7.31. The NCF acknowledges the significance of childhood - humanity's early phase of vulnerable innocence, when the personal foundation is created which will support an entire lifetime. The NCF recognizes the crucial process that children experience as they are integrated with the larger society and recognizes that, without a voice, without a vote, children are utterly dependent upon adult capability and good will. On the behalf of children everywhere in the world, the NCF will strive to promote their unique full rights, to advance their quality of life, and to uphold their universal sacredness. The future of civilization is made manifest in them, "the new lifeblood of the body, which is community."

7.3.2. As a premise to our activities, we acknowledge the natural bond between the parents and their child, prevailing as parental right, necessary duty, and one of the greatest joys of life. In the case of the progenitor(s) being unavailable (for reasons such as: incarceration, separation, or death), there is an equivalent responsibility for the primary caregiver or guardian, and the local community. We will promote programs that enable our collaboration with parents or guardians of every amenable persuasion and culture, in order to assist and empower their means of supporting the children. We are interested in obtaining a holistic comprehension of the various child-raising traditions for our further research into the human condition. Moreover, we seek to explore new approaches of harmonizing family values with society values, via specific intentional community projects. Our goal is to actualize an improved design for society, which encourages an increase of interaction between generations and is more conscientious of children's needs.

7.3.3 The rights & welfare of children are of concern, particularly those of the youngest age (from birth until adolescence), when they are less able to express their own rights. We acknowledge that these rights are indeed the same rights which adults have accorded for humanity, with the proviso that they are "in dormancy" until activated. The "activation" occurs through normal growth and maturation, although individual timing and sequence varies widely, depending upon culture and other factors. From the beginning, the most important right is for "life itself" (basic survival), relevant to the whole issue of welfare. We will coordinate with existing organizations to develop innovative programs which protect and ensure the adequate care of children, especially those in impoverished regions. Victory over the widespread problem of hunger and starvation will be a major focus. The adequate care consists of 1)the PHYSICAL needs (clean air & water supply; nourishing foods - locally grown, fresh, and organic, cf. ECOLOGY; clothing; shelter; proper hygiene; preventative health practice; proper sewage treatment; and other required systems) and of 2)the EMOTIONAL needs (essentially revolving around the exchange of affection, attention, and LOVE). We envision a safe and nurturing environment to provide subsequent generations with the optimal start to life in the new civilization.

7.3.4. We shall strive to incorporate into children's development the means to impart to them a sense of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through their earliest years into adulthood.

7.3.5. The transference of knowledge has special characteristics whenever children are involved. To a child, learning is synonymous with playing. Modern, institutionalized, competitive schooling has in so many ways denied and forsaken the spontaneous enthusiasm of the teaching/learning celebration. For this reason, we aim to synthesize a child-centered form of education, to be derived from the many progressive methodologies of diverse cultures and traditions. Our educational renewal will strive to maintain a balance between hi-tech and lo-tech systems; one project may be a "junior" New Civ. Internet forum, while another may be a down-to-earth, flower garden. We are committed to sponsoring a global network of activities that stimulate the creativity of children and encourage their positive development as living, thinking individuals. We will search far and wide to assemble a team of educators who are able to distinguish and cultivate the innate talents of genius. Within each child, there is a unique gift that can be discovered through the facilitation of loving guidance.

7.3.6 We are optimistic that the Earth is capable of supporting vast numbers of human inhabitants, within the limits imposed by a healthy global environment. However, we have deduced that the present reality is far from ideal and a strategy of sustainable development is needed. By observation of metropolitan conditions and widespread environmental damage, we infer that population distribution and demographics are interconnected factors of much consequence. Our far-reaching vision for the redesign of society includes plans for ecovillage development and cooperative living arrangements. The construction of our prototypes will provide actual stepping stones on the way to a new civilization, free of detrimental crowding and adverse effect upon Nature. With regards to the birth rate, we recognize that the phenomenon of reproduction is more in the hands (and wombs) of child-bearers, so it exists as a pertinent women's issue. Conversely, we will investigate the extent to which men should be held accountable through biological obligation. We will coordinate with other organizations to educate young adults about the ethical implications and basic responsibilities of bringing a child into the world. The education will comprise the diversity of options, such as: contraception, abstinence, natural rhythm method, non-intercourse sex, focus on self-development, premarital counseling, adoption, even the wise consideration of "waiting". We are committed to alleviating the tragic situation of the millions who are blundering into parenthood without a feasible plan. Our ultimate stance in these matters is to respect individual choices of free will.

7.3.7 From the Wisdom of our collective experience, from the nurturing urge in our Heart of Love, let us serve to create that ideal world, to give unto the next generations, what we would have given unto ourselves when we were children.