7.7.1 Economics is the study of the processes whereby human beings transform and utilize aspects of nature, the results of which we call wealth. Wealth, however, can have many meanings -- e.g. "The only viable social security is your friends." On this basis the New Civilization Foundation incorporates into its many fields of endeavor, alternative views of what constitutes wealth and thereby questions many -- if not all -- economic assumptions. Simultaneously, NCF supports and encourages alternative views of economics and their associated paradigms.

7.7.2 NCF includes within its purview the development of alternative economic systems such as local exchange and bartering systems, local currencies, and micro-loans. Any alternative currencies which might be developed by an NCF project will be required to consider external, existing governments' taxation as a real (and perhaps unavoidable) reality. It is not the goal of NCF to challenge existing economical activities but to promote understanding of economic realities by examining the validity of current assumptions on which economic thinking is based. It aims to offer alternatives and in most cases, side-by-side systems which are not inherently conflicting to demonstrate the viability of these alternatives..

7.7.3 NCF designs of alternative economic systems will be based on real criteria rather than arbitrary opinions or judgments by specially appointed individuals or groups. For the foreseeable future, all NCF sponsored projects and communities will recognize the existing paradigm of "colored currencies" (paper money without such backing as gold and silver), and the need to combine local currencies and external currencies. At the same time, NCF will not support alternative economic systems or new currencies which are interest-bearing or promote distant-management.

7.7.4 NCF will, if chosen by consensus of a community, support economies based purely on sharing and distribution, using no symbolism or measuring of labor or use beyond fair distribution of commonly needed commodies, with external money used only as an interface between the community as a whole and the outside society.

7.7.5 Nature is a Life Source rather than a Human Resource. In the same way a person cannot live through the violent removal of his heart, Nature is externally our common body and we cannot live through it's violent destruction and shortsighted use. Because of Nature's intrinsic value beyond the measurement of any conceptual system, including economics, NCF will seek to buy untouched land in parcels as large as possible all over the world, and place such lands in perpetual trust (unexploited, uninhabited and pristine).

7.7.6 NCF may also support groups who form independent New Civ Monasteries and take Vows of Global Abundance. Such communities would have the goal of watching over the use of the ecology by Humanity, to preserve it's health by publicizing misuse to the global population, and detect and publicize unfair restriction of resources being applied to any segment of the global population for any reason.