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The Grand Quintile is a rare aspect that always presages powerfully significant changes in the human condition. This unusual aspect, first delineated by Johannes Kepler, is a division of the 360 degree circumference of the zodiac by 5, producing a five-pointed star (or pentagram—the mark of Venus). Two Grand Quintiles occur in October 2004, the first on October 1 and the second on October 28, in close conjunction with a lunar eclipse. Thus the Solar Eclipse occurs at the mid-point of two Grand Quintiles, a rare occurrence indeed. Malvin Artley discusses the meaning of these remarkable cosmic events.

Malvin Artley has been a practising astrologer for more than a decade. He is an accredited member of the American Federation of Astrologers.

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Please see the three part article which is quite extensive and lengthy in its entirety, as I have taken but the most focused information in excerpts (4 sections) to help give you an idea of what to expect with the cosmic event in October.

The article is rich with historical references as Malvin brings together examples of quintiles of the past and how they have helped to auger in significant breakthroughs in consciousness. He has gone on to list subsequent scientific discoveries and has provided us with examples of famous people throughout history who have had a quintile in their birth chart, showing us how they have in some way impacted our collective evolution.

The morning of the 28th of October, at 4:07 am, BST, a Total Lunar Eclipse will occur, in Taurus/Scorpio as was the case with the Concordance Eclipse, only some 17 hours before the onset of the second Grand Quintile. Also there is a Partial Solar Eclipse (the line of which crosses over North Korea, BTW) on October 14th, the mid point date between the two GQs. So we have quite a spectacular set of astrological events in store for us this October.


Magical Melody


Matter and Energy:

Einstein gave us Relativity theory and the proof that matter and energy are one. The basis of that is the simplest of equations: E=mc squared. Mozart gave us some of the most divine and perfect music the world has heard. Yet, music is numbers in motion, for all vibration has a periodicity and cyclical nature that is described by numbers. It is the same with all shapes and colours. And, it is the same with the human voice and all forms. All art and science has its basis in mathematics, as does all symbolic language. And, quintiles allow us to access those symbols and ultimately the mathematics behind them, though we may not (and most often do not) recognize that a symbol is, after all, God geometrizing. There are many who would feel offence at art and science being lumped together and that art could be reduced to numbers, but our art is more and more digitalized every day. There is actually no separation between art and science. Mathematics is as exquisite an expression of the divine as the greatest painting, music or poetry. We only make it different in our own minds.

Quintiles bring us newness and greater connectedness with God. They show us the way to a better understanding of the universe and of the beauty of creation. By putting us in touch with the greater Archetypes we are empowered to be more than we were and to stand apart from the status quo and show our uniqueness as human beings. But we can only do this if we have even only a tenuous link with the higher Self. If a person has quintiles in his or her chart, then such a connection, if existent, becomes a channel for the voice of the Soul to pour forth into the lives of all around them. Having quintiles in a chart is no guarantee of such a connection, however. True genius is only ever of the Soul, but a fuller measure of contact with the Soul usually only comes at a cost to the persona, for the persona most often resists anything new, as it is the status quo within our own energy fields.

Our Dreams Become Reality

All this brings us to a very important consideration of what quintiles actually mean before we move into a consideration of the Grand Quintiles. The phrases: “Yesterday's science fiction is today's science fact.” and “God geometrizes.” may seem to be unrelated, but they do, in fact, say a lot about how quintiles operate and what the true nature of science and mind really is. I have spoken many times about how outer life is but a symbolic expression of inner realities in the life of the Soul. It is the nature of the human mind to enquire and to aspire to greater things. Restless beings, are we, and our lot in life is divine discontent. No matter how much we know there is always something else that would make our lives better and more manageable, and it is this very dynamic that has given rise to science. Every time we pierce through the veils of ignorance and illusion we wrest another piece of God's puzzle from the Grand Design and make it our own. We thus come a little closer to understanding the Mind of God in our own way.

That which we have dreamt for ourselves and our ken becomes reality for all when we know how to manifest them. The symbolism of the divine becomes “cold, hard fact”. It will come as no surprise, then, that science is but occultism made everyday reality and concrete to the average person. Our dreams (science fiction) become reality (science fact). And, guess what—the basis of all science is mathematics, and numbers are one of the ultimate sets of symbols for us.

