7.2.1 If there is a natural force inside each of us which can save the world by giving us unity, it is creativity. Each individual has the inherent potential to become a creative human being, and in fact such productive creativity aligned with an appreciation of the creative work can be a key to human happiness. According to Erich Fromm; "Happiness is the indication that man has found the answer to the problem of human existence: the productive realization of his potentialities and thus, simultaneously, being one with the world and preserving the integrity of his self."

7.2.2 Conversely, a person who lives without connection to the creative flow inevitably becomes depressed and apathetic towards life. The uncreative individual lives as a consumer of the status quo, never reaching beyond the perimeters of the military/industrial/educational complex, never allowing the mind to open up to new alternatives beyond such things as the capitalist or communist systems, in order to see how to live in real harmony: individually, collectively, or globally. Therefore, the NCF considers it essential for all people to actualize their creative selves.

7.2.3 With this in mind, NCF wishes to foster all the of creative arts for all the people by; establishing or supporting environments that enable artistic expression and creativity supporting self-expression development programs for children supporting outreach projects to communities whom, because of economic, political, or cultural oppression, or a disempowering education have had their innate creative abilities disabled. encouraging global cultural exchange and experimental integration of cultures to create new creative arts whilst respecting and encouraging their wonderful diversity protecting endangered cultures, languages and arts.

7.2.4 The intention of NCF is to reintegrate creativity into the fabric of community so that it is no longer seen as the pursuit of the privileged few or as merely entertainment for some, but as a vital and integrating function of the self and the whole, and an expression of the joy and suffering of being.

7.2.5 The same intention applies equally to NCF's strategy for Media projects. Media, as it has generally been practiced, is centered on the individual as consumer - of products, of ideas, of feelings, of knowledge. It is thus coercive in its application, leaving little space for interaction between recipient and provider. It is created by a remote few, thus restricting creative access from the many who, instead, become passive consumers.

7.2.6 NCF is therefore committed to expanding traditional media conduits to include the creative efforts of the many so that media becomes the medium (the middle) or hub for a creative dialogue of ideas, feelings, knowledge and resources that are accessible to all.. Through technological innovations and the enabling of creativity facilitated by the NCF projects described herein, NCF will create a media that is a planetary conduit for sharing.

7.2.7 The NCF is committed to creating an alternative multimedia communications network, and separately an 'Immersive environment' education and entertainment network.