NCN Members - B

Zen Benefiel: Be The Dream - Life Coach - Information on personal, professional and planetary transformation, youth programs, community building, and sharing experiences.
James Bressem: UCOM - Universal Church Of Man
Tina Burgess: Academy of Exploration International - Alternative School, Private Academy Grades K to 12 in San Diego, CA
Mark Booth: Welcome to Sophism
S Barua: Seek To Know - Self knowledge from Universal Perspective
Barry Bourdon
Rowland Barkley: The Archetype Negotiator - Activation 2013 - Archetype Negotiation Method
Peter Baofu: My books on the coming
Keith Beasley: One Reality - Helping you to really 'know'
Morris Berg: Calamus International University - Distance degrees in holistic subjects
Jeff Belyea: Do you have a goal in mind? - Books, CDs and tapes about achieving goals - especially Natural Enlightenment.
Ron Bergeron: Star City FAME - Video and Audio Production
Sue Blocki-McKenna: Aloha Path Ministries - New Thought Ministry which honors diversity in a spirit of aloha
Michael Benner: The Ageless Wisdom - Non-religious approach to the development of consciousness.
Maolcolum Bascher: Concepts - International Anthology.
Joachim Becker: New Jersey Holistic Health Services - Therapeutic massage, massage classes for couples, partners, and groups, gift certificates, corporate on-site seated chair massage services, meditation labyrinth setup services, corporate and community drumming circles and more.
Carlos Bracamonte: Una Experiencia Virtual de Creatividad - in Spanish
David Bartholomew: The One World Flag- an intl. symbol of diversity
Chad Blevins: Academy for Conservation & Peace - International University on the edge of the Guyanese rainforest (S. America). The central focus of this educational community is sustainability, as it pertains to ecological conservation and social justice. Degrees range from Activism to Green Building.
Gene Bellinger: Enabling a Systems Thinking World - Systems Thinking of Everything
Petar Bavcandziev
Heiner Benking: Sharing Futures and Voices - in embodied / immersive Cognitive Panorama Mindscape
Mike B: The Ark - A New Economic System
Elsina Birach: Creations - Art of a New Age - new age art
Jodell Bumatay: DOLFINA - A Ministry of Lucidity of - DOLFINA is an acronym for Dreaming Of Lucid Freedom IN America
Derek Brownlee: must be funny - the new age will be funny
Don Baldwin: LIVE IN PEACE WITH THE EARTH - The only practical house of the future. Check out this zero carbon footprint house so unique it has a patent
B. Fredia Boggan: - We offer USA residents a free hi-tech mortgage payment service that automatically saves the homeowner thousands and cut loan payoff time using zero out of pocket money.
Jim Bonaparte: SOIL ~ Society of independent Learners - Facebook Forum
Bill Burroughs: The Better Future Institute
Donald Bodwell: High Performance Team - Team building for businesses.
Amanda Butcher: Transformational Learning Community
Lance Brown: My Home Page - Here you can find links to my many web sites, writings, and projects.
Judi Bola: Situs Judi Bola Terbaik di Indonesia - kunjungi situs judi bola online terbaik di Indonesia
Audrey Bond
Arani Bhattacharyay
John Ben: Instant boiling and chilled water dispenser - Boiling Billy applies the Venturi Principle of water pressure. There aren't any moving parts so it's maintenance free. It's our way of harnessing nature's technology. When there aren't any pumps, solenoid valves or electronic taps, there are fewer breakdo
Hannah Bloom: Satellite Informant - Provider of HughesNet satellite Internet services
Tazer Blazer: tazerblazer9966
Brandon B: Starseed411 - Starseed411 is a new age forum for all to come together with love and focus on esoteric topics involving spirituality, metaphysics, and energetic balance, for the sake of ascension through universal consciousness.
