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"I cannot change something until I know what needs to be changed."

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"After only seven hours into the Wholeself Pre-Birth Awakenings workshop I have learned more than I did in seven years of committed, intensive therapy, going two to four times a week. I was determined to change my life but I couldn't. I know I can now!"
Beverly D, Accounting Manager

The Wholeself workshop is modern shamanism. It means you are dealing with the inner being, the other realms, and what we now know about the operation of the mental and emotional bodies in the pragmatic world, the cosmic sphere in a practical applied way."
Dr. Narayan Singh Khalsa, Internationally Acclaimed Psychologist, author and face reader

The Whole-Self process is for people of all walks of life!

"This process...informed me, and validated other approaches I have experienced over the past twenty-five years. I have recommended Whole-Self to others, not because it was full of "WOW" but because it carries a process "HOW". Once we can identify, we can confront, assimilate, discard, and grow. This is part of that life enhancing journey."
Van Welsh, program director, IDAARP, Inter-agency Drug Abuse Recovery Programs

"The work with Maria helped me to release the polio I had at 6 months...which was freezing up my body... Now I am more in my physical body and grounded so I can truly fulfill my purpose in life in an easy manner."
Michael Sun Solomon, Director International Essene Education Network, Inc. (speaking of Wholeself Prebirth Matrix and Wholeself Body Release)

Transform your own patterns to more effectively assist others as you establish new personal patterns of peace and success within your whole self.

"...every healer needs a healer and I found mine with Whole-Self Discovery."
Jean Greer, Astrologer

Break the psychic hold of the past and past traumas and live in the energy of your true essence

Empower yourself to break old victim patterns and gain self-esteem

Reveal inner resources for parenting and self-sufficiency. Develop insights to inspire parents and our youth regarding conscious birthing

"Pre-Birth Awakenings enhances our understanding of the importance of Midwifery. It allows me to facilitate women more fully in their own growth It was valuable for me to gain a real understanding of what conception and birthing mean for us, I knew intuitively, but to have it verbalized so dramatically for myself was and is terribly exciting."
Abby Odam, Midwife and Parenting Counselor

Educators and Healing Practitioners: Realize and deepen your passion to teaching
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E-mail us at matrix22info@gmail.com
Whole-Self International Institute offers a variety of workshops for individuals and groups as well as facilitator trainings worldwide.

The Whole-Self PreBirth Analysis Matrix (aka PAM) is the foundation for this transformational work and acknowledged by the International Society for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine.

Maria Lee established Whole-Self International Institute in the United States to offer dynamic and innovative processes in an organized method that honors the work and supports the ability of every individual to access their own intuitive whole-self in the most effortless way possible. Maria’s studies of the physics of the mind and application of accelerated learning systems along with her own gifts makes her dedicated unique approach to self-healing a powerful combination for your success. The Whole-Self Model has been presented in many countries over the last 30 years with advancements from the 30 years of practical application and research of Maria Lee and the Whole-Self Institute Facilitators.

All Wholeself USA Facilitators are Certified active members of Whole-Self International and add their skills from their extensive knowledge and combined experience. Facilitators are from all walks of life, including the fields of motherhood, birthing professions, educators, psychological, non-profit, entrepreneurial, corporate, private business, physical therapists and financial, management arenas to name a few. In common, all Whole-Self Practitioners have the healer within desiring to expand, to help and support others into a happier prosperous version of their wholeself.

Whole-Self Methodologies are furthered by a strong commitment from Maria Lee and her Facilitator Team to expand the growth of the Whole-Self Institute wisdom to the spiritual, healing, educational and creative arts. The Institute has sponsored projects around the Globe, United States of America (USA), England, Ethiopia, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Germany to name a few.

INVITATION TO TRAINING PROGRAM: Be committed to excellence and transformation by becoming a Whole-Self Practitioner! Apply the Whole-Self principles in your individual life and strengthen your practice. E-mail us for training information: matrix22info@gmail.com