7.11.1 Baseline: Where We Are Health is a topic that crosses all boundaries; and increasingly, influences that may impact on human health may originate in any area of the globe. In the late Twentieth Century, orthodox medicine in the industrialized world is confronting a rise of public interest in 'holistic' medicine, often involving modalities that have long been traditionally utilized by human beings in less industrialized nations. This provides particular opportunity to select from among many cultures those health practices that work. Holistic approaches generally may not be well-suited to emergency needs; allopathic approaches generally may not be well-suited to prevention of disease. Both are therefore needed, in fitting proportion, and applied where appropriate.

7.11.2 Direction: Where We Intend To Go NCF's direction is to work to empower those human beings who find themselves either by necessity or by choice on a course of shouldering reponsibility for their individual health and the enhancement and support of the health of those around them; to provide tools, learning materials, and direct aid and assistance for this endeavor. NCF programs shall include provision for matters pertaining to mental health as well as physical health; shall include provision for those with apparently permanent disability or impairment, as well as for those presumed more readily capable of full return to wholeness and 'normal' living; and shall include provision for those working to overcome substance or behavioral addictions. Compassion shall be the guiding spirit, "First do no harm," the guiding principle.

7.11.3. Strategy: How We Intend To Go There Health and Healing In conjunction with NCF Community, Charity, and Education teams worldwide, NCF will implement Centers, ranging in size from 'village clinics' to 'teaching hospitals', for human beings to avail themselves of the atmosphere and practices conducive to healing. These Centers will include the services of natural medicine practitioners currently outside the mainstream and therefore sometimes difficult to find, as well as the best of technologies and modalities mainstream medicine has to offer, with the express desire and intent of alleviating human suffering and needless loss of human life. The aforementioned centers will fulfill three additional related functions: Staff members will be approachable and accessible for sharing of information about the workings of the human body itself, knowing that health maintenance and prevention of disease depend significantly on the understanding of those workings on the part of the individual. Likewise, staff members will offer education in both natural medicine and conventional modalities wherever appropriate and within bounds of law. And, staff members will actively seek out local practitioners who are the repositories of 'expert wisdom' in their fields of practice, first to honor and to learn from them, second to insure their wisdom is (ideally) handed down to the next generation or is otherwise preserved as the treasure we acknowledge it to be. NCF will establish grants for individuals in need of therapies not reimbursed by insurance or for unusual requirements of disease management situations.

7.11.4 Health Education NCF will work to "rend the veil of obscurity" surrounding health matters. We recognize that stress itself is a non-trivial contributor to illness and to the progression of illness, and that making the mysteries of health comprehensible to the human being whose health it is can reduce stress, and thereby optimize opportunity of full recovery and restoration to wholeness. In conjunction with NCF Education efforts, we will work to introduce small, meaningful additions or changes of perspective in school course offerings, intended to provide both information and tools that work to supply a means for human beings to be responsible for their own health. Similar efforts would be applied to benefit the adult population, in conjunction with NCF Arts & Media teams.

7.11.5 Health Research NCF will work to identify, validate, and make known previously discovered approaches and previously devised techniques that show potential to save human lives and alleviate human suffering, right now. NCF will work to resolve "on hold" questions of research, knowing we are likely in this way to identify helpful approaches to human health that have, for whatever reasons, previously "fallen through the cracks". NCF will seek to identify, illuminate, and make known existing impediments to health that are "hidden in plain sight". NCF will work with and support individuals and organizations already involved in "sounding the alarm" on heretofore unrecognized health factors. NCF, knowing the natural state of Earth and the natural functioning of human bodies are inextricably interwoven, will monitor for indicators of health-affecting shifts in environment and ecology, study to understand them, and work to reverse them as warranted. Much of this effort would be in concert with NCF Science & Technology and NCF Agriculture teams, NCF Ecology teams, and NCF Legal Affairs teams.

7.11.6 Health Freedoms Identifying and publishing the facts concerning any pending threat to the Health Freedom of human beings. NCF will participate with and support others already involved in raising public and legislative awareness on these matters. Working to reverse or amend existing legislative or other hindrances to Health Freedom of human beings. NCF will work for the release of non-useful constraints while working for continued ensuring of safety and authenticity of items intended for human use.

7.11.7 The Heart of the Healer We recognize and acknowledge as Civilizational Treasures the many 'health heroes' who have come before us. NCF will seek to honor these ones as we become aware of them, often including monetarily, and in some cases through direct support for their ongoing projects and research.