Ashrujit Basu: URDHA
Peter Baptiste: My Well of Wealth
Jesse Brogan - Jesse Brogan general website
Angelika Bach
Hilary Bravo: inspiration - an artists inspiration from travel
Roger Briggs: The Civilization Project (under construction) - A forum and a mechanism to bring people together from all over the world so that we can build a new civilization that is positive and sustainable.
Dhane Blue: Sahara Foundation - A registered Nepalese charity involved helping poor children in Kathmandu
Mike Bright: Help From Home - Providing information easy home based volunteer actions that benefit so many worthy causes
Glen Behrend: iblogleft - Personal blog
Paul Benhaim: Zeo International manufacturers of Zeoform - Zeoform is a new eco-friendly biodegradable material
Beth Budesheim: PaintedJourneys - Art and Healing Services
Aysin Bektas: World Brotherhood Union Mevlana Supreme Foundation - The World Brotherhood Union Universal Unification Center Association and the World Brotherhood Union Mevlana Supreme Foundation established in the year 1993, is an establishment serving humanity through THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK setting out from the philosophy
Roger Bolstad: How to enjoy science and philosophy
George Bader
Laura Bradley: iempoweredhealing - alternative therapies and information
Anna Barrett: Way Out Wax - All-natural aromatherapy candles & room sprays. No fragrances, dyes or chemical
Lisa Buckalew: Mystical Modality - Mystical Modality is the product of my exploration of Digital Media as a form of expression and of growth. It is a passage inward with outward reflection. It is a private journey with a universal influence. It is a quest for knowledge and understanding.
David Brandt: Innervisionow - A large variety of topics designed to assist in awakening.
Sandra Burkhart: Sandi's Page - a web site about me and my family
Steven Brier: - G W Bush political satire focusing on death wish is revealed in powerful images,
Rain Bojangles: Rainbojangles
Sarah Bee: 6 1/2 - the road to enlightenment is not a road at all
Joel Bennett: Organizational Wellness
Sarah Biermann: - Site of Sarah Biermann, Intuitive Counselor
Fusume Berhane
Hans Bongers: Happy Youth Creations - Inspiring youth to step up and make this world a better place.
Brianna Bodhi
Beeohbee Brashears
Phill Beer: Etheric Warriors - The meek will inheret the earth - Don Croft
Paul Brett: The Timingstone Reality - A space of Healing and Attunements
Eric Best: Mariposa Group Community
Michel Bauwens: Peer to Peer and Human Evolution - Basic essay on the emergence of the P2P Ethos
Che Baraka: Che Baraka: African American Visual - general information, reviews, catalog of works
Walter Broner: Steps Toward a Fair Planet - A place similar to the New Civilization Network, with emphasis on small, meaning
Eva Born: hypnoserenity - hypnotherapy specialist
Brian B
Tom Braun: Wisdom Digest - Pomotes the concept: Receive all things with thankfulnes and the booklet: The
Mohan Bajikar: = - =
Dk Beckwith: anonyMoses - Blog of Visionary Politics
Daniel Benhaim: Hemp Plastics - Hemp Plastics
Shawn Becker: THC-Ministry - THC-Ministry Amsterdam Forum
Nancy Barr - everything you 've ever wanted to know about XanGo and Glimpse...
Paul Blaikie: The Positive Revolution - A positive revolution to design and evolve solutions to local and global issues
Catherine Bath: landscapes in oil - oil paintings of peaceful landscapes
Pablo Bley: No Dead Trees
Deb Brown: - Where the interracial/intercultural community connects.
Harry Bateman: Harry Bateman - Personalized CV
Jonathan Borthwick: Find yourself by finding yourself - Semi-humourous spirituality site.
Bridget Bell: Wodstock Candy & Fudge - Fudge and retro candy from Woodstock, NY.
