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 Universal Cities
17 Jul 2012 @ 20:31
Universal Cities

Universal Cites of this planet's new creation civilization are now beginning to be created in the cities of Santa Fe, Boulder, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle area, Portland, Eugene, Ashland, and others.

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 Galactic Energetic Alignment and Energy Transference for 2012
28 Nov 2011 @ 20:14
This information provides a basis for the imminent development of Ascending Civilization throughout this planet.

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14 Nov 2011 @ 22:30

Listen to this message on YouTube

We are the Arcturians!

Dearest Ones,

Today is a great day, the greatest so far since a very long time in timelessness, since Earth has experienced such boundless Joy and Relieve! This will of course have a great and unprecedented impact on your life in a way you could not foresee!

More has happened than we and all your galactic supporters and lovers could have dreamed of!

Beloveds, if you could see the new and splendid Radiance in which Mother Earth is shining now! It is the radiant light of joy, of a new freedom of a new accomplished victory as she shifted her body already into her higher dimension. There is now, with the nearly completed new crystalline grid around her a new template at work, a template which allows for the acceleration of spiritual growth and uplifting of all human beings.

The concentration of light and energy, pouring down on earth and your participation in it today was so strong and powerful that it had great influence on the process of shifting earth into her new position, above the 3th dimension.  More >

 11/11/11 The Second Triple Stargate & The Codes of Renewal
25 Oct 2011 @ 22:42
11/11/11 The Second Triple Stargate & The Codes of Renewal

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

The New Earth Energies October 2011

Beloved family of Light, this is a great moment in the Transformation of Planet Earth and the establishment of the New Earth and the Golden Age of Peace and Love. You have reached the Time Portal, or Stargate, that is called 11/11/11, on the 11th of November 2011. It represents a "Cosmic Moment" of Global Awakening and Unity, and the Moment when the "Light Codes" or "Cosmic Codes" of Renewal are received into the Crystalline grids of the Earth. The Reception of the Codes of Renewal will again accelerate the frequencies of the Earth Hologram, allowing for Reconnection with the Seventh Dimension of Consciousness, as the Planet continues on her Journey into the Divine Heart of Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.

It is indeed a Moment of Joy and Celebration. You are on your way "Home"...both Individually and as a Planetary Civilization. The Great Awakening is under way! Those of you who are ready are stepping into your New Earth Soul Purpose and becoming the Multi-Dimensional wayshowers for Humanity. As Earth settles into the Fifth Dimensional Holographic Matrix of the New Earth, Humanity is learning how to express the Oneness and the Unity Consciousness of Interconnection that is the Essence of the Fifth Dimension. Daily, you are beginning to perceive that you are truly Planetary Citizens, One Family with common problems and issues. And, you are beginning to see that you can only solve these problems by coming together in Peace and Love to create a New Path forward.

Beloved Family of Light, we celebrate with you this Great Moment of Transformation. At the end of 2010 we were overjoyed when the Earth made her "Ascension" leap from the Old Third-dimensional Timeline and into the New Fifth-dimensional Timeline. At that point, all the "End Time" scenarios were rendered invalid as the Earth and all her Living beings aligned with the Reality of Re-Birth and the New Earth. Then, in August of 2011, at the time of the Lion's Gate, you took another Great Step forward as you connected with the Sixth Dimension and the Flows of Abundance and MManifestation that will unlock the New Earth. Those of you who were ready anchored these energies into the "Rose Lines" of the Crystalline grids, those energetic meridians that carry the Cosmic Christ Consciousness from the Divine Heart into the Heart Grid of the Planet.

Now, at the 11/11/11, those of you who are entering into Multi-Dimensional Consciousness as Wayshowers, will anchor the Seventh Dimension, the Consciousness of the Ascended Masters of Light. You will become not only Masters of the Earth Plane reality, but you will integrate also the Spiritual Mastery and Wisdom that will prepare you for your New Roles as Stewards and Guardians of the New Earth and Keepers of the New Earth reality. This connection will mean the "end" of "religion" as an organized means of control, and the recognition finally of Individual Spiritual Connection with the Divine Heart. At the Seventh Dimension of Light, there is a Clear Understanding of the Divine Light in all things and the Joy of celebrating the Divine Light and Heart in Ceremonies of Sacred Communion and Love.

You will also become the Guides and Teachers for those who are just beginning their Journey of Awakening and leaving the third-dimensional matrix for the Higher Awareness of Fifth-dimensional Planetary Mastery. Just as you have worked to master the Skills of this New reality, so you will be called to show others how to become Masters and to Remember Who They Are and to Walk in Empowerment and Love.