The Grand Quintile:

With that, let us move on to a consideration of the Grand Quintiles to come. Both of them last for roughly 6 hours. The first one begins at 6:45 PM ACST (9:15 AM GMT 30 Sept.) on 1 Oct 2004. It reaches its peak at app. 9:30 PM ACST (noon GMT) and finally ends at 1:20 AM ACST (3:50 PM GMT), depending upon the orb used. The 2nd one begins at 2:30 AM ACST on 29 Oct 2004 (5:00 PM 28 Oct GMT), peaks at around 5:30 AM (8:00 PM GMT) and ends at 11:00 AM ACST (1:30 AM GMT 29 Oct).

As with any of the more complex alignments in the heavens, there is a key aspect that configures the entire alignment and sets the key measure for it. In the case of these two alignments that aspect is a quintile between Uranus and Pluto, both of which form the base of what we would call a 10th harmonic yod with Saturn as the apex planet. This yod has been in effect since September 3rd. Saturn has been biquintile to Pluto since the 23rd of August. What will be of interest here is that fact that these planets—Saturn/Uranus/Pluto—are the three planets that develop and confer will upon humanity, and they do so through invoking crisis and struggle in a person's life so that the will must be used to bring about resolution. We could say that we learn to be resolute through these planets. Uranus and Pluto are the two planets that govern the path of occultism, and in this yod we see a very potent and powerful symbol for the creative release of karma, the establishment of a new order along more humanistic lines, the ability to set new paradigms for leadership and a new social order in place, the genius of manipulation of forces for right or materialistic ends, the compulsion to find new ways of releasing old patterns, the impulse to consciously work with the forces of evolution for the betterment of humanity and the ability and necessity for the old to bring surprising and revelatory spiritual impulses to the mass of humanity.

The First Alignment

Returning to the 2004 alignments, in the first one we see a particularly mystical/mental bias. There are no hard, driving aspects that tend toward materialization, such as squares or oppositions to Saturn, Uranus or Pluto. I would call this first one a preparatory alignment. It will set the imagination on fire. It will bring about internal struggle through the emotional conflicts it will no doubt engender. People will have dreams of a better life. It will, in the end, cause people to make certain decisions about their lives, since the Sun is in Libra. The releasing planets (Venus, Neptune and Chiron to a degree) point to the dynamic of self-forgetfulness and self-sacrifice as a catalyst for change in one's life.

They emphasize the need for a more creative service to our fellow traveller. The conjunction of Sun/Mercury/Mars/Jupiter will create a veritable foment of ideas and the forcing of choice, and perhaps because of it, since it occurs in Libra. Venus and Chiron are biquintile each other, and that points to an awareness of the creative techniques within relationships, especially close ones. Chiron is tredecile Mars and Jupiter. The tredecile has been called an aspect of creative introversion by Dane Rudhyar. It is an opposition minus a quintile and, as such, points to the need for conscious withdrawal in order for originality to become inspired.

It is a very reflective and ponderous aspect and indicates where people can work well alone with their thoughts. With the tredecile just mentioned, all healing and sacrificial modes of working (Chiron) will do best when there is great energy brought to bear in the solution to some quandary. It indicates that insight would come best when, say, exercising alone or in doing moving meditation. Relationship problems might best find their most elegant solutions when one goes for a long walk or even a run, for instance.

Lastly with the first alignment, Venus is in its high Lucifer phase now, so the greatest measure of light will come through the first alignment. Dispensation comes most clearly through the Lucifer phase. And, with the opposition to Uranus, it will come in sudden flashes of insight and maybe as a result of emotional shocks. Venus will have already started its slow decline toward the Sun by that time, but it is still near its highest angle away from the Sun. Therefore, this alignment will act more like a herald than the second one. The choices made in the first one will find application through the second one.

