KnowMap Contribution August 2001 ( Heiner Benking )

Vol. 1, No. 5:
Spacial versus Spatial: Part I - Setting Common Frames of Reference - Heiner Benking
In this first part, Benking sets the framework for new terminology and new ways of thinking about spacial and spatial maps and spaces.
Spacial versus Spatial: Part II - Spacial Knowledge Maps and Knowledge Models - Heiner Benking
In this second part, Benking presents us with the power and purpose of maps and models beyond our conventional thinking. He challenges us to look with the parallel reality of children to find alternative ways to reach across cultures, languages and perspectives to incorporate panoramic and multi-level views.
Spacial versus Spatial: Part III- Panoramic Thinking and End of This Journey - Heiner Benking
In this third part, Benking covers the concept of panoramic thinking, concludes this series of articles and invites us on a new journey. This also includes Works Cited for all three sections.

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