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"I cannot change something until I know what needs to be changed."

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What People Are Saying About Whole-Self

"The Whole-Self work, more than any other work I've done for inner growth gave me immediate results in terms of tangible application..."
Klara Irene Miracle, Actress/Designer

"Since your seminar, I have felt better, been more focused, have been better able to deal with issues and problems in my life and in my business in general. I have enjoyed new freedom. I heartily recommend your program and encourage all to take it for all their personal development."
John Vivian, Entrepreneur

"I released the pain and grief of my mother's death that I had been experiencing for the past 37 years as a result of only two days . . . The Whole-Self work brought me to a level of understanding and healing that had been unavailable until I did this work. Every healer needs a healer and I found mine with Whole-Self Institute."
Jean Greer, Astrologer

“The Whole-Self intensive is one of the most valuable self-transformational experiences I've encountered in my 46 years. It is giving me instant and tangible positive changes away from lurid patterns that enslaved my life.”
Merris Yeomans, MA, MT

"This process...informed me, and validated other approaches I have experienced over the past twenty-five years. . . I have recommended Whole-Self and Maria Lee to others, not because it was full of "WOW" but because it carries a process "HOW". Once we can identify, we can confront, assimilate, disregard, and grow. This is part of that life enhancing journey."
Van Welsh, Program Director, IDAARP, Inter-Agency Drug Abuse Recovery Programs

"I had no idea this would be so core valuable. What was wonderful was that I empowered myself. . It wasn't done to me."
Martin McGuire, Carpenter

"I was able to see with considerable clarity issues I have intuited for years and have never been able to articulate...I think this matrix of questions is inspired."
Philip Belove, M. A. EdD Psychologist

"The first day of the workshop, I took at total of 4-6 pain killers, and 3 pills for panic attacks. By the second day I had only taken my heart medication plus 2 aspirin . . . Today, (one week later) my body is reacting from the withdrawal, not from the need."
Linda W.


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