Los Angeles New Civilization Salon

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Next Salon is on Saturday, March 14th, 1998.

The New Civilization Salon is a gathering that happens almost every month, to help cultivate the new civilization that is emerging amongst us. It is usually an exciting event with many inspiring people, with stimulating interactions and high energy.

Bring food for the potluck. Bring musical instruments, bring art you've created, poems you've written, inventions you've made, or whatever else you feel like sharing.

WHEN: Saturday, March 14th, 6PM-?

WHERE: Jay Levin's house at 20110 Rockport Way in Malibu

DIRECTIONS: Going West on Pacific Coast Highway, past Topanga Canyon Blvd, turn Right on Big Rock Drive. Turn Left at the first street which is Rockport Way. You can park on Big Rock Drive or on Rockport Way. It is on map 629-J-6 in the Thomas Guide. The phone number there is: 310/456-7040.

FORMAT: Potluck dinner, group sharing and dialogue, entertainment

DONATION: Suggested donation is $5, or $10 if you don't bring anything for the potluck

Bring your friends.

RSVP to Flemming Funch at 818/774-1462 or ffunch@newciv.org

E-mail Flemming Funch to be put on the mailing list for announcements.

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Help Needed

I would like to invite any of you who would like to help out on planning and organizing and carrying out the salons to contact me. Turning it into more of a team effort can probably make them even better, and, well, make me a little less stressed. At the salon there are functions like manning the entrance, organizing food, taking pictures, and sometimes there are people without cars who need to be picked up. And a little more pre-planning on what to do at the events and where to hold them might also be fruitful. Contact me at 818/774-1462 or ffunch@newciv.org

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