Man by the Sea Song - A True Story
picture 16 Dec 2013 @ 22:29
Man by the Sea

A true love story!

Flemming Funch thanks again for helping the two of us meet online in New Civ where I shared our heart song with the man by the sea. It was great to meet you and your family all those years ago (10).

Now a remix of the song is available to the wider community.

Man by the Sea is NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes to preview and purchase.

Sorry I cant get link to go live below (A copy and paste to browser should do it.)

And also on Amplifier in NZ.


Bio of Musos:


A link for Amazon will be posted soon.  Read More

 The Michael Jackson Case; A Conspiracy Revealed
picture 17 Feb 2010 @ 03:35
An article review of a book by Anet Star The Michael Jackson Case, Packaged and published by Max Tobin

To read the Full Article, Visit The Michael Jackson Case at Squidoo and bypass the extract of the article posted here in the log.

To download the Michael Jackson Case Web-book Click on the Book Image to Access Options.

Listen to excerpts of the radio interview with Max Tobin about The Michael Jackson Case. OR save and listen to at your own convenience by downloading: The Full Interview  Read More

picture 12 Feb 2009 @ 22:06
The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius!!

A Rare Astrological Concentration/Event
Jude Currivan, Ph.D.

Background of Fifth Dimension Group:

Watch and listen:
The Fifth Dimension Performs Aquarius Song in Video (1969)

Thank you Jude for sharing this information with us and thanks to the Fifth Dimension, the group who gifted us with the prophetic song about this event 40 years ago.

Our website: Heartstory  Read More

picture picture
picture picture 12 Nov 2008 @ 22:37
13 November Thursday, Mayan Sign IMIX/Alligator-13

Fifth night began 19th of November 2007 and closes 12th of November. Sixth Day begins 13th, November 2008 - Background about: Fifth Night
Enjoy Mayan Articles, Interviews and Audio-Video Resources

Images - Hunab Ku and World Tree and Goddess of Birth - Read about World Tree and why the Mayan Calendar by Carl J Calleman  Read More

picture picture 22 Sep 2008 @ 11:51
Allies of Humanity
By Marshall Vian Summers


The visitors will try and create the impression that they are “the allies of humanity.” They will say they are here to save humanity from itself, that only they can offer the great hope that humanity cannot provide for itself, that only they can establish true order and harmony in the world. But this order and this harmony will be theirs, not yours. And the freedom that they promise will not be yours to enjoy.

There are briefs and free ebooks, free interviews for download, see more at bottom of page. Book 1 Read Free online  Read More

picture 17 Sep 2008 @ 08:05
Online Video


These include his presentation at his Big Brother By-Election Public Meeting
These videos by David Icke will have a dramatic effect on global awareness if enough people take the time and trouble to circulate them far and wide - short of spamming. Please send them to anyone and everyone you know and ask the receivers to do the same and so on.

In a short time through this method of circulation we could have tens of millions of people seeing this information worldwide and make a massive difference to human awareness of what is happening in the world that we daily experience.

Big Brother is terrified of such information circulating, so let's do it as widely as possible all over the world.  Read More

picture 16 Sep 2008 @ 10:25

Interview with Naomi Wolf author of "Give Me Liberty: A Handbook for American Revolutionaries" given October 4, 2008 on Mind Over Matters, KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle.

Interview - Naomi Wolf - Give Me Liberty
Video 29:52 Minutes


It is critical for citizens in America to do something NOW!!!!

Interview Video

This University Series is a MUST SEE: Includes additional essential viewing clips.

Interview with Naomi Wolf author of "The End of America:
Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot.


Naomi Wolf; The End of America: Tipping Point, Now! Pt1 1-12 videos

American Freedom Campaign  Read More

 Boriska Boy from Mars - Indigo Child
picture picture 14 Aug 2008 @ 02:32
The little boy with gigantic lively eyes was about to tell a magnificent story about the Martian civilization, about megalithic cities, their spaceships and flights to various planets, about a wonderful country Lemuria, life of which he knew in details since he happened to descend there from Mars, had friends there…

Articles and Video:

Project Camelot Articles and Video
Pravda Article
To read about Indigo Children see my recent lens at Squidoo!



