7.4.1 The geometric progression and ephemeralization of technology is nowhere seen so dramatically as in the arena of communication. NCF intends to utilize such technology and create an alternative world-wide communication infrastructure (NCNet) that bypasses the existing monopolies and provides electronic communication for communities, humanitarian organizations, and disadvantaged regions throughout the world. While NCF’s goal is realizable using currently available technology, NCF will also endeavor to take advantage of future technological and other innovations in the field. NCNet will be implemented using the most efficient means available within the overall context of the NCF mission. NCF will utilize all areas of interest and expertise in assuring that NCF’s communications efforts empower communication among all who desire it and encroch upon none. This will very specifically include investigation into the possible negative effects of various technological solutions such as the use of electromagnetic radiation and land lines as communications delivery media. NCNet will function both using the Internet and parallel to it, using similiar concepts in inter/ intranetworking. These will link every NCF community and specifically selected other organizations into a defacto communications network, which will be able to deliver data, voice, and eventually realtime videoconferencing from any point directly served by NCNet OR the Internet -- all without incurring financial obligations for ‘long distance’ telephone or other interconnections. Video conferencing is seen as a critical goal in facilitating communications as NCF expands from it's origins into a worldwide organization. It is deemed vitally important that NCF provides a level of interpersonal communication as near to face-to-face fidelity as possible in order to keep unnecessary travel expense and waste of nonrenewable resources to a minimum. NCF may explore means of obtaining bandwidth on commercial satellites until such time as it may, through internal efforts and cooperation with like-minded individuals and groups emplace NCNet communication satellites. Landlines of communication, where available, may be used to connect local users to the nearest ‘point of presence’ Hub of NCNet. Where no local telephone lines are in service, satellite downlinks may be employed to connect a new communication hub within an NCF community or sister organization, which will in turn serve as a point of connectivity to world communications via NCNet. In remote or disadvantaged areas, NCF will offer free communications service via voice lines connected to the NCF hub, including the providing of computer training and Internet accessibility classrooms. NCF will engage in research and development of inexpensive, wireless personal communication devices as deemed suitable, and -- as the technology develops -- will make such devices available to all who desire them.

7.4.2 NCF recognizes that technology merely facilitates communication, and is therefore committed to furthering personal communication via language exchange, translation, education, and removal of barriers to effective communication between all members of humanity.

7.4.3 NCF is strongly committed to respectful, effective communication and a cooperative spirit in all interactions, and will therefore encourage and support programs and educational activities which promote or otherwise facilitate greater understanding and empathy between differing viewpoints, as well as the means of transferring same.