The Codes of Renewal
Beloved Ones, as you approach the 11/11/11 you are already beginning to receive the Codes of Renewal. These are Light Codes that will activater and energize the processes of Renewal on the Earth. The "Codes of Renewal" are Cosmic Light Information "packages" or downloads that carry the instructions from the Divine Heart for the Renewal of All Creation at this New Cycle of Cosmic Birthing. The "End" is Over....it is truly the Time of Birthing and Beginning.
The "Codes of Renewal" are activating your Light Body annd your DNA, both to align with the Original Blueprint for Divine Multi-Dimensional Human Life Forms, and to receive New Information for developing the Human Form is new ways. This means that there will be strong "electrical" energies that will be sending electrical "charges" through the Light Body and into the Physical Body, where the physical DNA will also receive the information of Renewal and Regeneration.

The Effect of this New Energy will be to accelerate the Frequency of the Light Body and the Physical Body, making for a Higher and Finer experience of Reality in those who are ready to embrace the new frequecnies and embody them as masters of the New Reality on the New Earth.

In broader terms, the Codes of Renewal will affect every aspect of Life on Earth as the New Fifth Dimensional matrix takes shape and begins to manifest new ways of being that will express the Human Divine capacity for Love, Peace and Abundance. Every aspect of Life will be reconsidered and restructured to align with the New Reality. This process will accelerate as the Codes of renewal are anchored and grounded into the New Earth Grids.

Beloved family of Light, it will be your privilege to receive and anchor this energy so that All on Earth may benefit from the Abundance and Blessings that are pouring down to the Earth since the anchoring of the Sixth Dimension of Consciousness. It is time for All to benefit, and so, the old economic system that created poverty and ecological destructuion is crumbling, and will be replaced by a new way of life that will arise, based on sustainable and ethical principles that will guarantee the very basic Human Rights of food, shelter, clothing and education for everyone, as well as the opportunity to develop and grow according to the Soul Plan of each being.

These changes will evolve out of the anxiety and chaos that you now see around you. Those of you who came to the Earth with Soul Plans that call for New Communities and New Social and Economic systems, will be called now to begin to offer your gifts abd align with your Higher Purpose. The "Codes of Renewal" will activate and accelerate those whose work is to be part of the Renewal and Birth of the New Earth Reality.

Beloved Ones, as the "Codes of Renewal" are streaming inward to the Earth from the Divine Cosmic Heart, it is a good time to consider how you may align yourself more fully with your Soul Purpose and the new incoming energies.

The Rainbow Bridge and the Role of the Indigo/Crystals between 11/11/11 and 12/12/12
There is a Soul Group or Soul Family whose specific Soul Purpose is now undergoing a major Shift. This is the Indigo-Crystal Soul Family. Initially their work was to provide the impetus for the Great Awakening and Transformation of the Planet, by challenging systems and empowering themselves by Remembering their Divine Heritage as Human Angels and activating the DNA Light Codes necessary for the Awakening and Transformation.
Now, however, many of this group are moving forward into new roles that will enable the establishment of the New Earth. The Indigo-Crystal Soul Family are the "Rainbow Bridge" into the New Reality. It is the younger people, primarily those under 40, who will provide the creative energy to propel new ideas to the forefront in technology, economics and social interaction. These new ideas will be the "seeds" that will germinate and take form as a new way of life.

Once this "Rainbow Bridge" of new ideas and concepts has been established, you will "cross over" to a new Multi-dimensional way of life that honors the earth and all who live on her, and war and poverty will become things of the past.

There are many Indigo-Crystal beings, both the young and those who have awakened and made the shift, who are now ready to embrace a New Soul Purpose for the New Earth.

This New Soul Purpose will align fully with the New Earth and by the 12/12/12 Homecoming Celebration in 2012, this Group of Soul Leaders will have seeded the new structures and communities that will take the Earth across the Rainbow bridge and into the Final Triple Stargate of Time gate. This will be the period from 12/12/12 to 21/12/12, a period of 9 days in which the final integrations and alignments with the Cosmic Heart will be achieved, and the earth will be "re-set" for her next Grand Cycle of Evolution into Peace, Harmony and Love.

So, many of you will discover in the next year that your Soul Purpose has changed and been realigned quite radically, as you begin a "new incarnation" in the same physical body. This will mean great changes in the lives of many as you prepare for what we will call the "Final Shift" in this process in 2012. By now, Beloved New Earth Family, you are accustomed to the Flow of Change and you know how to accept and surrender to the destiny of your Soul with Grace and Joy. You can be sure that you are moving to a place of Joy and Happiness within the New Earth Reality.

