7.6.1 The New Civilization Foundation recognizes the profound significance of the environment in all of its many attributes -- from the neighborhood back lot or local section of land to the entire planet and all species within its purview as a complete, connected entity. The NCF is accordingly dedicated to ecologically sound and sustainable solutions in all of its many varied and diverse endeavors. To this end, the NCF will actively support and promulgate the following principles: Seventh Generation Acknowledgement -- In the spirt of those who have lived as part of the land, all decisions which may effect the natural and created environments will consider the effects of such decisions on any future seventh generation. This long-range view will prevail over short term solutions, profit-oriented perspectives, matters of expediency, and other limited vantage points. Humanity is a fundamental aspect of the ecology. Human beings and their interaction with other species is intricately linked within any environment. This does not imply the precedence of one species over another, but instead an attitude of common cause where all species knowingly or unknowingly recognize the contribution of all other species to the common good. "In wilderness is the preservation of the world." Humanity for its own purposes -- as well as in having a profound respect for the habitats of other species -- requires the existance and availability of wilderness in all of its many forms (from deserts to mountains to rainforests to marshes). The adage, "the solution to pollution is dilution", is in and of itself a limited truth. While all human activities may be considered polluting (or more accurately, affecting the environment), the degree to which such pollution occurs can be modified by conscious choice of which activities are pursued, as well as the manner in which they are conducted. Quality of Life is a fundamental consideration in all activities of humanity and other species. Furthermore, such quality of life may depend upon the availability of adequate space (or volume) in order for each species to pursue their own particular form of destiny.

7.6.2 In recognition of these principles, and to foster the aims of the Foundation in pursuing ecologically sound activities, the NCF will pursue the following: Engage in a continuing, rational dialogue regarding the effects of human population on the local and global environments, as well as the voluntary and unforced methods which may be applied to reduce significantly the deleterious effects on the ecology by any unbalanced population of any species. Foster activities which address in a positive way: Alternative industrial and military processes which will enhance the environment instead of degrading it. Providing alternatives to poverty and thus alleviating the necessity of poverty-based choices which might result in environmental degradation. Elimination of survivability belief issues (based upon increasingly outdated economic or protection-style logic) such that individuals have alternatives to concentrated centers of humanity (cities). Solutions and suggested modifications to often ancient, obsolete cultural dynamics based on a lack of future or present resources and which are ultimately deleterious to the environment. Promote solutions to providing material needs to individuals throughout the world in such a manner as to alleviate indirectly the causes of ecological and environmental devastation. Encourage the promulgation of NCF principles and values which can directly or indirectly modify existing paradigms of scarcity, fear, and survivability, and which, therefore, indirectly promotes improvements in the environment, both locally and globally. Advocate the humane treatment of all species of life (including so-called food stocks), the continuation of species currently endangered, and the increasing recognition of the sentient possibilities of other species. Promote restoration and regeneration of Ecological sub-systems and resources which have been degraded. Actively support organic and other forms of ecologically sound agricultural applications, and seek every means possible to stem the flow of enviro-toxic chemical pollutants into the environment from any and all sources, including agricultural. Promote the Earth as a repository of nuturing, unconditional abundance for all species, but with the proviso that, "Itís not nice to fool Mother Nature."