7.1.1 The NCF recognizes Agriculture as a community activity of humankind since the earliest days of civilization. Community agriculture is perhaps the beating heart of a functional civilization. NCF's Agricultural efforts are designed to promote the reclamation of the heart connection of individuals with their community, as well as the communities with the Land upon which they reside --at the same time fostering the interdependence of the individuals within their local communities. NCF is committed to empowering local communities to ensure that none need go hungry, and that all agricultural practices are ecologically sound.

7.1.2 The NCF endeavors to promote sustainable locally owned and controlled agriculture, placing a high value on bioregional principles and species diversity.

7.1.3 NCF's intention is to support, (through coordinated cooperation with our all of it's special focus strategies, e.g. Ecology, Science and Technology, Education, Community & Culture, Legal Affairs, Science & Technology, etc.), the following actions: Promote family and community Agriculture as primary source of foodstuff. Encourage species diversity Practice BioRegionalism Advocate Cruelty free agricultural practices Utilize organic Agriculture Develop and initiate non-toxic Agriculture alternatives Resist regressive legal initiatives, such as the reclassification of herbs as drugs and Provide education to incorporate all of the above into community awareness.
7.1.4 Seek to assist poor farmers thoroughout the world to gain or regain high yield local genetically adapted crop varieties lost during previous failed international agricultural 'revolutions'.