Heartstory Website

Note: Farout I found another article and link about Boriska, check it out:
Another great article  Read More

picture picture 22 May 2008 @ 08:12
I am proud to announce the re-release of Source Love, the revised edition. I am in the process currently of writing the companion handbook.

This is a very deep and yet simplistic book, one that supports an individual to open their mind, body and heart to the living Presence of Source Love. Source shares the following:

"That which I have to offer you has the capacity to change you from the inside out.

The integrity of my love assists creation to awaken to itself and to awaken to new life. All of life participates within an energetic process as that which is Spirit has taken on form.

As new life opens your circuits to flow life more fully, your being and your body become tuned in and turned on. As you open to access yourself more fully,
you open the windows of perception to see, feel and experience that there is so much more to reality than meets the eye.

You as a unit of consciousness, quicken within your form and you become an alive and open system.

What this means has very important implications for life upon this plane at this auspicious time."

Make sure to download the reader (similar as with a pdf file), and then you can download a copy of Source Love or any other of our ebooks.

NOW ONLY $12.99 US
Claim your copy know more!  Read More

picture picture 22 May 2008 @ 06:24
A letter from Dr. Steven Greer

- Imminent scientific breakthroughs - will eliminate your monthly energy bills (and the world's) FOR LIFE!

Keep reading to learn how YOU can be a part of this exciting opportunity!)

Steven Greer is certainly one committed individual. I have had the pleasure and privilege to meet and be involved with Steven's CSETI project over 6 years in the states during the early 90's. To know more about this issue see: an Exclusive Interview by Jean-Noel Bassior published in Hustler magazine's November 2005 issue. Then Steven evolved his work to initiate the Disclosure Project. His current Orion project is involved with getting energy technologies out to the public.

You can view a google video that was filmed in 2002 about the initiative entitled: The Disclosure Project, May 19th, 2001, National Press Club

Dr. Steven Greer is tackling some of the most controversial issues; extraterrestrial presence and what the implications are in terms of cultural advancements as well as addressing the hot issue about the production and release of energy technologies which will soon revolutionize our lives. This has been an ongoing aspect of the co-creative reality, the issue of suppression of life enhancing and liberating technologies and resources.

I personally invite you to get involved either through a donation to the Orion Project, or your support in educating others around you. You may even consider becoming more politically involved thru contacting your local representatives and providing them with some of the research about these technologies and letting them know about the Orion Project.


Alana  Read More

picture picture 20 Mar 2008 @ 12:07
Hello All,

I felt that this message really conveys what we have been experiencing and perceiving to be true and being it is articulated so well...felt to pass it along.

Affirming Heaven On Earth!


Heartstory Website
HeartMagic Blog  Read More

 RECONNECT and RE-MEMBER! Relationship Report for November
picture 12 Nov 2007 @ 13:08
Relationship Report for November 2007:

The Key Phrase for this month: RECONNECT and RE-MEMBER!

Hello Everyone,

We have lots to share with you in this issue. Just a quick acknowledgement because it was always a favourite holiday of Alana's. In North America, Thanksgiving is soon to be celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November on the 22nd. There are historical stories tied to this holiday which are based on lies; however many create their own personal meaning for this holiday as they continue to celebrate by sharing a specially prepared banquet as a way of acknowledging what each is most grateful for in their lives. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate the holiday, (Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving in October), and to those who don't, its a wonderful celebration ritual one can choose to create anytime of the year.

We invite you to read about the upcoming Mayan Prophecy Elders meeting
and the Fifth Hoop by Larry Merculieff.

You may like to view these 2 presentations Awaken and Side with Travis. Turn your speakers up and ENJOY!

Photo Details:

Witnessed in Waterbury, CT, USA
May 26, 1987

Report Summary:

Randy Etting, a resident of Newtown, was taking a walk outside his home. A commercial airline pilot with over 30 years experience, he always looked at the sky, He saw a number of orange and red lights approaching from the west. He got his binoculars and called his neighbors to come outside. The object by this time was a great deal closer and seemed to be over I-84, just east of Etting's home. The lights were shimmering like distortion from engine heat, but he could hear no sound.

