1.1 The New Civilization Foundation (NCF) exists to advance the quality of Life in all its manifestations wherever the influence of human beings may extend. Therefore, we encourage, sponsor, and support projects that show outstanding potential to serve that Life. While activities may focus locally or on much grander scale, the Foundation's clear and conscious aim is to serve the common good.

1.2 To achieve this purpose, NCF strives to embrace, embody, and engender these values:
1.2.1 Reverence for all life and celebration of its continuously unfolding miracle.
1.2.2 Commitment to sustainable ecology and accessibility of basic resources.
1.2.3 Recognition of the inherent unity and interdependence of all people.
1.2.4 Commitment to sustainable justice.
1.2.5 Appreciation of our wonderful human and natural diversity.
1.2.6 Respect for the free will of all sentient beings.
1.2.7 Opportunity for full development and positive expression of all human potential.
1.2.8 Respectful, effective communication and a cooperative spirit in all interaction.
1.2.9 Openness to new ideas and fresh approaches, while building on the past.

1.3 We believe such values, exemplified in productive action, expand our possibilities and offer our best hope for a continuously improving New Civilization.

1.4 With full knowledge that only good means create good ends, NCF's mission is to promote peace, prosperity, and well-being for Humanity and All Life affected by it, using whatever peaceful, voluntary, and compassionate means present themselves for that purpose.