that mirror and reflect the initial actions, so that the sources of those actions have an opportunity to shift their response to a different kind of response, also.

Both of these things -- the echoes from the past and the echoes from the present -- will be going on simultaneously, which will intensify and multiply the effects as the planet moves upward and forward towards its own destination. How this will be experienced by each "observer" -- each set of eyes and ears that are present to witness this -- will vary, according to the "filters" that are in place in that individual. So some will see things that they feel called upon to avenge. Others will see things that they feel called upon to heal. Still others will respond in other ways. It is all a very individual thing, so that the Creator can experience Itself through all the perspectives available through all of Its creations. We would remind you that nothing exists that is not part of and contained within the Creator, and the greatest comfort is obtained by making that connection with the Creator and aligning one's personal will with the Creator's will. "Not my will, but thy will" is the way it was said 2,000 years ago, and it is still valid now.

So what does this mean at a practical level, and what is your proper response and most appropriate service, given the above? First of all, you must understand and come to terms with the enormity of what is unfolding. Consider that you are dealing with the outpicturing of ALL ACTIONS that occurred throughout the entire history of the planet, up to and including those actions that are arising in present time. That is the size of the burden that planet has carried as her service to those upon her, so that maximum opportunities for experience could occur. We are talking about the compression of millions and BILLIONS of years' worth of events into the span of your present time, which will complete in a few years from now. Take a breath and let the scope of the register deeply within you, as you receive the confirmation of what you already know to be true.

There is some relief in this picture, given that most of the imbalance has sourced from the most recent periods of history, and that some of the actions that arise in the present are in themselves echoes from prior periods, being revisited in your present time, so you might say that there is some inherent efficiency in this process, as present actions can act to correct and balance prior ones at the same time as they are corrected and balanced. Nonetheless, the burden of the planet is enormous, the timespan is relatively short, and so the potential intensity of the process is almost inconceivable, if you could indeed grasp it at all.

But there is help being given in enormous quantities, also. Those of you who are embodied on the planet's surface are the point of entry for the forces of Love and Grace that are being showered down by those in the higher realms. The core of the Andromeda Galaxy (which overlights your galaxy), the Great Central Sun of your galaxy, and your own sun are all acting as lenses to step down the Light from Source and to make it available to those of you who serve on the planet's surface at this time, in amounts and "packets" that you can handle without being destroyed by their intensity and power. So your task is to allow yourselves to receive these energies and to let them flow through you unimpeded, into the planet's core. The more you can surrender your own resistance to the process and simply allow yourselves to become like hollow tubes through which the flow can pass, the more you can contribute to this process. This will also allow you to remain calm, serene, and centered while all around you is in chaos. If you allow yourselves to be used in this way, you will be promoting the highest good for ALL involved -- all of the players in all of the dramas, and most of all, the planet herself.

So as you look upon each succeeding wave of change as it unfurls, you must also understand that beneath the terrible scenes, there is a great healing taking place. The fact that these issues were not dealt with in the past has only created a greater pressure for them to be dealt with now. None of you can say you have not contributed in some way to what you are witnessing now. You are all part of and intimately connected to these actions through your interconnectedness with each other, with the economic systems, and with all life on the planet. This is the deep level of understanding that is necessary for you to grasp, in order to serve this task. You must surrender up all feelings of guilt and unworthiness to aid in this service. Each of you has played the parts that were selected by your Oversouls across all of your embodiments, and all of those were chosen in harmony with the Creator's own desire to experience everything. That desire on the part of the Creator was the impulse that led to the Creation in the first place, so one must surrender to the entirety of the experience -- to become large enough to hold it all within oneself, just as the Creator does.

You have all been stretched to grow in different ways in the past, but now it takes on a different face. Now you must stretch to become big enough to contain it all within yourself. This is what it means to be a Master. If you get stuck in pictures of "us and them," you are only perpetuating separation. As difficult as it may seem to attain, you must come to the place of being able to look upon all of these actions as if you yourself had authored them, because in truth, if you pursue things to their core, it is always the Creator Itself that you will find at the core, so the "true you" IS the Creator and therefore this IS your Creation, in some sense. There really isn't anything else BUT the Creator, and in time, you will have this as your complete and unending, direct experience, and then you will also have permanent peace and joy. You must each find your way to this understanding in your own way and your own time. However, if you can create a sanctuary for yourself within yourself, and deliberately choose to go into that inner sanctuary whenever these assaults upon your sensitivities occur, you will be allowing that which needs to move to move, and you will be able to remain sane and peaceful in the midst of it all. If you engage with the scenes around you and identify with them, you will be swept into the chaos and be overwhelmed by the enormity of what you perceive, to the point of hopelessness and despair if you persist in that behavior. Instead, we urge you to go within, to detach, and thereby hold the truth of the center -- the calm eye in the center of the storm.

