7.14 PEACE

7.14.1 The NCF is guided by the certainty that without peace there is no viable future for humankind. Peace is an absolute term and means the ending of human violence towards all Life, including ourselves. Without peace there can be no New Civilization, and thus the Foundaiton is committed to the unilateral deployment of compassion and love to the end.

7.14.2 Peace is a state in which the human spirit can soar and where our hearts and minds are joined in the highest expressions of compassion, the development of the arts, the promotion of thought and learning, and the flourishing of the garden-planet. Without peace there can be no New Civilization, and thus the Foundation is committed to the unilateral deployment of compassion and love to that end.

7.14.3 There are two general areas the NCF intends to support peace projects, events, monuments, publications and the development of specific peace events and activities. The function of these activities will be to envision peace; to unite people in religious expressions for peace; identify and address activities that would tend towards disrupting peace; and support the human right to live life in peace. proactive, preventative and reconciliatory intervention to difuse, resolve, and heal the effects of conflict, to find common cause, and to nurture peace at the grass roots. These projects will foster awareness and the processing of both small and large tensions as well as peace as the absolute goal.

7.14.4 The NCF recognizes that the abscence of war does not in itself constitute peace. Neither is 'peace keeping' a sustainable form of peace, but at best the postponement and at worst the repression of conflict. NCF is therefore committed to supporting and facilitating programs that move towards an ending of conflict at the point where it arises. Conflict is rooted in the dualistic nature of thought which separates the 'I' from the 'other'; and through the action of this delusion manifests in conflict in all its forms and scales.

7.14.5 With this in mind, NCF will support programs that: . seek to resolve conflict through non-violent means at all levels - from nations to neighbourhoods, from families to the inner conflict of the individual work at finding common cause on a grassroots level, emphasize reconciliation and resolution over mediation and diplomacy.

7.14.6 One of the preventative measures NCF would like to foster is the creation of 'peace conduits'. This would involve the shifting of resources around the planet to limit the potential for violent conflict arising out of a struggle to control basic needs, such as after a natural disaster. Like a macroscale 'world game', countries could agree to produce a conduit for exchange of surplus basic resources and skills. These could be water, food, organic fertilizers, energy technologies, or even the movement of teachers or common farmers in one country who know a technique which would help the farmers in another country. The synergistic effect of such co-operation would be a demonstration that through working together we can solve problems through harmony rather than violent struggle.