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"I cannot change something until I know what needs to be changed."

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Wholeself Transformation offerings!

Accelerating and Integrating the Power of the Heart and Mind

Awakening Matrix known also as Prebirth Awakenings or Matrix-22 is the Central Jewel of Whole-Self Methodologies available in private sessions in person or telephone

Two or three day events or sessions

This Whole-Self Discovery process is a powerful, loving, and efficient vehicle for personal transformation. It is a gentle, non-emotive, non-hypnotic process using the nine months of our gestation and other important critical moments compared to a metaphor for our life and revealing a blueprint for our life journey.

No matter who you are you will gain a clearer understanding of yourself deep from within your soul memory. Leave knowing your gifts, what you truly believe about yourself and with the tools to make clear and empowering life choices. You will understand that most important Being in your life. YOU!

See clearly why you do what you do, choices you’ve made, your gifts and strengths and the path you take on your way towards or away from your successes in life. You are at a crossroad of choice then to change the beliefs you would like to transform and we do that together. You are not alone. These beliefs which are no longer servicing your life can now safely be let go gently. Now you can decide to enhance your life into a path of love and strength. Thirty day support as you may require is available.

Many people, who have been in other therapies for many years with no major shifts, often have deep release. The breakthroughs last because they affect and shift us on a deep and profound core level.

"Your process is an intense exploration of deeply buried psychological/emotional material that has great merit... It was a pleasure to experience the caring, intelligence and sensitivity on all levels."
Ed Elkin, Gestalt Therapist

One Day or Mini 3-Hour Events

Whole-Self International Institute Staff

When we stand in the face of Truth, something inexplicable responds in the core of our being. We experience living in the Universal Heart, changing our lives forever ~

Pre-birth Awakenings Review & Follow-up Sessions

Powerful! Ready to go to the next level of your evolution? Go deeper into your wholeself with your newfound tools of balancing polarities that have blocked your life. Deepen self-knowledge from your new perspective gained in completing the Pre-birth Awakening workshop/Matrix-22. Go deeper in a private session or with other seekers of self-awareness! Explore your psyche, your essence further using your newfound learning along with fellow whole-self participants or privately. Let’s focus on you!

One issue or full review. 1-4 hrs. up to you and we’re here to help you figure it out.

Past Life or Parallel life Echoes

Transforms our helplessness into release and self-understanding. This gentle process brings our diminished self-images into loving allowance for ourselves and others. In a short time you will go within in a conscious way and realize universal wisdom is available in a conscious way for you. Past Life Echoes stirs our soul as we access parts of our consciousness locked in the closed chambers of forgotten memories, lives and dimensions. Whether you believe in past lives or not, this process draws forth from aspects of your multi-dimensional selves for personal growth and heals your heart from loss, clarify the source of patterns or diminishing repetitive habits, release and understand any fears and phobias and so much more is healed through many dimensions brining you into your present wonderful life. 1-1.5 hours.

"I felt the two incarnations that came to me through your method were enlightening and gave me astonishing insights about my life here today. You saw me through the emotional turmoil with care and understanding. I look forward to attending another of your seminars in the near future."
Gail Kimberly, Novelist

Grief Loss Bereavement and Completion

Opens my heart to the sacred space of my own inner being to help heal unresolved patterns around any kind of death, ending, separation or betrayal. Gentle, quick, and especially compassionate process for any life transition. Whether the passage was in the far away past, the recent past, or is impending, the blessed healing is available today.

When is this process needed? Let me count the ways and there are so many. A loss such as divorce or a breakup can affect your ability to commit or trust love in the future due to pain or anger or betrayal or death. Struggling with a child or family member in crisis, endings of deep friendships, partnerships of love or partnerships of business, an event that has affected us deeply can be addressed and healed. Loss of a beloved pet or anyone agonizing at death’s door, long illness or loss of the mind as we have today: Dementia Alzheimer for example where our loved ones barely know us or not at all is a kind of death of that person or persons now lost to us. These issues and pain, sadness anger guilt can be resolved today so you are free in your heart and soul. from 1-2 hours.

"I released the pain and grief of my mother's death that I had been experiencing for the past 37 years as a result of only two days, The Whole-Self work brought me to a level of understanding and healing that had been unavailable until I did this work. Every healer needs a healer and I found mine with Whole-Self Institute."
Jean Greer, Astrologer

Release and Integration

Supports gentle yet powerful release of conscious and non-conscious painful or forgotten memories stored in my physical body from birth until now. Breaks the bond of pain that keeps me connected to living my life in a trance. Integrates my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Clears my self-perceptions and aligns my reality into truth. (call for more information for experiencing this work.)

Money Works and Time Transcendence

A Leadership Awareness One-Day Event

You are not in charge! Find out who is and why you’re not!
Discover, access and come to agreement with your negotiator decision maker

"Only three weeks after taking Maria’s MoneyWorks workshop, I am moving forward on a business opportunity I probably would have passed up thinking I wasn't up to it. Now that I have cleared away the mental blocks, I am moving forward. I didn't realize how easy it actually is to make a leap forward financially."
Bobbi Roberts, Make-up Artist

Morning Session- 9am to 11:45am

Money Works

is a playful, interactive, self-revealing and dynamic path to self-discovery about our non-conscious money and prosperity beliefs. Create a new foundation to build prosperity for ourselves and others. Find out how to integrate your money beliefs and spirit and money in attunement with wealth and prosperity. Clear the path towards success via self-understanding.

Afternoon Session - 1pm to 4:30pm

Time Transcendence

An active, fun and productive process to create an effortless path to our personal aspirations and goals. Reach from the heart and soul's intention. Extend into the unknowable for your desires and dreams, your aspirations into the place of creation manifestation of your life. Break through barriers of conditioned responses in just a few hours and establish a shift in consciousness about what you are capable of achieving right now. For 15 to 200 participants.

"I accelerated the time frame of my professional and personal growth by accepting my present value and not waiting for a future value, which I believe I had to achieve in order to move to the next level."
Tom Olsen, Film Editor

A real experience of your personal power in action! It’s all an energy Universe!

Money Works and Time Transcendence are used together and were created initially by Maria Lee for small business owners. As an entrepreneur herself, from a lineage of an entrepreneurial family, Maria understands the challenges of ‘going for it’ and for some, often working alone for your dream against conventional advice. Maria found a short-cut… Soon she was being sought after and has been helping family groups corporations npo’s ngo’s network marketing teams sales teams spiritual groups church and fund raisers who are ready to do what it takes, stay in integrity and get it done.