We have called this Message, "Shattering Glass" for a reason. Each of you who is connecting with the vision and vibration of Terra is emitting a sound -- your particular frequency pattern in the matrix of sound that underlies the material universe. As you attune to the light codes carried in these Messages, you will re-sound them back into the universe, amplifying them and uniting them with the "broadcasts" sent up by your fellow workers who are sharing this task with you. As more and more of you find your way to these Messages and are activated by the light codes, more and more of your frequency patterns will be available to do the necessary work.

You have a phrase -- "the glass ceiling." It is most often used to depict an invisible barrier to upward movement on a career path, but we are borrowing this concept now to refer to another kind of glass ceiling -- an invisible frequency barrier that has surrounded this planet and kept things contained within her and cycling over and over upon her surface throughout her history as a planet -- an invisible barrier that must be breached in order for the planet to move upward in her own ascension path -- her own "career path." When a baby is in the womb, it is encased in a membrane or sac. When it is time for the birth, the membrane splits so that the baby can come forth unfettered and begin its new life as a new being, independent of those tissues that nourished it and protected it throughout its time in the womb.

Just so, the Earth is enclosed in a frequency barrier, similar a membrane, that must be breached or split, in order for her to come forth and begin her new life. The barrier is a container for the present experience and it must be shattered to allow movement to a new experience. Each of you is emitting a sound pattern. All of your sound patterns are beginning to converge and join together into a larger pattern, becoming amplified where you have particular frequencies that match those of the others in the group. As your own frequencies rise, the collective frequency of the group will also rise, and the sound that you emit will grow in volume, louder and louder as more and more of you are attuned by these Messages and their light codes. We are giving you the "keys" that unlock your own codings, and through these Messages, we are "tuning" your own "transmitters" -- the living light crystals at the core of your cellular memory that send forth your own frequency pattern. As your individual transmissions combine with those of your group, they will amplify and rise in frequency as you do.

Perhaps you have seen a demonstration of what happens when a tone with a certain frequency pattern and sufficient power is sounded in the vicinity of a crystal glass. The glass is shattered by the modulations carried in the tone. A matching pattern of sound is set up in the material that makes up the glass via resonance with the particular frequencies contained in the vibrations of the subatomic particles in the atoms and molecules that make up that material. The modulations vibrate back and forth around the core frequencies of the material and disrupt the patterns of the atomic bonds in the glass, and shatters in response to the tone. Note that the modulation and the shattering effect is accomplished by tones that vary slightly from the prevalent tone of the material.

Each of you who is attuned to these Messages is being stimulated to emit a particular frequency pattern, and as more and more of you join in with your "notes," the collective energies and patterns will build in strength until they shatter the frequency envelope -- the "glass ceiling" -- that surrounds the planet. You will be shattering the energetic patterns of the existing paradigm, and opening the pathway for the emergence of a totally new world to emerge from this one. In this way, as well as the other ways we have mentioned above, you will be actively assisting in the planet's birthing into the new paradigm that will exist as Terra. All the years you have felt "out of step" with the existing paradigm are now revealed as those parts of your particular pattern that will supply the necessary deviation from the central "tone" of the existing paradigm to shatter it, on an energetic level. This is one of the reasons you have all felt so "different," as if you were "marching to a different drummer." You are! And that differentness will serve the planet by breaking the energetic bonds that maintain the material of the present paradigm.

Isn't it wonderful to know that everything you thought might be "wrong" with you is now your means to create a pathway to something utterly new? Sound and light are the elements out of which the entire Creation is formed. You bring light into the planet and you emit sound to shatter the container that has perpetuated the cycles of third-density existence. You are shattering the "glass ceiling" that has kept the planet and the people on it from advancing to the next level of being. This is a great act of service, and it has required and will continue to require much of you. The greatest act you can do to support this process is to go within, allow everything to move through you, and peacefully surrender to the process as it unfolds. By doing this, you become a "superconductor" for the higher light to enter the planet, and you emit a purer tone to shatter the glass ceiling of the existing paradigm.

There is very little you can do to affect the events that are unfolding now, except to send them love. The chief reason they occur is the lack of sufficient love on the planet. Send your love, deepen your level of acceptance, and surrender to the great force for change that is unfolding now. It is too late in the game to do much else. Join with others of like mind in whatever ways are available to you, so that you can join your sound with theirs. Give comfort and love and support to one another, also, for you have your own wounds to heal, and have need of support from others who understand. It is with great appreciation and reverence for the difficulty of your task that we leave you now, but we shall speak to you again, and soon. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

This Message is one of a series of Messages, available in full and without charge on the Operation Terra Web site ([link]). It is best understood in the context of the prior Messages, and may be freely distributed, as long as no modifications of the text are made and this information is included.

(c) Copyright Sara Lyara Estes, 1999-2001
Web site: [link]
Postal mail address: Lyara c/o Celestial Cooperatives, PO Box 2231, Oroville, WA 98844 (USA)

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Sara Lyara Estes .