A Particular Magic

The alignment of 1618 was particularly powerful and productive of results. It lasted for two full days. It was the time of the golden age of theater in France, England and Spain. It was also a time noted for great literary achievement, and the likes of Francis Bacon, Hobbes, Richelieu, Galileo and Descartes were all living then and producing some of their greatest works. The English language had its strongest stimulus during that time. Shakespeare had passed on just a few years prior. The 30-years War had just started and the Pilgrims landed in America a couple of years later (Yes, Uranus and Pluto were in a 10th harmonic aspect). In science we saw the introduction of the slide rule, the discovery of the circulation of blood, the discovery of sunspots, the discovery of electrical charges, the equal-temperament system of tuning musical instruments, the vernier scale (still used today in precision measurements of sizes), the philosophical basis for the scientific method, the micrometer, the birth of hydrodynamics and the birth of integral calculus (which made modern physics and physical sciences possible).

It also saw the investigation of light-wave interference patterns, the moons of Jupiter, projective geometry, and the introduction of logarithms—which made all modern astrological calculations possible. I could go on and on. It all gets matter-of-fact after a while. Suffice it to say that Grand Quintile carried a particular magic with it, as these two will as well. I am not saying they are the be-all-end-all of mental aspects and alignments. But, if one studies these carefully enough, one will find that certain key discoveries for certain disciplines are made during each of these alignments or as a result of them.

The Second Alignment

The second Grand Quintile on Oct. 28th occurs just after the full moon and eclipse of Scorpio. This will bring a much more powerful urge to manifest what was sensed in the first alignment. But, much can be gleaned through this one as well. The quintile between Uranus and Pluto is extant the entire time, so Light will steadily stream through. The active quintile points in that figure are Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and the Moon. The Sun is a releasing/distributing point in this figure, indicating a very individual expression or release of the gifts coming through the alignment. As well, Neptune, Mercury and Chiron are additional releasing points. Venus conjoins Jupiter here, so the emotional energies will flow much more freely, but Scorpio always has a stinger in it somewhere. I will discuss the energies of each of these full moons in their respective papers.

This alignment will not have the tremendous mental stimulation in it that the first one does, but it will be much more level-headed, which will be needed right before an election, and it will bring through that beloved Scorpio ability to see through people's veneers and to really sense the undercurrents of any situation, much to the consternation of people who have something to hide. Let us hope we all see the issues truly and clearly in the lead up to that time. Interestingly, Mars is unaspected in the 2nd alignment, pointing to difficulty in integrating the physical energy of any circumstance into the psyche. But, at the same time it might act to cool what might otherwise become explosive situations. If Mars is conjoined to angles in the location chart, as it is here at that time, then we might see some very “interesting” things come to pass.

I could write letter after letter on these Grand Quintiles and associated aspects, but time is limited and I really wanted chiefly to give an overview and a taste of things to come. I have given only scant analysis of the alignments themselves. What is important in them is the key measure as outlined in the discussion of the Uranus/Pluto quintile. The rest is icing on the cake, really, so transitory is the remainder of the configurations. As I said, I shall be giving out more information about them in a discussion of the full moon periods associated with each of these, for these alignments go hand-in-hand with those full moons and add quite a profound and unique accent to them. I also hopefully wanted to show the ultimate and immanent practicality of esoteric astrology as it goes toward explaining the meaning behind the more mundane aspects of astrology. Quintiles form a good bridging forum in that regard. So, I will let this rest at that.

In the coming months may our imaginations fly free and may we know ourselves to be limitless and profound beings, co-creators with Nature. May we truly come to realize that the only thing that stands between our wildest dreams and the status quo is the limits that we put on ourselves. This is no time to be small-minded or bound to routine. All routine is but the framework that gives our dreams a base from which to fly. The textbooks of heaven and the archives of the schools of occultism are opened now for those who have the eye to see. And, may we all see our greatest imaginations written in those august volumes, the promise for the generations to come.

The Soul gives rise to the artistry of life in the potency of every focused moment, and as tension gives way to our exquisite focus upon the necessities at hand let us realize that we are liberators, that we are revolutionary in our outlook and that by standing out from the crowd with our fellow traveller we set the examples that those who come after us will follow. I still climb on the trains from my youth, but now I ride them to places far and wide in the realms of my imagination toward the destinations of dreams realized, truths uncovered and loves that beckon me ever-closer to the heart of God. May the secrets we uncover in the coming months make the mundane bloom anew and bless this world with greater Light, Love and Hope.

Many “Eureka!” moments to you all!

21 Sep 2004



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