As the UFO passed over I-84, cars in both the east and west bound lanes began pulling over and stopping. The UFO displayed a semi-circular pattern of very bright multicolored lights. Five motorists reported that, as the object became visible, a number of cars lost power and had to pull off the highway. A State Police officer [who wishes to remain anonymous] sent to investigate photographed the object.

Dr. Bruce Maccabee... [analysed the photo]. His findings indicate the object was huge, perhaps over a thousand feet across, and that the lights showed a definite pattern. He also indicated the lights seemed to have been flashing very quickly in some sort of sequence, giving the impression that some were out of focus while others were sharp. Photo from UFO Evidence Site  Read More

 Mayan Elders Gathering 26-27 November, 2007
picture picture 5 Nov 2007 @ 01:05

Mayan Prophecy - Elders Gathering 26-27 November, 2007  Read More

 THE 5TH HOOP, Message from Brother Larry Merculieff
picture picture 24 Oct 2007 @ 02:28
(Also see Mayan Calendar)

Hello Everyone,

It was just three days ago that my husband Max and I were given a message from the Earth about the upcoming shifts for the next cycle and a couple days later we received this message from a friend within our community confirming what we had been told.

This wisdom as expressed as the 5th Hoop is also referred to as the Fifth Night within the Mayan Calendar, for more information see the previous article within this log about the upcoming Fifth Night. We encourage you to read this very important message from our brother Larry.

Heart Blessings,

Alana & Max

Heartstory Website  Read More

 Mayan Calendar Shift into the FIFTH NIGHT in November!
picture 10 Oct 2007 @ 07:11
Note: We discontinued the Relationship Report in June 2008.

Welcome to the Relation-Ship Report!
October 2007 Issue #36

Image is of Carl and Ian in Cancun.

Carl Calleman was born in Stockholm, Sweden at noon (May 15, 1950, Mayan Sign 5 Jaguar) and Ian Xel Lungold (January 26, 1949 - November 16, 2005) Mayan sign 12-Sun-Ahau, worked together for many years deciphering and interpreting the Mayan Calendar. Ian passed away 16th November 2005.

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 Elders Mtg/March, Reuniting Eagle & Condor/ PLUS RECENT UPDATE!
picture 15 Feb 2007 @ 10:22
We were told last November from an Elder (2nd paragraph under first message), who communicated to us on the inner planes, that a meeting was being planned that would be announced in February/March. The enclosed article is announcing that meeting of the Elders in Peru.

This date is very important, and we are asked to organize meetings in synchronization with the Elders meeting. Please read the article below.

Loving Heart Blessings,

Alana and Max
Heartstory  Read More

picture 15 Feb 2007 @ 06:47
Hello All,

Enclosed please find an important, TIME SENSITIVE message received today in support of the community. To directly access the page below online.


Alana  Read More

picture 5 Dec 2006 @ 13:36
In response to Heidi’s October posting…at her personal (b)log, one so timely for me to come upon tonight…What I've been thinking Heidi inspired me to share....the following. And at first I hadn't seen that she in fact did the same...instead of replying to another post, like me, Heidi wrote her piece in her log. I started to make a comment and it grew into a movement…fit for this space. Thank you for being here Heidi in this virtual NCN place!!

Photo Image: taken at Mum's garden just over a week ago...the lovely leaves catch the tears of caress them ever so gently.  Read More

 Beached Whales in New Zealand, Tied to Earth Activity & Message
picture picture 3 Dec 2006 @ 09:56
Hello Everyone,

I found this today, and it is interesting because this beaching of whales occured the day prior to my receiving the message from Tanewa...11th Nov...when told in five days there would be the earth event (Tsunami Potential) which was tied to the Kuril Japan Earthquake while at dinner that evening in Devonport. See Post: Profound Earth Movement at this time

The sea was active then for sure...and I believe that activity is tied to what led the whales to beach...that day.