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2 Mar 2002 @ 00:15 by mmmark : Glass Ceiling
A bit verbose for my taste and yet I like the way it generalizes general trend and responsibility. Good advice too.  

2 Mar 2002 @ 05:47 by ming : Thanks Max
for the reminder. These kinds of things used to be clear in my focus, but the last couple of years have more been full of mundane, down-to-earth issues. Maybe it is time to regroup.  

4 Mar 2002 @ 00:30 by jazzolog : "outpicturing...those thoughtforms"(sic)
I don't know Max, I like floating around in Andromeda as much as the next guy (especially with any new photos from Hubble) but I'm not sure the rationalization Sara Lyara has come up with here for doing away with humanity's troubles is that different from characterizing one's real challenges as an "evil axis." But if, in any way, it encourages a new poem from you for Maxims, I'm for it!  

5 Mar 2002 @ 14:49 by maxtobin : point of view
Hi Richard, your right in one sense, this is only a point of view and you could look at our-story from any other. However, I would suggest that to 'deal with ones challenges' by the 'Bush' Mechanism of labeling it an evil axis and bashing the shit out of it, is evidence of a rather immature point of view (in my humble opinion). Besides, there are always two sides to a story and there isn't any right or wrong, rather just a relative positioning. There are many who believe that the USA is the 'axis of evil' at this point in history. Personally I feel that the identification with 'ego-separatness'and consequent poverty mentality (need to control an otherwise abundant universe), is something that resonates throughout the planetary cultures and that we are none of us without negative vibrating to support and maintain this 3D entrapment, this is the 'reality' we currently wrestle with together in linear time zone. I am facinated to understand more of our -story and believe that we are seeded from off planet and represent an eternal form. The process of enlightenment or assension (call it what we will 'tis only a label) is the process of re-membering our 4th.5th. 6th etc dimensional potentials. For me the 'channeled' information resonates with inner -tuition. What we attend to or add our energy to is what we support and maintain and this is our judgement/measure of worth, through being that which we are. If I attend to the light and joyous aspects of life and discern the shadows of my own being and lovingly embrace them then I AM growing in accord with my divine DNA (blueprint).Its easier said than done, but is there a more worthy activity in this time/space zone of awakening to the potential and the beauty of our humanity.  

5 Mar 2002 @ 21:17 by ashanti : Ooooh, yes!
Thanks for this. It is at least like a tibetan bowl - the ringing evoking aspects long forgotten. This is a very dense planet, and it is amazingly easy to lose the focus. I live in a country where the majority of the people view America as the current "axis of evil".
You can buy Osama bin Laden T-Shirts at the vendor stalls in the city centre, for example. I will say that my participation in the ncn has enabled me to tell people over here - no, they're not *all* evil. And I repeat that. The polarization of each side seeing the other as Prime Evil, because both sides have immature and irresponsible leaders, is more dangerous. Those who are anti-evolution want to see this polarization, which creates more hate and fear, energies they feed off. Anything to debunk the Demonization of the Other, will help at this point....  

5 Mar 2002 @ 23:49 by jazzolog : Oooh yes again!
This is a nice thread, but of course Kim has a way of brightening any room just by showing up, eh Max? I like the idea that we are seeded from somewhere out there. I believe we are seeded from everywhere out there---and reflect all of time too at once. It seems physicists and astronomers can prove it now as well! The Big Bang is in us. So are black holes?  

5 Mar 2002 @ 23:57 by shawa : I agree with Yashmir
If things can be kept un-polarized we might weather the storm...  

7 Mar 2002 @ 03:20 by maxtobin : Staying calm
In the center of the cyclone is the space of silence and calm (ask Kay of Tornado wrestling fame!!) In the center the poles merge and become something more or less? In sensing self in all self (or eternity), I feel we find the way that leads beyond into the wildness and joy of sacred now. My bliss reminds me that I AM one with all that is and we play on amongst the images of weakness because we KNOW that the dance of life is a joyful freedom song. Thanks to all for the contributions and afirmations of our evolving merging into higher dimensional reality (next dimension might be called REAL, without the disease of fear maintained by the illusion of our seperate longings for union with??) Is that the sound I hear again, is it a buzzy bee or merely the sound of one hand clapping (gently or enthusiasticly or even sarcasticly), I wouldn't know, but me thinks it pre-seeds the sound of breaking glass. Lets break glass (not wind)and see a new planetary reality, those that seek violence are to be pitied they desparatly seek to destroy their distress and anger over the feelings that isolation and separatness create in any being. The mind is both the trap and the method of salvation, ah that paradox again, it is a powerful vehicle when disciplined and under reign by the deeper lighter soul. This little rave is for Richard (we are every where and no where now, or maybe just the fools on the hill sitting perfectly still!!)  

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