The Indigo-Rose Stargate 11/11/11
Beloved New Earth Family, in November of 2009, at the first 11/11/11 event, we guided you into the opening of the Cosmic Rose Stargate and the opening of your own Personal "Ascension Stargates". This was the activation of the Crown Chakra, with the Solar, Galactic and Cosmic Centers, allowing you to begin to experience the full connection of Multidimensionalty. Then at the Solstice of 2010 we activated the Soul Star Chakra and the Earth Star Chakra, allowing you to fully ground and integrate these new energies. Each one of you that has allowed this Transformation now has the "connection" chakras to allow the blossoming into Multi-dimensional and Cosmic Reality.
At this second 11/11/11 Stargate, the Earth herself aligns and connects with her Cosmic Destiny. Just as you became the Golden Chalice of Light at the first 11/11/11 Stargate, now the Earth becomes a Chalice of Light and is filled with the Cosmic Christ Energy!

Beloveds, this means that the Ascended Earth has become Sacred and filled with the Christ Light and Divine Unconditional love. It means that those who seek to exploit the Earth and her People will no longer succeed. The Divine Plan will no longer allow this kind of behaviour or support these kinds of actions. Only those who use Free Will to choose Love, Peace and Harmony will flourish in the New Reality. It is indeed Time for the Peace Makers to inherit the Earth!

We Celebrate with you at the 11/11/11!


For those of you who would like to share with Celia Fenn and Archangel Michael at the 11/11/11, we will be in New York City. There will be a free meditation in Central Park, and on the 12th and 13th we will anchor the Light Codes for the Fifth and Sixth diimensions in New York.

For more information please Click Here.

© 2011-12 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the following conditions: You must give the author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author.


 11/11/11 : NEW YORK CITY
20 Oct 2011 @ 21:12
11/11/11 : NEW YORK CITY

The 11/11/11 Portal of 2011 will be one of the most significant moments in the Transformation and Ascension of Planet Earth.
New York City was a key point in the beginning of the Transformation when the events of 9/11 sent shock waves around the World and triggered a massive awakening and realignment.

Now...on the 11/11/11 together with Celia Fenn and Archangel Michael we will anchor the New Light Codes for the Fifth and Sixth Dimensions and welcome the incoming Codes of Renewal that will begin the process of Global Manifestation of the New Earth.

YOU are warmly invited to be present at this Cosmic Moment of Light!

Click here for Details and to Book!
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 Full Moon with Arcturus conjunct Sun and Saturn
12 Oct 2011 @ 22:23
This Full Moon of Libra has Arcturus conjunct both the Sun and Saturn, and is thus a portal for the Ascension Forces of Arcturus and beyond to become established throughout this planetary EarthStar system.

And it is also the beginning of the inflow of the 11-11-11 Planetary Ascension Forces.


Adi Avatar
Universal Citizen
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 11-11-11 ~ Awakening the Hearts of Humanity
1 Oct 2011 @ 20:16
By Estaryia Venus

The 11-11-11 gateway is upon us. Many are speaking about it and many are beginning to feel on an energetic level the deeper awakening that is about to occur.

As we continue to move towards 2012 and beyond, the hearts of humanity are going through an energetic shift from separation to an inner knowing of oneness and a sense of unity consciousness that will raise the vibration of this planet into its next evolution.

This evolution is occurring on a planetary level as well as on human level. The biology of planet Earth and our own human biology is in a transformation. The human DNA has stored within it all the codes and information for this next evolution. Awakening this dormant information is what is happening on planet Earth at this time. With this awakening, new consciousness is being birthed, and with this new consciousness comes a new era, a new way of being that is connected with the environment and with all life.

Much more >> [link]

 Clear Evidence of Advanced Past Civilizations
11 Jul 2011 @ 21:50
Removing the Shadow: The Hidden History of the Human Race

In This Earth-Keeper Newsletter: On Behalf Of www.Earth-Keeper.com

10 Amazing Ancient Artifacts That Can Change Main Stream Belief of 'History'  More >

 Advent of the Ascended Spacelife Avatar
12 Feb 2011 @ 00:34
Apparently this is the Ascended Spacelife Avatar ~

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 Celestial Cities of Light
28 Dec 2010 @ 22:58
There is a Celestial City of Light Ship above the tip of Baja, and another off Ceylon.

These City of Light Ships are 3-4 miles across and float about a mile above the surface.

They are available as a resource for human development and for the creation of advanced civilization throughout this planet.

