2.1 The New Civilization Foundation (NCF) will use its resources to promote and/or fund humanitarian projects, research and development activities, as well as specific business ventures of integrity and viability, and humanitarian projects. The focus is on supporting activities which are viable, sustainable, and capable of benefiting humanity in the long view.

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2.2 The NCF intends to focus its energies and resources in these key areas:

Promoting the consciousness of community-agriculture interconnections. Fostering the development of sustainable farming -- specifically such alternatives as organic methods-- and making sustainable agriculture accessible to local communities.

2.2.2 ARTS & MEDIA
Establishing or supporting environments that enable artistic expression and creativity for all individuals, including self-expression development programs for children. Developing an alternative multimedia communications network, and separately developing an immersive environment entertainment and educational network.

Supporting programs that ensure the human rights and welfare of children, as well as programs that cultivate the creativity and positive development of children in all parts of the world.

Creating an alternative world-wide communication infrastructure that bypasses the existing monopolies and provides electronic communication for communities, humanitarian organizations and disadvantaged regions throughout the world. Supporting programs which facilitate respectful, effective communication and a cooperate spirit in all communications interactions..

Development of an NCF network of focused communities designed to provide centers for the coordination, integration, and support of many of the elements of the different NCF programs. Creating new model communities for balanced sustainable living, including the acquisition of land for development of these communities in all parts of the world, initial funding for community infrastructures such as education, support and communications connections with other communities. Creating "New Civilization pockets" within the present civilization that will be self-sustainable and capable of being independent though not isolated from the infrastructure and community of the surrounding society. Connecting all communities and common solutions via effective communication and resource database networks using state-of-the-art Internet/satellite collaborative technologies, thereby facilitating initiatives to move humanity forward in its cultural and community development, as well as creating personal and collective motivations for the advancement of society.

Supporting projects to secure and regenerate the health and integrity of the ecosystem, particularly in endangered areas -- and in some cases acquiring areas of rain forests or other vital local ecosystems. Development of ecologically sound methods of agriculture, energy production and transportation. Research and Development of projects to reduce or eliminate toxic (nuclear, chemical and biological) waste. Independent environmental impact studies to support corporate responsibility incentives, especially for third world development. Promoting programs and activities to encourage individual responsibilities toward the environment, other species, and the long-term welfare of humanity.

Supporting the development of alternative economic systems such as local time based exchange systems, local and/or non-interest bearing currencies, micro-loans, and other concepts. Encouraging all individuals to take "Vows of Abundance."

Supporting new and existing forms of education that are in alignment with the needs of society, ecology, and humanity in the present and future. Expansion of existing curricula to encompass voluntary access to vital areas of information that are otherwise being neglected. Promoting literacy programs. Fostering worldwide free and easy availability of information -- without censorship or limitation by special interests -- including specifically, providing high quality free education and information over the Internet.

Self-responsibility citizenship projects; neighborhood empowerment cooperative initiatives; food and shelter programs that empower livelihood creation for homeless and other displaced persons. Creating effective programs for helping and empowering people in need. Creating structures that can allow people in need to move towards a sustainable and humane existence.

2.2.10 ENERGY
Research and development of energy sources that are sustainable, inexhaustible, ecologically sound and locally controlled. This would include research, development and implementation of free energy devices, solar and hydro sources, and other alternative forms of energy

2.2.11 HEALTH
Supporting the availability and administration of effective health approaches, including neglected alternative approaches. Supporting modalities that are holistic and natural and that truly seek to alleviate human illnesses. Establishing healing centers in different parts of the world, making natural or energetic healing freely available. Documenting or passing on to younger generations the knowledge of local, indigenous, and demonstrably effective therapies.

2.2.12 HABITAT
Developing less resource intensive building methods. Supporting energy efficient ergonomic projects that produce low-cost housing that can be constructed in short periods of time using ecofriendly building methods and materials. Provide housing and habitat education, comprehensive designs, and dwellings as appropriate.

Supporting experimentation into new models for social order, regulation and ethical conduct. Creating institutions that research and monitor existing or proposed legislation in many regions, and subsequently inform the public about threats to their freedom, health or happiness.

2.2.14 PEACE
Supporting peace projects, events, monuments and publications. Promoting activities which envision peace, unite people, and support the human right to live life in peace. Facilitate programs which find common cause and provide effective conflict resolution.

Supporting programs and activities that promote positive attitudes, personal empowerment, inner motivation, celebration of life, and general well-being. Supporting the dissemination of good news, the availability of personal development tools, and centers of positive motivation and cooperation. Organizing local festivals, world-wide events and media productions that motivate and inspire people to work together and to improve conditions around them. Support programs which improve the quality of dying and provide alternative, healthy perceptions of death for all ages.

Supporting research in alternative areas of science that hold particular promise. In particular science that enables local communities to be self-sustainable, such as advances in free energy production, local agriculture, and alternative health. Supporting R&D incubator labs for low-cost high-impact innovations to be "franchised" into regional, community-based distribution points for life-enhancing technologies.

Research and development of vehicles and transportation methods that aren't dependable on fuel resources that are exhaustible and polluting.

2.3 The Foundation aims to promote a comprehensive and integrated set of services and programs reflecting needs on all levels linking these needs with an integrated delivery system to translate into all levels; professional, business, physical, psychological, social and educational.