Lonny J Brown: Lonny J. Brown, hhc. Holistic Health - Holistic Health counseling, information, education, resources, plus ENLIGHTENMENT
Massimo Bonamici: artando - the site of an italian artist
Michael Burnett
Colin Brayton: The Hairy Eyeball - Notes on the war on terror and the death of irony from Brooklyn and Brazil
Britt Blaser
Silvia Bomhardt: The new Dreamers - my very personel way to find inner truth and overcome my obstacles
Barbara Bole: Metanexus Institute - advancing the dynamic engagement of religion and science
Jill Butler: EKOTECTURE - benign utility infrastructures, art, yoga, integrated lifestyle
Maurice Brown: Antigravity UFO Type Propulsion - Personal encounters & tech recall of ufo's
Silke Liria Blumbach: Shqiponja ne Bote - Translations (AL-GE-EN-FR-PT) - Literature - Albania/Kosova
g. Malcolm Brown: seegrip - inention sales
Pat Beatty: Energized Water - Almost any ailment can be helped by using negatively charged water. And it's free!
Crystal Burgess: Whitefeather Gallery - A combination of my artwork and about me and my spritual views which are based u
Michael Baroff: Inner Work of Work - Business Consulting / Training / Coaching
Warren Bezuidenhout: Globalsnowball - teaching people how to run virtual businesses & communicate over the Internet
Constance Boisvert: World Citizens' Concerns - Informative
George Boyiadjis
Cathy Barton: Real Estate Broker - Real Estate Sales
Dale Bock - solutions for sustainable communities
Them Buzz: Tetrica - An online meeting ground for thinkers, scientists, artists, writers and other, all enagaged in the big push towards the next stage of human social and cultural development.
Linda Blumenthal: Intuitive Counselor Spiritual Healer - Professional, clairvoyant, clairaudient counselor, healer and teacher, spiritually gifted since childhood and with over 25 years of counseling and healing experience. I offer psychospiritual insight, clarity, guidance and healing in all areas of life.
Heather Bush
Kay Barner: Japanese Temple Reiki - Expanding on what is known about Reiki through what was revealed to me and passing this on to others as well as recording the info so it is not lost.
Eric Booth: Salt Spring Dollars - $$'s are the first local currency backed 100%+ by a national currency
Hiro Bachani: computers - marketing computers in the uae and the middle east
Nora Burmeister
Diane Block
Rosie Beers: 4coaching - Create the Life You Want - Coaching and community for Cultural Creatives and others who value authenticity, sustainability, spirituality, life-long learning, fun and adventure.
Marie Baran: Anicent Art Of Numerology - Numerology readings for soul purpose and life path
shanman burke
michael baudinne: chill@will space - ncn community
Daniel J. Benor: Healing Research - Spiritual healing research, clinical applications
Jan Bongers: De Spirituele Krant - Bimonthly Dutch magazine about peace and spirituality
Prabhat Bharat: You Help India - Help create and propagate mass movement for literacy and education
George Elfie Ballis
James Bevacqua: New Age Teacher - takes a slightly diferent look at history and current events
Joshua Bengal
J. John Bloch: Advanced Ideals for Mankind - Dedicated to bringing about a global revolution of rationalism.
Olusanya Bey: Rabbit Sun - Personal, Under Construction
Gary Barnes: soji's Spiritual Center
Earl Brown
Denise Beno
Kurt Bantelmann: Cosmosofy - The Internet Universal Religion
Iwan Brioc
Dolly Berthelot - professional writes your life stories or helps you write them
Don and Jo Booker: organics - herbs
Marcio Bezerra
Carol Brouillet: Creating Community Currencies - The difference between money and real wealth
Tisha Boss: The Love Psychic
Krishna Bera: exile books
Harry Blair
Bryon B: Stoner Scouts of America - We want a world filled with peace, freedom, intellegence, wisdom, ideas & hemp!
Deborah Baudoin: Deb's World - A personal home page with writings and links to subjects of interest.
John Bushell
Charles Betterton: Welcome To Ultimate Destinyland! - Resources for personal, spiritual, organizational and community empowerment.
john beeby: Gallery Vehicle - Art By John Beeby
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