These Celestial Cities of Light Ships have over 20,000 Celestial Light Beings on each one, and they are able to assist us throughout this entire planet and into space.

They are now beginning to facilitate increasing telepathy between Lightworkers who are serving this planet's evolution.

 Braco Healing
category picture2 Jun 2010 @ 19:59
Braco brings the gaze associated with healing and transformation...

It was long ago prophesied by Braco’s dear friend and mentor, the Serbian healer, Ivica, that Braco would come to the New World when America elected a “dark-skinned president.” Ivica did not live to see this prophecy unfold, but within one month of Hawaiian born President Barak Obama taking office, Braco was invited for the first time to an unlikely conference in Laughlin, Nevada. Here he would meet author Angelika Whitecliff, a woman so utterly moved by his gaze she immediately invited him to the Earth Transformation conference she hosts with her husband, Dr. Michael Salla, in Hawaii.

For fifteen years, hundreds of thousands of people from all over Europe have been streaming to Zagreb, Croatia to experience and be healed by peering into the gaze of a kind and gentle man who goes by the name of Braco (pronounced Braht-zoh).

The healings are unexplainable, yet undeniable. Reams of documentation have been collected over the years recounting the stories of countless souls who have been remarkably transformed simply by standing before Braco’s silent gaze -- and not just physical healings, but emotional, spiritual, mental, and interpersonal healings, too.



 Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations (ISGC)
14 Jul 2009 @ 18:29
About the Study of Galactic Civilizations: The purpose of the Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations (ISGC) is to educate the public about Earth's galactic visitors, their culture, and their influence on humanity. Such influences include the areas of spirituality, religion, science, politics, government, war, and health. The Institute will also raise awareness about the galactic message regarding an increase in human consciousness and potential dimension shift. Education will accomplished through workshops, conferences, lectures, website, newsletters, and press releases.


6 Jun 2008 @ 21:24

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Your Earth is already receiving the Golden Light of the Flame of Ascended Love and Compassion, bringing the Codes of Abundance and Peace. Now, in the month of June, there will be powerful opportunities for you as a Collective, to make huge shifts in your Collective Consciousness, and admit even more Light into your Collective Being. This month of June represents the first major opportunity in this year for Collective Shift, the second will be in August of 2008 and the third in October of 2008. We will explain these other dates at a later time, for now we will focus on the energies of the Venus/Sun transit in the first two weeks of June.

This present Venus transit is linked to the previous transit four years ago in 2004, and represents the exact mid point of an 8 year Venus cycle that began in 2004 and ends in 2012. The Venus/Sun transit in 2004 marked the beginning of a powerful surge of awakening and transformation on the Planet, and allowed for many of you to begin your journey into Higher Consciousness.

Now, at this midpoint time, you are in the position to make another huge leap of Consciousness.

The Venus Transit in the first weeks of June provides the first Perceptual Shift "Gateway" of 2008. Allow yourself to move gently into this field of Divine Twin Flame love and allow it to expand your Consciousness and awaken your Perception of Higher Love and Beauty on Earth.

MORE [link] click on the link  More >

 We move through this new doorway we call NEW LIFE.
8 Jan 2008 @ 22:15
This message from the last 11:11 is being increasing realized as the new reality ~ It expands on this Attaining Symbiosis and Oneness With All Life [link]

Here's another similar one ~

January 1st : 1:1:1: Welcome to the Fifth Dimension...We are One Family, One People, One Planet : OK, so we have spent most of the last cycle working with the Fifth-dimensional energies, and some days we do well and some days we have slipped back into old Third-dimensional patterns. But, from this day, the 1:1:1, we can be certain that we will really need to work with all the Higher Dimensional living skills that we have developed. From now on, the planet will be evolving within her new Fifth Dimensional Matrix, and we will need to be able to live in harmony with this energy signature!

And this new energy signature requires us to be able to move beyond dualistic belief systems and into a perception of Oneness and Unity. We are One Family and One Planet. If I have to look back at my own life, I would say that the biggest change I have seen has been the movement from a perception of huge distances and separate nations, to a perception of One Planet that is in constant connection and movement. At this point, I suppose I do have an unusual job, but like many people, my working day involves speaking to people all around the world using modern technology. I understand at least six languages, and I can interact with people of many different cultures. I am becoming a New Earth citizen of the Planet.

[link]  More >

 New Creation Civilization SF Bay Area
29 Dec 2007 @ 22:02
Those who would like to join in a group creation of the new Original Living Creation Civilization in the San Fransisco Bay area may e-mail me @ adigaia@yahoo.com.  More >

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