Our Website: Heartstory  Read More

 Pacific Rim of Fire Very Active at this time!
picture 1 Dec 2006 @ 13:41

Our Website: Heartstory  Read More

 Follow-up Tsunami...Earth Changes
picture 23 Nov 2006 @ 22:40
Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I was out on the Earth listening, and actually lying down because of a tremendous pressure I felt in my body....I told Max something is building energetically at this time because I had been feeling a tremendous pressure in my back...which had come on so suddenly for me....I sense activity through various body symptoms as well as telepathic I went to Pt. Chev to open to receive a healing from the Mother, to release the pressure I was feeling, and was told that the Tsunami that I was told about in advance was slowed down significantly with the support of specific groups who went out to the mother to assist...those who listened and were called by ones on the inner levels....who support humans and the earth to move in more conscious and harmonious ways....therefore I know in my heart that this activity was decreased in its impact. See Post: Profound Earth Movement at this time

Our Website: Heartstory  Read More

picture 16 Nov 2006 @ 20:14
Hello Everyone,

I felt inspired to write and share the following article here today...

Image 'Dance the Dream Awake' by Alana Tobin,
(An original photo of a dancer - transformed)
In celebration of the Awakening in the dance of life...  Read More

 Profound Earth Movement at this time
picture 16 Nov 2006 @ 09:28
Hello Everyone,

I had a vision five days ago as well as contact from various beings about the possibility of Tsunami activity/quakes that had the potential to impact NZ. I had contacted the Hawaii reporting centre, the one here and certain groups about this information…The activity came to pass on the day, today; however it is yet to be determined if a significant wave will reach NZ shores. See original post: Follow-up Tsunami...Earth Changes

A related article about Beached Whales the day prior to receiving this message. Beached Whales

Heartstory Website

Image, Mother Nature: Artist Robert Donaghey  Read More

 The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis
picture 10 Nov 2006 @ 07:49
Paul Levy has written a new book and it looks as though it is really brilliant given this excerpt of pages in pdf file below.

This guy is so funny and articulate, he has got it nailed down to a BIG T! It looks as though he has studied POP (Process Oriented Psychology with Arnold Mindell), I see Arnold's comment on Paul's website and he utilizes many of the same terms and ways of perceiving life. I studied some of that system and its very powerful indeed.

To read the entire article see the link below. You may also download the 8 pg pdf: Articles by Paul Levy  Read More

 Bush Purchased nearly 100,000 acres of Land in Paraguay!
picture 10 Nov 2006 @ 07:16
President Bush is said to have purchased nearly 100,000 acres of ranch property in Paraguay -- one of the few countries in the world which has promised not to prosecute American troops or officials on War Crimes charges!  Read More

picture 2 Nov 2006 @ 09:10
Gosh and I thought her last newsletter was powerful! This is rich!

I wrote Caroline about her last newsletter, and I know that my words had an impact - I can feel it in the words she shares this round...the truth ever more powerful than previously. I feel her words fortifying me in terms of a deepening trust in the power of love as it expresses more potently through certain of my brothers and sisters in support of more light present to meet the dark night that is intensifying, especially in America. Wow! Goon on ya mate!


Heart Blessings,


Website Heartstory  Read More

 Mercury Goes Retrograde - Powerful Time!
picture 2 Nov 2006 @ 08:52
Mercury Retrograde by Astrologer Elizabeth Jones

Hi Everyone,

I came across this wonderful Astrologer today and am very pleased because I experience her intuition and astrological knowledge to be very in tune with Source wisdom. Her updates look to be very informing, nourishing and supportive! Enjoy!


Alana  Read More

 From Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo
picture picture 28 Oct 2006 @ 02:28
To have a blind eye, a deaf ear, or a closed mind and heart to what is being perpetrated surely will bring more severe consequences just as happens in an abusive closed family system. I am grateful for the courage and fortitude of those who spoke up in this film and I thank Aaron Russo and Mike Ruppert to assist the whole to confront the lies in service to the truth in support of freedom for us all!

This is an important film for America and the world!

From Freedom to Fascism

Interview with Russo about Movie

Aaron's Blog

You want affidavits, proof of the the research
Get the Facts Here  Read More

 Thoughts in Turmoil and Tranquility: (Silence in America) by Caroline Myss
picture 10 Oct 2006 @ 11:26
I was very moved by this newsletter message from Caroline, and
I felt it important to share her message here. I also wrote to her this evening sharing my thoughts, feelings and many important links as they relate to many of her points. I may choose to share that response at a later time here in NCN.


Magical Melody (aka Alana)

Photo: Picture Credit “Kathy Wagenknecht”
Caroline in Ireland Aug. 2006  Read More

picture picture 25 Sep 2006 @ 12:09

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