7.13.1 The New Civilization Foundation will support and encourage experimentation into new models for social order, regulation and ethical conduct. The NCF will be supportive of creating institutions to research and monitor existing or proposed legislation in many regions and topics, that inform the public about threats to their freedom, health or happiness, and that support appropriate changes in existing law and order.

7.13.2 The first role for NCF is in the active support and encouragement of alternative forms of law -- specifically experimentation into new versions of social structure and conduct. NCF communities may, within their own borders, experiment with such things as Common Law concepts and other techniques which suggest means by which sustainable justice, equality, and legal integrity can be more readily and precisely obtained, enhanced, and/or fostered.

7.13.3 The second potential NCF role in Legal Affairs is that of the monitoring, watchdog service whose primary goal is to ensure the freedom, health and happiness of every member of the human race by providing timely, accurate, and understandable descriptions of the current state of laws being considered, already on-the-books, and their anticipated effects on society at large. The latter category includes the actual or possible effects of any law or set of laws being legally or illegally enforced (or in some cases, unjustifiably ignored). NCF's Legal Affairs Monitoring (LAM) would also include all levels of court, agency, and other governmental rulings, their interpretations and effects, and the content and degree of counter arguments and criticisms. The extent of such monitoring could extend from the installation of speed cameras by government or business, to the legal control of health products and services, from educational issues to freedom of the press, and from environmental law to any potential threat to humanity's freedom, health or happiness. NCF may also provide transcriptions of Old Civ laws, regulations, tax codes, and other governmental data on the InterNet in user-friendly language, along with possible alternatives to such regulations. NCF Legal Affairs may also include promoting and initiating the modification of existing local, state, and national laws and codes in order to allow and facilitate the design, testing, manufacture, and use of alternative technologies in housing, transportation, energy generation and use, human waste reclamation, health practices and systems, farming methods and practices, and other innovations which may be advanced by one or more NCF seeded communities.

7.13.4 NCF Legal Affairs will also patent all inventions and process discovered or created by NCF Staff, community members, or participants in NCF related organizations as requested by the inventors. NCF Legal Affairs will also monitor all inventions, trademarks, and copyrights held by the NCF for unauthorized use by others. Also, on a pro bono, no strings attached basis, NCF Legal Affairs will patent inventions by others as long as those inventions are not military or weapon oriented.