7.12.1 NCF will strive to merge the preferences of people -- globally -- with ecologically sound manufacturing and construction processes, materials, locations, and fundamental design criteria. Furthermore, NCF will endeavor to find methods to provide housing or appropriate shelter for all people in the world who want it.

7.12.2 The NCF will seek to educate the consumer, the designer, the real estate companies, the insurance companies, the builders, the materials manufacturers, and all other components going into the Habitat industry in sound ecologically sustainable methods. To this end, the NCF will seek to show by example functional ecologically sustainable housing, and to create beauty and integration of design such that the desirability of our example will be apparent to all.

7.12.3 The NCF will seek to present the advantages of whole system design, as defined by comprehensive design science, to all concerned.

7.12.4 The NCF will research and design modular, recyclable, energy efficient, self-contained, ergonomic, quickly built and removed, multi-configuration, size independent, generalized and specialized 'economy of scale' oriented dwelling machines and manufacturing systems for both temporary and emergency buildings and perminant housing. If required, the NCF will 'spin off' community sustaining non-profit factories to mass produce these dwelling machines, and transport and assemble them for the recipients. Such dwelling and other buildings will be provided to NCF seeded communities as requested, replace older buildings in urban areas inside and outside urban spiritual communities as appropriate and necessary, and provide land and buildings to communities within the context of educational and empowering strategies tailored to local cultural requirements. As much as possible, each dwelling will be designed by the individuals, families, or groups who will be living in it, constrained only by necessary techno/ecological constraints.