7.15.1 The quality of life does not necessarily improve with an improvement in the standard of living. If our basic needs are not met we cannot be happy, and NCF wishes to address the global inequality in the meeting of basic needs.

7.15.2 However, NCF also recognizes that the phenomenon of life has a quality that is independent of material circumstances and can best be described as a 'joy of being'.

7.15.3 NCF would like to support programs and activities that enable individuals, groups, nations and planets to realize this joy. Towards this end it will - Support programs and activities that promote positive attitudes, personal empowerment, inner motivation, celebration of life, and general well-being. Support the dissemination of good news, the availability of personal development tools, and centres of positive motivation and cooperation. Organize local festivals, world-wide events and media productions that motivate and inspire people to work together and to improve conditions around them.

7.15.4 One aim of the NCF is to provide 'islands in time' for people of all walks of life: there to reflect in retreat or in gatherings on the quality of their lives and the quality of life. Outside the habitual frame of reference of our everyday lives, and free of any organized activities or teaching, these 'islands' will facilitate a space for new and direct awareness of our needs, our potential and the distractions and limiting factors that affect us. On an urban and suburban level, NCF will promote the development of areas set aside for privacy walks to facilitate meditation and reflections.

7.15.5 Probably the greatest impediment to the quality of life and the joy of being is the fear of not being. NCF would therefore like to support programs that improve the quality of dying by: helping the dying to pass away with dignity and without fear; supporting family and friends and enabling them to help ease the transition of their loved one. helping us to acknowledge our mortality and the fear of our own deaths without necessarily resorting to projections of what comes after. providing healthy alternative perceptions of death for all ages.