6.1 The NCF proposed budget is $10 Billion per year. A significant percentage of this is invested in activities that will be viable in themselves or that will return a profit, enabling the foundation to continue and expand its work indefinitely. The foundation will also, when appropriate, invite joint ventures with non-profits, corporations and governments that demonstrably share our aims, either within a specific area or wholly, thereby leveraging the resources at our disposal.

6.2 As far as possible, the foundation's activities will be organized as co-operative ventures. NCF will operate based on a bottom-line of increased quality of life for the most possible people for the longest possible time. Long-term benefits for humanity will always take precedence over any short-term monetary profits. It is, however, fully expected that the activities of the foundation in the long term will prove tremendously profitable in all regards.

6.3 The Foundation's initial endowment is primarily treated as a principal that will be maintained, and only interest and proceeds of these funds is used on a yearly basis. However, care is also taken that the principal is not unduly endangered by the prospects of collapse of traditional financial systems. In other words, the principal might be diversified into holdings that will be preserved regardless of the state of financial markets, such as into holdings of land or other tangible resources, as opposed to only capital holdings in the form of stocks and bonds.